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Pookie killed baby mama during her shift at Toyota

Alonna killed in front of co-workers/YouTube

Pookie kills baby mama at work. 

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ALBANY — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 24-year-old Alonna Gallon who was shot dead by her simpin’ baby daddy, 24-year-old Lamar Walker, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired at Alonna’s job on September 21, 2023 in Albany, California. According to police reports, Lamar showed up unannounced at the Toyota dealership where Alonna worked to bring her a cup of coffee — hoping the kind gesture would cajole her into taking him back. When the ploy didn’t work, a pissed-off Lamar vacated the premises only to return with a gun moments later. He shot Alonna multiple times at point-blank range in front of her co-workers and customers. Police were called. When officers arrived, a shootout ensued. Lamar was shot dead. Alonna was pronounced decreased at the scene.

Their 7-year-old son is now an orphan.

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Y’all black women sure know how to pick ’em. Y’all love thugs until stuff like this happens.” Another chimed in with, “Maybe don’t open your legs for just anybody? Oh well.” A third viewer added, “Why did the cops kill him when they got there? If that was a white dude he would have just been ‘arrested’ like they always do. The always shoot Lamar and just arrest Chad. They talk to Chad when they get there but when it’s Lamar they come straight in shooting.”

Alonna was a 3-year employee in the customer service department.

Lamar was a murderous bum with no goals or ambition.

Here’s Alonna’s final tweet: “My biggest regret is having a kid by the person I had a kid by but that ‘L’ is a lesson.”

In other words… ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Women please be careful and aware let go of the mindset of dating unhealed men 🙏🏾

  2. What is wrong with society? If someone no longer wants to be with you, why harm them? Just move on. I know it hurts to break up with someone you love, but let people go gracefully. RIP to this mother. I pray her kid get therapy too.

  3. Psychotic asshole! What kind of person, father knowingly and purposefully leaves their child/children with no parent ! Like it’s no big deal and his child won’t be traumatized for the rest of his life!! This is not love ppl if someone is loving you like this creep here ,turn right around and run as fast as you can !! There are still good men / women out there who do want a healthy relationship. Take care and protect yourself and go with your gut feeling. ❤😊

  4. This just goes to show that black women drive men crazy!. And it’s sad because yall don’t wanna take accountability

  5. I swear these new generation men are emotional and soft asf smh dey dnt make em like us no more

  6. Black women sure love them some pooky, ray ray and Tyrone. I don’t feel no sympathy. Why are you with a black man like that? Y’all are the same ones who call hard working intelligent black men lame now look. Smh

  7. Death by Simp. This is the BLUE PILL RAGE that gets people unalive for not accepting Truth aka Red Pill. Stop getting Blue Pill Rage mix up with Red Pill Rage. Millions of men have unalive people because of Blue Pill Rage.

  8. Omg!!! Didn’t anyone see him at the dealership and realize he was going to kill her? How could he do that to her? My deepest condolences to the families who have been affected by this tragedy.

  9. It’s amazing how these low life bums can find a gun 🔫 but they can never find a job. They always want the women and children to sufffer, instead of taking themselves out. 😢

  10. WOW!!!! Gorgeous mother, and beautiful son. Why are estranged people able to walk into the other person’s work place so easily without any types of questions from ANY ONE?? Instantly action should’ve been taken. My GOODNESS!!! It should not be this easy to kill folk just trying to work and do things right in their life. Damn it man. ❤️‍🩹🙏🏾💙🥲🥲🥲

  11. These people don’t marry and be fornicating. Then they play all types of sex games to make each other jealous. Then the dudes snap killed everyone. It’s call sexual sins. A deadly game played by men and women for centuries. It’s. All from sin. And all sins leads to death. Y’all don’t even know what’s really going on. Y’all just see the surface. It’s deeper than that

  12. @Fat Meat Greasy: Um WHAT???

    Why should Toyota be held accountable for what happened to her? So, the dude brought her coffee and was allowed into the dealership. PLEASE TELL ME, if that company had turned him away…a black man…without having been advised that he was possibly a danger we all know that Roland Martin, Rashad Richey, Ben Crump and every race hustler known to MANKIND would be SCREECHING racism!!!

    That question literally blows me away. Is there ANY self-awareness in the black community? Do you take a countability for anything or is everything someone else’s fault? Seriously. The delusion is just breathtaking!

  13. @Fat Meat Greasy: Why would her employer bare any responsibility? Thats a ludicrous thought process.. what if your friend got murdered by her ex at your house, would you be responsible for it??

  14. @Fat Meat Greasy: She didn’t deserve to die and no it is not her employer’s fault. She purposely posted a status to get the ex’s attention and it did. It’s not about whether someone deserves to die. It’s about truly looking at events that lead to the death of someone. Women need to stop using social media as a diary, rant stage, weapon, confidant, etc bc it’s none of those things. When you post a status throwing daggers at someone knowing it will reach the person and everyone yall both know, it does not end well. It’s not the job’s fault that she showed a complete disregard for not only her safety but every person at her job’s safety. How would her family feel if the job held them responsible for what happened at their business because of their daughter’s passive aggressive attack on someone else?

  15. These men is killing women at a all time Hi 😢 leaving these children with no parents

  16. Aww this was on my birthday so so sad 😢 she was so beautiful he was evil and mad because she had basically moved on with her life and wasn’t chasing him this is sick he was a coward

  17. i really think THEY just dont know how to act They are ALaWYS killing each other since time began in the motherland

  18. Ladies please raise your standards of men that you chose to be in relationships with!! Your life really depends on it..

  19. @lootmarsh: Do you know how many females will put money on inmates’ books & send them packages but will not help out their male brothers, cousins & friends with college tuition, doom fees, books or food. The world is completely backwards 🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. No one ever thinks about the children, my God, it’s just sickening. The father is selfish and evil for this, she even allowed him to co parent, what more did he want from this woman who was only trying to be a good mother to her son.

  21. @alb5890: Some women love starting trouble and like to play innocent, choose wiser fellas.

  22. How is that possible liberals you have the strictest gun laws in the nation and yet still criminals do not obey them…

    It’s almost like when you pass gun restrictions it only affects law-abiding citizens…. Remember that when you’re voting away your ability to protect yourself

  23. Good now she will birth less criminals….crime prevention at its best

  24. So disgusting how there’s comments in here justifying this woman’s death, the black community really needs to do better. The bar is literally in hell for black men to be decent human beings smh…

  25. Guaranteed this was linked to child support…..that’s what the news ain’t saying. This ain’t no domestic shit, they wasnt even together.

  26. A situation like this, there was nothing the police could do. Gotta watch who you date and have kids with.

  27. It’s black people, you all just won’t admit it America

  28. “Here is another case of If I can’t have you, then no one will, and it’s a low-down dirty shame what evil deeds, the pathetic, coward done to both the mother and son”😪

  29. Society keeps telling men that they need to get in touch with their feelings. I think society should be telling men to learn to CONTROL their feelings!!! This is tragic and highly unacceptable on his part. I’m not undermining or ignoring what it is that he was going through but it should not have gotten to that point. That man SHOULD have exercised more CONTROL over his emotions. Us men need to do better. I know we go through a lot and there are very few avenues and ways to express how we are feeling but those feelings need to be channeled in a more productive manner, whether through the gym, boxing etc. Just my opinion but men we NEED to do better.

  30. Smh what a shame may this beautiful young lady rest in peace my prayers are with her family and especially her son😌🙏

  31. Selfish, to take the life of someone who no longer wants you, knowing you will be killed yourself, leaving your child parentless……😮

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