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Pookie killed entrepreneur wife because he’s jealous

Dishaye was fatally shot/Black Girl Unlost

Pookie bit the hand that fed him. 

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DALLAS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 35-year-old Dishaye Stevenson who was shot dead by her simpin’ husband, 39-year-old Michael Smith, because she threatened to divorce him. The femicide transpired around 7:30 a.m. on October 25, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. According to multiple reports, Dishaye and Michael had contretemps while traveling in a car. As the argument intensified, Michael pulled out a gun and opened fire — shooting Dishaye point-blank in the chest. Then he dumped her on the side of the road like a sack of trash. Police arrived. Dishaye was pronounced dead at the scene. Michael went to a nearby barbershop where he was arrested and charged with murder. Yep, the imbecile had the audacity to get a haircut after killing his woman. Ain’t that a bitch?

“Like, I just don’t understand. I just wanna know why,” said Dishaye’s sister, Jasmine Stevenson.

“Why would you take my sister from us? Like why?”

Family members said Michael was jealous of his wife, mainly because he’s a penurious bum.

Dishaye, on the other hand, was a successful entrepreneur with her own clothing brand (Shaymon3y Purses & More LLC).

She prepared income tax returns too.

Dishaye also remained loyal to Michael while he was incarcerated, gave him $10,000 as a birthday gift, footed the bill for their lavish wedding, bought his conjugal rings, and paid all the bills. Michael had no responsibilities at all. Dishaye was clearly the breadwinner. “[Dishaye] did everything in her power to show him that she loved him no matter what,” Jasmine recounted.

“It was a lot of red flags.”

Social media reaction was melancholic.

One commenter wrote, “This goes to show that money can’t buy true happiness. You can’t buy a person’s love no matter how much money you have. A man will always resort back to where he feels like a man, whether that’s in the streets or in jail.”

Another viewer added, “She was the only hustler and provider in the marriage. She bought love and acceptance, major red flag.” 

Dishaye leaves behind a 17-year-old daughter.

She and Michael appeared to be the perfect couple on social media.

But, behind closed doors, it was a different story.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Money will not buy you love. From an old a#@ aunty: Black women PLEASE stop this desperate behavior! It ain’t helping you. Start with self love and self acceptance. Any fool will use you, if you let em. STOP THIS PLEASE!

  2. What’s the point of filming all aspects of the relationship!!! so sad she was paying for him like she was his trick…

  3. Never In a million years would I spoil a man this hard. She purchased this relationship 😢. Soo dam sad, she did not deserve this 😭 RIP

  4. That man was her god !! When you keep picking up these pookies from prison and PAY 💰 for everything.. you gonna have more kids with NO mamas and gofundme accts 🤔

  5. I can’t stand when people care more about how the world perceives their relationship than actually working and being happy in your own relationship… why break your neck to prove to the world you’re happy? They’re always the least happy with the most problems. Stay off social media and actually vibe and love on your partner in life.

  6. Damn she spent a lot of money on his broke ass and he killed her smh I can’t even get $20 from my gf other than coochie smh

  7. I’m not buying no nigga’s love sorry he don’t even seem genuinely appreciative at all I felt his vibe through the video if u not whining and dining me I’m not whining and dining you I wish I would I’m sorry women have to stop begging for men and let them work to be in their lives as much as I work to be in his if it’s not mutual let it go

  8. So sad! ladies you have to leave these type of men alone especially the ones that are in and out of jail. also money doesn’t buy love, he’s the clear example of that. Even though she paid for everything from vacation to the wedding and on top of it gave him 10K in cash and still took her out..She didn’t deserve that, I think she didn’t believe she could have done better.

