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Pookie deletes registered nurse inside a barbershop

Tiffany was killed at a barbershop/Black Girl Unlost

Registered nurse shot dead.

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PHILADELPHIA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Black Girl Unlost released the murder documentary of Tiffany “Nitiffa” Wade, 40, who was shot dead by her simpin’ ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old Armond Hilton, because she fell in love with another n*gga. The femicide transpired around 2 p.m. on October 7th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to police reports, Armond put a few businesses in Tiffany’s name after gettin’ incarcerated. As soon as he got out, Armond learned Tiffany sold his properties and was on the verge of marrying another dude. A series of threats ensued. “You marry this n*gga, I’m blowing his f*cking head off!” Armond told Tiffany during a phone chinwag. “On everything I love. I’m going back to prison!” When Tiffany insisted she was tying the knot, Armond blew a gasket. “Stop throwing it in my face before I kill the n*gga!” he said.

Realizing he was about to lose the woman of his dreams, Armond followed Tiffany to a North Philly barbershop.

He barged inside, pulled out a gun, and and opened fire — striking Tiffany in the head and torso.

She died instantly.

Armond fled the scene and remains on the run.

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “I really don’t understand what she thought would happen? This dude was a criminal who told her he doesn’t mind going back to prison for murder! And her response was to steal his properties? She may have been educated in school but she definitely failed ‘Streets 101.’ And she brought another person in her mess? Just sad and stupid. It definitely wasn’t worth your life babygirl! RIP.”

Another viewer added, “Whewwww, when a man says he’s going back to prison… that’s some scaaaaarrrrrrrrry stuff right there. Prayers up for these women, these times are CRAY-Z.”

In addition to owning businesses, Tiffany was a registered nurse and health care provider.

She was also an Islamic follower with a profound knowledge of the Qur’an.

Tiffany leaves behind three kids.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. This is really sad a mother killed. Nitiffa knew she used this man money while in jail and then married another man spending her boyfriends money while he sits in jail I think she thought he wasn’t getting out you can’t play everybody emotions and money especially a killer! RIP and prayers to the family!

  2. Why didn’t she just give him his property back or negotiate to do so? She put herself and her family at danger and now she paid with her life. Yes, he wanted her back but if you really wanted to break from him, give him his property back. Then he has less of a reason to torment you. Why are some women so careless and put $$ over their own lives. So sad. God bless her and her family.

  3. She sold all that man properties, and got married as soon as he was locked up, then ghosted the man.

    I don’t feel bad for her. You are glorifying the scammer, and her own actions got her killed.

  4. The entire thing was sick! They were both wrong. Every action you can control, will garnish a response you can’t control. But hearing the backstory of her stealing the man’s land, property, and business and reaping the rewards while ignoring this man’s calls is chilling. The rage and mental state he must have been in. Yes, it’s wrong to kill. She was not serious about Islam. May Allah have mercy on her.

  5. I don’t see where he was wrong. The ish she pulled with his property was wrong. I heard nothing of her with problems before You don’t do stuff like that. Then flossing online while this man in jail. Then they’re saying she was a Muslim dressed out here with less on than a streetwalker. Nah bro just shouldn’t have got caught

  6. I don’t know how to feel about this because granted she didn’t deserve to lose her life so coldly. However, lets be honest… her child’s father put his properties in her name before going to prison. While in prison she married someone else. Her moving on wasn’t the issue. Her not giving him back his properties when he came out is the issue. She knew the man she dealt with. She of all people knew how he would act. He gave her several warnings. All she had to do was give his properties back. Then to add insult to injury, she was flexing on IG. I mean if this the same Tiff from Philly then I mean. I’m not victim blaming but actions do have consequences.

  7. She’s a Muslim cussing like that on the phone- and she put that new husband in danger knowing he could get gott by her sons father- why do ppl in Philly commit heinous crimes then put on Muslim Garb to compensate for their fakeness- money isn’t everything- your life is above all worldly possessions

  8. U ran off with this nigga money. Sold all his properties and remarried a nigga. When he got out he had to see other people names on his property that u sold. And she’s ducking him. Man she got what she deserved. U know he trusted you to hold it down. U know what kind of dude he is. Played with yo own life 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. She shouldn’t have played with that man’s money. Hopefully women learn from this. Sad story

  10. Her fault, 1 you date someone that’s a gangsta , 2 you should have gave his stuff back . 3 she kept in contact with him . In the streets what’s right and wrong doesn’t matter it’s all about survival, rip tiff but someone should of guided her in the correct way of moving

  11. She couldn’t have been serious about Islam dressing and carrying herself like that.

  12. Just reading these comments and realizing how ignorant and a disgrace our ppl are never ceases to amaze me. I dont care what she did to him it dont justify killing anyone. Yall all lost! Its only gonna get worse because of how yall glorify killing your own ppl. A bunch of lost, pathetic, azz black ppl.

