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Entrepreneur wife murders Pastor hubby then herself

Keianna killed Ronnell are gone/Twisted Crimes

Wife kills hubby & herself. 

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ATLANTA — Unhappy wife can ruin your life. Pink Book Lessons released the documentary of entrepreneur Keianna Burns who shot and killed her husband, Pastor Ronnell Burns, before turning the gun on herself. The murder-suicide transpired November 6, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia after the power couple migrated from St. Louis, Missouri. Ronnell and Keianna had 8 children combined, making ’em the black “Brady Bunch.” While in St. Louis, Ronnell and Keianna opened “4 His Glory Ministries” and “Kritique Designs Beauty & Barber Salon.” The flamboyant consort showed off images of a Maserati Levante her hubby bought her that had a trunk filled with Louis Vuitton handbags. Life was good. But when they relocated south to expand their businesses, Keianna became non compos mentis. She released a Facebook video revealing struggles with depression and mental illness. It was a cry for help. “Like real talk, I have some very positive people on my timeline and they help me through my gloomy days because yes I do have them,” Keianna said. “Honestly if I’m being totally perfectly honest, I’m having one right now.”

“And the reason I’m going live is sometimes you gotta reach out and tell people that you need love,” Keianna continued. “You need support, you need care. You just need a hug. And honestly you guys, I need that. I need that right now. I’m asking you one thing, because I really need it right now, I need prayer, I need prayer, I need strength, I need love. Pray for me.”

Keianna, 44, released another creepy video 2 hours before her death that shows her dancing with one of her daughters. The kids weren’t home when she opened fire. If you recall, Ronnell, 46, appeared on “Divorce Court” a few years ago and his ex-wife, Avis Burns, claimed he committed adultery and ruined her credit. That’s significant because Ronnell and Keianna allowed a homeless woman to live in their upscale Atlanta residence. Was he bangin’ her?

Ronnell also worked for Primerica, widely regarded as being a pyramid scheme.

Telling you dawg, this entire ordeal is a head-scratcher.

Ronnell and Keianna hosted Christian retreats, had ample pecuniary resources and starred in their own TV show “Meet The Burns.”

Hell, they performed a choreographic sequence at their own wedding.

Just goes to show it’s nearly impossible to make women happy.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. He was chasing material stuff and all she wanted was Love and a good life. He used her and stole her time and she gave up. She should of fought harder and kept faith. Life gets better in time it’s not over because u think age is a factor. Her real soul mate was waiting on her and she over looked it. She was tricked and I hate seeing woman hurt. They always choose the wrong guys and let us real men suffer more. We are living backwards and for fame and glory. She knew her reason of life but didn’t have confidence in giving life another try hunting love from a real man. He used God and Church to seek money and riches and it killed him. He was the real hypocrite of life and a snake in rare form. Rip both souls

  2. If you can work together to keep all this business stuff together, you can put just as much into keeping your marriage together. That oath will always be greater than finances.

  3. She stated she mentored women but you kill your husband and yourself hmm

  4. @Shervon Bobb: You cant make American women happy because they’re batshit psycho. Get your passport.

  5. She felt cheated due to his lust for “other things” out side of what they had built….

  6. @Mi Cli: “Other things” That’s the stupidest thing Ive ever heard. They were millionaires, had a good life and provided for 8 kids. What more can you ask? Y’all American women have lost y’all damn mind.

  7. Keep your business off social media 2 ain’t no such thing as keeping no woman happy fellas focus on you

  8. Wow sad story, she had a deep depression, also there are demons was bothering her mind. God help. Us all peace ✌️ In the 🌍

  9. Crazy thing is the kids won’t get mom’s life insurance because of the suicide smh

  10. He gives me Kwame KilPatrick vibes, she gives me Wendy Williams vibes. No wonder why it didn’t work out.

  11. She was pure d evil wow…she killed him then herself and left all them kids hurting…Mental Illness is real

  12. “Stay prayed up” She should have stayed in a mental institution and sought help. Your god is supposed to help those that help themselves and that faith without works is dead. She was a selfish and evil person to do that to those children. And people who treat social media as reality and seek help from other unprofessional !diots on social media rather than seeking the help that will let you know your issues and not support your confirmation biases.

  13. This truly was a sad situation couples
    today need family prayer together with the children, Because the word of God says.
    The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy
    then JESUS SAID But I Come That You
    might have Life, and that more abundantly SO the devil will send deceivers in to destroy our lives and our marriages. the Bible says how can two walk together except they agree
    Never be ashamed to ask God to save
    your marriage couples even need to
    go down on your knees together and
    pray, without ceasing
    Amos 3:3 Social media is not JESUS
    fast together and committe your LIVES
    They are voices of the world

  14. Wow!!! Can’t believe she did that and left her kinds behind. I know she ANGRY AND WASN’T THINKING!!! That anger can make you do something dangerous and I bet she regret it.

  15. She should’ve went to therapy black people have to learn how to seek out therapy it’s definitely there but I rarely see black people in counseling I’ve been in counseling since I was 19 for the trauma and depression I’ve experienced. She was very selfish to kill herself and him leaving 8 damn kids to fend for themselves without parents I wish he would’ve just left and ask her to go to therapy. This why I wanna open up my own clinic for people who need to seek therapy for addiction and mental health wellness and I want it centered around our community because the clinics in our communities are packed with white suburban people when they should not be allowed to take up services that should be for us but at the same time so many black people think seeking a therapist is taboo we have to do better when addressing mental health issues!