  9. Guess he didn’t like being treated like a female…she shower him and he kills her…he clearly didn’t feel the same way she felt about him

  10. It’s so sad that she valued this dusty ass man more than she valued herself, her own life & her daughter. She wanted that “love” no matter the cost & she spent PLENTY. May she rest in peace. 🤍🕊️

  11. This is proof money can’t buy love and happiness never💯 It only makes these men resent you for being so successful and so given💯😏


  13. It’s supposed to be a wake up call for some but nobody’s listening. Stop showing everyone what you got. Stop posting your business on social media. Stop bringing strangers around yo kids and family. Stop moving raggedy people into your space. This is getting ridiculous WAKE-UP you really don’t have to show and tell
    Prayers to the family

  14. It’s the jealousy… I had to learn this the hard way I’m truly grateful that I never looked back and that YHWH protected me and my babies crazy thing I was pregnant for him… may YHWH give her family and daughter strength… I can tell she was a beautiful beautiful no more pain

  15. I know this Jigga ain’t bought/paid for one damn thing. Black ladies(me included) we want to be loved,but it shouldn’t cost us our lives. Let show these young ladies that they don’t deserve or have to take whomever comes along first. What’s that old saying “ Don’t show your teeth to everyone you meet” If they ask you why you’re not smiling, tell them you have”LOCK JAW” For the people who don’t know what that means. It’s when your jaws hurt so much you can’t open your mouth. Her daughter is at an age where she needs her mother. Ladies STOP thinking that you are going to change these Jiggas. RIP🙏🏾

  16. You cannot turn a POS into a good husband. She loved him, but he did not love her. She unintentionally threw her life away for this waste of flesh and bones. An insecure man is not worth being with and lavishing with love and gifts is wasted energy.
    He is stupid for trading in the lap of luxury for Big Jim’s lap.

  17. I don’t date men who aren’t on my level financially, mentally or physically. These men are jealous and dangerous. They have nothing to lose. RIP to this Angel ❤.

  18. Damn shame some Black women feel that they must settle for whatever comes along with a penis. Sister could have done better, so much better. Why did she think handing him a comfortable life would change the monster murderer within? She was nothing more than a money bag and nice clothes to him. He probably killed her when she finally woke up and realized that she had made one hell of a horrible hellish mistake. 😢😢😢😮😮😮🤨🤨🤨🤨😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Condolences to her family and friends. 💔💔💔💔

  19. She paid for him to be with her? I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t purpose to him

  20. It makes me sad when a woman waste their time and resources on men like this, and end up being taken away by the very loser. She didn’t deserve this. DV by the hands of a weak man.

  21. Those men that been in prison needs therapy, extensive therapy before they can be trusted💯

  22. I’m on her Facebook looking at her videos it looks to me and I been there before she loved him more than he loved her!! So sad 😢 she was definitely taking care of him when he should’ve been providing and taking care of her!

  23. I live in Dallas..most of the men born and raised here are DUSTY💯..its a dysfunctional mentality of jealousy and drama😡…THE PROBLEM IS THAT A LOT OF THE WOMEN BORN HERE ALLOW THEIR MEN TO BE LEACHES no Expectations/Standards💯look at that wedding video..he is sittind down..NOT HER🙄..I BET SHE WAS PAYING FOR ALL THOSE TRIPS💯….Im from the MIDWEST ..WE DONT PLAY THAT💯..IVE NEVER dealt with such dramatic men who are emotionally unstable and lost in life😡…my ex was the last straw…✌🏽he was jealous of my success and threatened me stalked for 2 years….Im single and at PEACE now…I LEAVE THESE BORN AND RAISED DALLAS BUMS ALONE💯….YEP MY DALLAS EX WAS SWEET IN FRONT AND A MONSTER BEHIND CLOSED DOORS💯……Ill pray for her kids and family🙏🏽💔…So Sad…LADIES run far away🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️STOP TRYING TO FIX THESE BROKEN MEN AND PAYING FOR FAKE LOVE….Omg his posts are EXACTLY like my Dallas ex ..he used to say the same thing…that he was “calculating” 😡…anytime a man SHOWS you he had a split personality and is quiet and caluculating…that means he is ALWAYS on Demon Time…only Devils hide in plain site unsuspecting 💯.

  24. He hated her, he hated his life. He was also jealous of her, who she was. He is a sick, sad, delusional, horrible monster. Rest young, beautiful one. And family, prayers for strength are with you.❤️

  25. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Her sister said that she gave her husband everything. That’s the problem. A lot of women think they’re helping men, but deep down, men resent it because that’s not the nature of their role. Plus, niece says she was opening a new business. He was a “street dude” and extremely jealous of his own wife. He’s trifling and needs to be locked away for life.

  26. I bet she had another dude while dog was locked up and when he got out he found out!! Probably was still in touch with the dude🤷🏽‍♂️all them gifts and racks was probably guilt!!

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