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Entrepreneur wife murders Pastor hubby then herself

Keianna killed Ronnell are gone/Twisted Crimes

Wife kills hubby & herself. 

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ATLANTA — Unhappy wife can ruin your life. Pink Book Lessons released the documentary of entrepreneur Keianna Burns who shot and killed her husband, Pastor Ronnell Burns, before turning the gun on herself. The murder-suicide transpired November 6, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia after the power couple migrated from St. Louis, Missouri. Ronnell and Keianna had 8 children combined, making ’em the black “Brady Bunch.” While in St. Louis, Ronnell and Keianna opened “4 His Glory Ministries” and “Kritique Designs Beauty & Barber Salon.” The flamboyant consort showed off images of a Maserati Levante her hubby bought her that had a trunk filled with Louis Vuitton handbags. Life was good. But when they relocated south to expand their businesses, Keianna became non compos mentis. She released a Facebook video revealing struggles with depression and mental illness. It was a cry for help. “Like real talk, I have some very positive people on my timeline and they help me through my gloomy days because yes I do have them,” Keianna said. “Honestly if I’m being totally perfectly honest, I’m having one right now.”

“And the reason I’m going live is sometimes you gotta reach out and tell people that you need love,” Keianna continued. “You need support, you need care. You just need a hug. And honestly you guys, I need that. I need that right now. I’m asking you one thing, because I really need it right now, I need prayer, I need prayer, I need strength, I need love. Pray for me.”

Keianna, 44, released another creepy video 2 hours before her death that shows her dancing with one of her daughters. The kids weren’t home when she opened fire. If you recall, Ronnell, 46, appeared on “Divorce Court” a few years ago and his ex-wife, Avis Burns, claimed he committed adultery and ruined her credit. That’s significant because Ronnell and Keianna allowed a homeless woman to live in their upscale Atlanta residence. Was he bangin’ her?

Ronnell also worked for Primerica, widely regarded as being a pyramid scheme.

Telling you dawg, this entire ordeal is a head-scratcher.

Ronnell and Keianna hosted Christian retreats, had ample pecuniary resources and starred in their own TV show “Meet The Burns.”

Hell, they performed a choreographic sequence at their own wedding.

Just goes to show it’s nearly impossible to make women happy.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. EXTREMELY FOUL AND SELFISH WOMAN, PITYFULL , shoulda been trying to find a therapist or Jesus instead of taking the man out. Now look at the children SMH

  2. I’ll bet betrayal was behind their failed relationship. A woman scorned by her mate can be so devastated that she sinks into a deep dark place within her soul. Her story could have been mine. I’m so thankful for divine intervention that saved me from self destruction and or committing an ungodly act towards another. Thank you God!

  3. Wow Omg this is just sad I don’t know what would make her do such a thing like that 🤔 this is evil sounds like she needs counseling !!!! maybe she was being abused idk but this is wrong on all levels !!!!!!

  4. Real Christians don’t kill because they know they go to hell

  5. She said Good lawd….forgive me !!!!!!and pull the trigger………. even Jesus SAID…WELL DAMN…..SHE PUT A CAP IN HIS AZZ😮….

  6. I have no sympathy for this woman. People always bring their drama to Atlanta ALWAYS The people from out of town Making the News.

  7. She cheated on him then kills him as he’s tryna decide to go through with divorce or not, Wow. Selfish , leaving behind 8 children.. I do leave room in my opinion for the unknown as far as what happened in this moment and if he had been unfaithful to her before.

  8. She was Crying Out in that video, and NOT ONE of her social media friends could see that?? six seconds into the video, MY DISCERMENT saw something was going on in her life!!!!

  9. Everything looks good to the outside world but a lot of time I learning that a lot of couples are staying together because of money and business but unhappy together Note sometime they involve ppl in their toxicity relationship after the use the other person to get what their husband or wife not giving them they gone back to their fake perfect marriage that ppl see. Sad how we have become obsessed with putting up appearances for social media that we for got about being truly happy

  10. Omg did she think he was cheating on her?? Like, what was so bad she felt the need to take his life as well as her own 😫 things aren’t always what they seem to be. I feel so sorry for their children

  11. It seems like she was in a abusive relationship or she found out he was cheating, or leaving her. Something in that area made her snap. No excuses for her though just a bad situation praying for the children and family so sad.

  12. You know why she shot him? Toxic feminity!!!! She shot him because she felt like she had the right to in her toxic feminity!!! She didn’t care about him, her children, her children father, about the people who loved him, about who she would hurt, who she would destroy.., all she cared about was what she wanted. Beyond selfish!!!

  13. This taught me not to post my life on social media. That’s how people’s jealousy and envy comes in and they start telling lies on your name spreading dirty rumors in efforts to ruin you, some plan to rob you, others plan on murdering you and your family for money, sending your family negative energy and evil eyes, doing witchcraft on your abundance etc. Be like Walmart or the Warner Brothers or Coca-cola or any other big hitters. You don’t see they Azz any where on social media. I’m bout to close all my damn accounts. Errebody outchea tripping on other people’s personal businesses. Always do a thorough search on people, be patient and quit jumping in relationships blending families and shit. It’s risky out here these days. Dating is the most dangerous thing you could do nowadays. People out here unstable asf. Others target you and pretend to love you cause they see you as a come up. Be wise. This is not the time for being understanding and naive. Though I understand she did this (even though it wasn’t proven…who knows somebody may have killed them) but y’all understand negative energy is a mufaka. Always stay prayed up and keep your head on a swivel watching your surroundings at all times. Listen to your intuition and move silently. I’m going quiet cause nobody needs to know your progress at all. I’m not posting anything else anymore after today!!!!!

  14. Real Couples do not live their relationship out on Social Media. Always Happy….really? Relationships are a lot of work. A commitment to mature & evolve for both people. Mountains & Valleys. A lot of it, can’t be done in public. Most successful couples know this. You will not see their relationship playing out on the internet. It’s fake. Illusions. Hence, this.

  15. Never trust the illusion ppl post on social media. I’ve visited many friends that posted such a great a life and when I got there the story was the opposite! They only post the good stuff

  16. @Shenecia Gordon: I worked for Primerica before and it is definitely a pyramid scheme

  17. This is what happens when you fake happiness for social media. Two rich miserable motherfuckers. He probably met a man in Fagland Atlanta and she snapped.

  18. She planned this out. Girl get over it he was leaving u u couldn’t take it😢. Why can’t people just leave move on

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