  13. By no means do I think she should’ve lost her life butttt why would u think he wouldn’t want what he worked for back it was an agreement then u went against it bc she was greedy and selfish 😢 gotta know what your dealing with out here

  14. Be careful who u have kids by. He’s saying the properties were the reason but seems all the conversations were about her moving on with another dude…hmm shits crazy and that last video of her in the white and the baby kept calling her name she was ignoring the child but it’s just messed up all these way around frfr

  15. Ladies focus on God and not vanity and wrong relationships Jesus is soon to come. RIP 🙏🏼🌹

  16. She wasn’t innocent at all. Take this as a learning lesson. A man go to jail and leave you with everything and when he get out. You don’t give him what you owe him and being disrespectful with it. Can lead to problems.

  17. The thing is however successful these ladies are, they will always choose criminals to have relationship and kids with! Exhausting

  18. Backstory is that she married a new man and all the properties her ex purchased were in here name and she changed the deeds to the new man name to keep the ex from obtaining them. Not a good look and RIP to this young woman.

  19. Doesn’t make sense , knuckleheads out here killing our women and children, an embarrassment to black folk every where

  20. This is an absolute tragedy. I don’t condone how he went about this. However, you can’t take things from people that’s rightfully theirs. He told on multiple calls what he was going to do. She played in this man’s face. And unfortunately this tragic situation was the end result.

  21. 1st off, ppl keep saying they will never let monitary possessions lead them to do such a dastardly deed.

    2nd He gave her ample opportunitimy and time to give him his money. She kept playing him and giving him the run around.

    3rd she put herself and sons lives in jeopardy by selling off this mans assets, kept the money and kept treating him like a simp when he caught up with her.

    And the rest is history. She should’ve just gave that man his money, instead, she paid the ultimate price with her life.

    Bad decisions on her part and ad decisions on his part.

    Now the son lost his mom and dad.

  22. Nah, I’m sorry on this he is justified!!!!! People always wanna throw religion up… (GTFOH) She shouldn’t have fucked over him like that period!! You don’t play with people’s money!! & if she was such a hustler she wouldn’t have touched his stuff!! She should’ve been able to handle business on her own without stealing…Never bite the hand that feeds you!! Sorry for the child though..

  23. If I was him I would have taken her to court not kill her because a woman like that isn’t worth anything she misued his trust and love for her he should of thought about he’s son without his mom and also himself going to jail for life he missed up his own life doing that cause she had no right waking anything that wasn’t her and now there son is going to have that in his mind and heart seeing his father killing his mom I feel so very sad about the life that this little boy is going to go though for the rest of his life I pray that the boy goes to one of his parents family that will raise him good and give him lots of love ❤ and teach him to be a fine grown young man with greatness to do all the good that life will offer him and know that what his father did was the wrong thing to do to anyone because nobody has the right to take away a life no one isn’t God to do that only God has that right he’s the Judge and jury to do that only I pray that he fine it in his heart to forgive his dad in time and do good for himself thank you for sharing this story with us all and God Bless 🙏🏽you 🌹 keep Safe and I always say to everyone Peace ☮ Love❤ and God Bless🙏🏽

  24. She scammed the man and sold all his properties and even married someone else while he trusted her with his shit in jail.

    I don’t feel bad for her. You get what you give.

  25. She didn’t take anything he gave her the properties she flipped them and made money off he was mad cause she remarried he was out of jail how long and wasn’t worried about a property UNTIL she got married listen to the clip he’s mad cause she doesn’t want him that’s just so sad

  26. Dude fucked up he should of just charged it to the game Now his son without mother and father Smh

  27. As a Muslim she wrong and he wrong may Allah forgive them both they both have to answer to Allah for that

  28. I don’t condemn killing but that was low down dirty what she did did you not think he was coming for you sure get a new man but take care All of his Accesses while he’s down would you want someone to do you like this it never cross your mind he was coming I’m so sorry for your lost your life but some things are common sense now idk anything about this lady so I’m not saying harmful things because nothing we say will bring her back R.I.P

  29. You dope boys better find a different method of who you choose to hold you down. This story is all to common. I have story of girl who sold her drug dealer boyfriend’s dope, while he was in jail, because she found out he was messing with someone else the same time she was talking to him.

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