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N*ggas are down for Trump

N*ggas are down for Trump/YouTube

Trump has n*gga support. 

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NEW YORK — Every now and then you stumble across a story that makes you say, “Dayuuummm!” Derrick Gibson, a former New York State gubernatorial candidate, has gone viral for proudly declaring himself as the leader of the “N*ggas 4 Trump” election campaign. That’s not a misprint. Penurious negroes are finally succoring quondam President Donald Trump and it’s funny as hell. I say let’s proffer a sizable donation as an expression of gratitude. I’m serious. Gibson’s campaign should make you proud to be an American. Trump was recently arrested and booked for conspiring to overturn the results of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election. His mugshot is all over the Internet. When asked to elucidate his Republican stance, Gibson broke it down. “I’m here to support President Trump,” he told a reporter at a political rally. “You wanna know why I’m here to support President Trump? Because they done did black men like this for decades. Make up charges… so I know Trump is innocent.” 

“I support Trump against this corrupt, two-tiered justice system,” Gibson continued. “That’s why I’m here to show my support as a black man for Trump. And I’m wearing my shirt ‘N*ggas 4 Trump 2024’ and I mean that.” When asked to give his two cents on Trump’s indictment, Gibson replied: “It’s a bunch of bullsh*t!” Social media reaction was priceless. One commenter wrote, “The sad thing is, he will never be accepted in the Ku Klux Klan no matter what he says or does.”

Another chimed in with, “That fool rode the short bus to school, and made an ‘F’ in every social studies and political science class he took.” A third viewer added, “Brace yourselves. As we get closer to the election, we’re going to see more sad, absurd and embarrassing side-shows like this. Everyone from Kanye and Ice Cube on one end, to low life ignoramuses like this ‘bought and paid for’ moron on the other. All doing the bidding of white supremacy.”

Gibson also said Trump is worthy of monocracy.

“I think we should make [him] King. That’s how I feel,” he said.

If you want to purchase a “N*ggas 4 Trump 2024” t-shirt, go to Zerelam’s website and pay $19.99.

Do you share Gibson’s sentiment?

Are you ok with him drawing a juxtaposition between incarcerated black men and Trump?

Watch Gibson keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. A fool is born every day. To be that stupid to wear such a shirt let’s you know the level of insanity he displays. He had to bought 😂😂😂

  2. How dare he go against the plantation!
    Who else is gonna give him “free taxpayer” benefits. 🥺

  3. Are you serious?
    This man makes all black people look bad. Trump doesn’t know who you are and he doesn’t care about you

  4. Yes. We do have a two-tiered justice system and that’s why Trump should have been in jail a long time ago but he’s finally getting what he deserve.

  5. What’s crazy is that he’s willing to call himself the N word. But the reporter had more sense then he did by saying “ I can’t say that word”. I guess he just need some attention and feel the need to fit into something. Some way some how. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Yall talking about him look at this heifer standing behind him smiling….. she got a mind problem too. He thinks kings allow rights? He clearly doesn’t understand monarchies nor how they work.

  7. Embarrassment aint even the word…..its BEYOND that! Somebody needs to slap that “N!gg@” with the folding chair from the Montgomery Brawl. Knock some sense into him.

  8. This guy is needed number one to show how foolish people can be and then if he’s saying Trump is being treated like black people then maybe and this is a stretch maybe these jails across the country and red and blue states will get some attention and they will clean up their act. That might be a stretch of my imagination. Or maybe if Trump becomes president again he’ll shut down some of these jails that are problematic throughout the nation Who knows.

  9. Its a damn shame in the black community we cant have a different in opinion. Why do we all have to think and move the same?

