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Jealous husband killed wife before their divorce hearing

Andricka killed before divorce hearing/Leah Gordone

Pookie kills wife before divorce. 

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DETROIT — Some dudes simply don’t wanna pay child support. Breon McIntosh was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his wife, 35-year-old Andricka McIntosh, because she was about to divorce his ass. The femicide transpired outside Andricka’s home around 7 a.m. on August 4, 2023 in Detroit, Michigan. According to police reports, Andricka was on her way to divorce court when Breon suddenly showed up. The simpin’ beta male killed her one hour before the hearing. “She was pulling out of her driveway when the suspect pulled up,” Police Chief James White told reporters. “She jumped out of the car and took off running. He chased her down the block and shot her.” Breon, 35, was arrested moments later and charged with first-degree murder. Andricka leaves behind a septet of children. “The alleged facts in this case are an egregious example of what domestic violence looks like,” said Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. “The death of Andricka McIntosh is the eighth domestic violence homicide this year and, very unfortunately, there will be more. This cannot be said enough, the most dangerous time in the life of a domestic violence victim is when they are trying to leave the relationship.”

Andricka’s family launched a GoFundMe campaign to succor the kids. “Andricka leaves behind seven children and one adopted nephew, who is special needs,” the organizer, Kanisha Williams, wrote on the website. “Due to this unforeseen tragedy, these beautiful young children will be left to live without a mother and a father. This tragedy will change their lives forever.”

Social media reaction was melancholic. One commenter wrote, People need to be able to move on without losing their lives. You don’t own anyone , you can’t make anyone stay with you. 8 kids without a mother just beyond sad.😑” Another person added, Disgusting how these men could care less about leaving their children without parents!😢”

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  1. These men don’t give a d*mn about their own kids. It’s absolutely crazy

  2. 7 kids! Oh those poor kiddos no longer have a mom or dad around. It’s heartbreaking because they suffer the most in all of this ☹️ my heart goes out to them

  3. These ninjas are crazy !! Ladies conceal n carry and get some life insurance!!

  4. Terribly Terribly Sad😢…These PunkAss (men),Are Pathetic..Prayers🙏🙏🙏For her Children & Family.

  5. if she was a good hearted person, she wouldn’t of been shot and killed. she did something to pisss her husband off. and she got what she prolly deserved

  6. These type of stories seems to be daily. Women please leave without notice

  7. A coward. That’s basically what this maniac was. Shooting and killing her. Because she no longer wanted a husband abusing her. I hope those children get justice. He doesn’t deserve to ever come out.

  8. RIGHT BEFORE D-COURT???…. Bet he found something in those papers at the last minute he didn’t know about beforehand that made him snap like maybe A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN ALIMONY

  9. A coward. That’s basically what this maniac was. Shooting and killing her. Because she no longer wanted a husband abusing her. I hope those children get justice. He doesn’t deserve to ever come out.

  10. There’s a war going on, with women especially wives and mother’s being killed. Seven children have lost their mother. She couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

  11. Can’t even leave these cowards… They don’t know or want to love u right. Yet can’t stand the thought of u moving on.

  12. These men feel like you as a woman was put on earth to serve them. Once you leave and say no, your hunted down, beaten and killed like a slave. You as a woman are no more than cattle, a mule or chattel to serve their needs! And once you start having all these kids like this young lady and the other lady who recently got unalived by her husband, then it’s a wrap.They will definitely feel like they have legal rights to unalive you.

  13. Once again, the kids are the only victims I see in this case. Sometimes, the kids act more grown than the adults. I wish people could peacefully co-exist. So tragic. Now those precious babies have to move on without both their parents in their lives. I pray for them and will think about them and how they grow up.

    Her sister is a true warrior to take on all those kids in addition to raising her own. My prayers go out to her as well. 😢

  14. And y’all wonder why we don’t mind being single..I want to grow old with someone but I also feel like you can’t really get to know someone in this fake day and age. If I don’t already know him, fuck it!💯

  15. Why would any sane woman have ANY children, never mind ‘8’ with any (Black) man? 😕 🫤 Are BW addicted to ‘suffering’ 😔

  16. Women if u have SEVEN children of course your man is going to killl u it’s sad, but it’s true

  17. 7 children…really? Why?
    May she rest in peace and hopefully ALL her 7 children find a home together and don’t get splt up. Ladiee please think twice, thrice before having even one child. There is no guarantee that man will stay. Never love a man more than he LOVES ❤️ YOU!
    HIS JOB is to love you first and foremost.

  18. Lawd Who Is Gonna Protect Ussssssssssss 😢😢
    Praying Hard For These Babies 🙏🏿🙏🏿💔💔

  19. These men are f@#$%*& sick and I am completely tired of them…seriously.

  20. I have a feeling this had alot to do with paying child support! Horrible….praying


  22. That’s why it is important to get life insurance. Stop
    It with the Gofundme

  23. If a man says he is going to kill you – BELIEVE HIM- you will have to literally leave the state

  24. Maybe she was trying to take his house, and most of his money. You don’t go to court for “divorce battle” for paperwork. That could easily break a man mentally. And does, quite often than you would think. They want everything they can get. And they get it.

  25. These kind of stories make me want to be celibate and focus only on me and my children.

    And never return to the dating life .

  26. And they say women are more emotional than men ….. pshhh the way they are taking out women , these males are soooo emotional !

  27. We have to do better, its too many weak ass niggas out here. Can’t take no rejection, isn’t nothing but punk sissiefied muthafuckas….. Us as men must protect our Black Woman with all cost, we will never be respected until that day comes

  28. This breaks my heart, I’m a survior of DV myself & I know first hand how having a abusive partner can totally rip your life to shreads. I pray the children & family can find a way to make it through this 💔

  29. This proves that so called straight men dont like women he’s going to prison and we all know how men get down in prison
    So sad , but this is black man pathology

  30. Ladies…braggin about your man or husband is NOT a flex. We know that single women have it better than married women and ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. Quit trying to impress people with your life and family on social media. That ish annoying. We know that what goes on behind closed door is terrible, and that you’re secretly miserable. People who have a truly joy-filled life is too busy living it, to post on social media. Smh.

  31. Ugh these evil people are disgusting every time you look up here goes another tragic story

    The one who you adore the most in some cases is the same person who will take you out of this world😢

  32. I am so sorry for such a great loss. Seven children, WoW! What an evil bastard, who killed her. God does not sleep. He saw it all. God bless this family and friends. ❤️🙏🏻

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