  16. Faking is hard work, for real! She was the weakest link, to kill him and herself…no regards for the children…

  17. I apologize but how was she so down to earth and she killed her husband and killed herself who does that how is she going to enter the golden gates by committing suicide and murder this is crazy I am so upset about this domestic violence God please help her

  18. Will Smith got tired of trying to make Jada happy that he gave up. If you’re successful, are in good health and have a healthy family, what would make you so miserable that you’d even contemplate suicide? People need to be readjusted with peace, contentment and happiness and learn that these mostly come from within. “Guard your heart diligently” as the Bible roughly says means keeping your emotions in check.

  19. WTF do these women go to social media with their issues?? i’ll never get it! girl go get a therapist.

  20. It’s sad that majority of people will be going to hell in the end.

    Submit to Lord Jesus and stop following the world. You must repent and become like Jesus Christ start by letting all fake things go. Jewelry make up and life style. We have rules of life that’s in the Bible. The devil is the God of this world. Can’t yall see that? You must give up all worldly things and follow the creator.

  21. This Is My BIGGEST Problem With Society. Not Holding Women Accountable!! This Woman Is An Evil Killer!!! That Killed Her Kids Father As Well As Herself! I’ve Been Watching These Videos & Reading The Comments & The DISGUST For The Men Who Usually Does This Is All Over The Comments! But Reading The Comments On This Particular Video No Such Thing Smfh! This World Is A Perfect Place 🌎, It’s The BIAS, SELFISH, & RACIST People In This World Thats The Problem!! 💯

  22. I don’t even want to speculate what was going on here……SMH. This is one of those puzzles that changes it’s colors after you have already put the pieces down.

  23. 🤔 Why do some think that everything is for social media? She couldn’t just call or video chat friends or family to get support? She couldn’t go to a therapist or life coach?

    😱😭 EIGHT children left behind? 💔 WHY? Like…DAMN!

  24. No men can not make women happy!! Women want entirely too much, and they believe they should have EVERYTHING They want!! Most women truly believe someone else should make and keep them happy!!

  25. Primerica is NOT A PYRAMID. Do your research. R.I.P. to the Burns. Carry on!

  26. This is why I’m Glad my man was sent by God & that I don’t have to worry about these problems.

  27. @Shenecia Gordon: No you do your research!!! YES IT IS!!! Any business that you have to bring another person in to make money IS A PYRAMID…. Same thing with Herbalife same thing with all the other network marketing businesses.. they sell a product but the big bucks come from them making money off other people selling PYYRRRAAAAMMMMIIIIDDDDDDD

  28. Moral of the story stay single and use condoms for everything. Stay safe everyone.

  29. Most High please forgive me but it looks like she has a botched bbl which brings me to my opinion from looking at the facts. I think they got too caught up in the world trying to keep up a certain image. With all that they have accomplished was enough and I know the ancestors were proud of them. I wish they would have put the level of success they had in business into their marriage. People have to understand there are moments when you are not feeling your partner but imo that’s not enough to cheat, kill each other or divorce. I’m not saying stay miserable just find a new way to love that person and work through it. I think divorce make it too easy for people to give up unnecessarily. Of course abuse, cheating or some hanous would be justifiable reasons. Idk what was the final straw I hear all these speculations. What I know for sure that they left behind 8 heart beats that need their parents and will be forever hurt. Sending love, blessings and light to their love ones especially their children. May the Most High protect them and heal them.

  30. Well this makes me really appreciate being alone, being me cuz I’m still alive and they are not! 🤣🤣🤣

  31. So many frauds out there pretending to be what they’re not . People need to get it together interpersonally instead of inflating their egos but deep down they actually arent happy using money and things to feel good. Money can reduce your stress and give you more options but it doesn’t buy happiness. Shame on her thinking only of herself what about the kids .

  32. Rule #1 in a marriage: NEVER invite another woman to live in your home!! I don’t care if it’s family, friend…whatever!

  33. The story is she was messing with the friend but he has cheated on her multiple times. She made a mistake and he wanted to divorce her for that one mistake while he cheated multiple times and she never filed for divorce. It’s a sad situation and all the ppl involved are staying hush hush. They were both in the wrong and it shouldn’t have ended this way

  34. That move to Sodom and Gomorrah ATL was the breaking point in that relationship….. To much random pussy, and dick was apart of that equation. To much outside distractions, and loving money to much was also a problem. Jealousy, envy, and late nite activities was an issue too….. ATL homosexuals got them caught in life style changes they couldn’t handle, and was ashamed of.. 😏😏😏😏

  35. Sorry excuse of a woman for that… so just forget the kids cause you goin through something. She ain’t shit

  36. I have so many questions
    1)what happened in a few hours that she went from singing & dancing to a murderer?
    2) how did her teenage daughter know to call the police & she wasn’t home?

    ALSO she killed that man, idgaf her reasons for doing so she’s a killer and took the coward way out‼️

  37. He cheated in his first marriage and ruined her credit and re married 😔

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