  10. Trump organization must have paid this fool to do that! Aint no way i believe this fool is doing this on his own free will.😂

  11. His black card is revoked. And no bbq invites as well. Boy bye 👋 😮

  12. just when you thought there was nobody MORE delusional than Micheal The Black Man (ie, the guy paid for the last 7 years to stand behind Trump at most of his rallies). those familiar with Malcolm X’s politics will likely recognize this man is PRECISELY who he spoke about back on November 10, 1963 (exactly 60 years ago) in his famed lecture about the House Servant Vs. the Field Servant. ref: “In those days they called him a HOUSE N$^&R, and that’s what we call him today, cause we still got some HOUSE N$%RS running around here…” – Malcolm X (1925-1965)

  13. What in the world is going on here? People would say and do anything to get noticed.

  14. Trump hates Black people from the beginning of his life till now, why should black people like him??…The Truth can never be hidden🤞🤞🤞🤞💯💯💯💯

  15. Freaking believable! If I didn’t see it myself I would never believe it look, there must be some bad crack going around there that area!

  16. We have to stop dividing ourselves up into skin color groups. That is how they continue to use psychological warfare on us and allows them to divide and conquer us from within. Colorblind is what we should be because the way I see it is God created US ALL IN HIS IMAGE and all I need to know is your christian given name your mother and father gave you when you were born and to know what the content is of your character. If we stopped letting the devil’s playgrounds have it’s way with us we would fix the mess we have found ourselves in and actually save our country and be able to hand our children the torch of freedom to them to carry through their lifetime and generations to come. Love thy neighbor and forgive those who trespass against you.

  17. Y’all sheep. What have democrats done except keep oppression alive? I’m in disbelief how 🐑 follow the continued failure.

  18. People can say what they want but ma nigga is making bank with that t shirt 🤑

  19. “We’ll make Trump king but we’ll still have our freedoms and everything”. 😂😂😂😂
    When he said he was a candidate for mayor, then I understood the motivations behind his actions.

  20. White libs have done nothing good for anyone but climate activists, trans activists, real criminals, Planned Parenthood, and these Senators and Congressmen and women who are making millions from insider trading and lobbyists and probably cartels (and in Joe Biden’s case, foreign governments and corporations, some of which are our adversaries like China and Russia). They use minorities to gain power and do NOTHING good for them, and then treat them like they can’t think for themselves, and they can bully them around. Donald Trump did more than any other president and by far more than Obama for historically black colleges, prison reform, housing, employment, and limiting illegal immigrants that take resources, jobs, and help getting out of poverty for everyone, including black people. Democrats are racists, they expect less from black people and treat them like their less, like the voter ID laws, they expect their votes, they hold them to lower scores and expectations in schools and jobs, they specifically and purposefully put Planned Parenthood in black communities to kill more black people (that’s a fact from Margaret Sanger, and they still do it. White liberal “progressives” openly donate, like Jeff Bezos wife who just gave like 25- 250 million, to pay for only black abortions, and that is a common liberal thing now). It’s disgusting. Conservatives want everyone to be treated the same, with an extra leg-up to help for a time for people of all races to get out of poverty without keeping them dependent on the government. We believe all men are created equal and should be treated that way by the law and government.

  21. Now, Im a Black woman, but that’s a ninja for another time. Just incredibly unbelievable!!!

  22. Make this man viral. For real. Can we get him a cabinet position or something?
    Maybe he can be press secretary.

  23. This guy is a real one.
    I wish this dude lived in my neighborhood, I’d love to just sit down and hear his life story.

  24. This is just plain hilarious! “What’s your name?” ” Oh my name is ni**as for Trump.” LMAO!

  25. @Philip Villanueva: Its funny until you see a white person with that shirt on lets see what happens.

  26. N** please !🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.. Go have another drink…😝🤪😜😛😂😂😂😂

  27. THIS COMMUNITY NEEDS TO WAKE THE FUCK UP … plz my brothers & sisters
    stop the insanity
    vote TRUMP 2024

  28. Maybe he can ask Trump to give him 20 more teeth cause it seems like he only has 12

  29. People don’t understand that the majority of us have had negative experiences with the ‘Justice system.’ So we identify with Trump. The left wing elites in their suburbs have no clue.

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