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Birthday girl filmed herself gettin’ murdered by Pookie

India filmed her own murder/Twisted Crimes

India recorded her own murder.

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WARREN — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. “Viral Crimes” released the murder documentary of India Elise Mackey who filmed herself being shot dead by her simpin’ boyfriend, 18-year-old Kevin Dixon, a day after she celebrated her 20th birthday. The femicide transpired on November 18, 2019 in Warren, Michigan. India and Kevin were sedentary in a parked van around 5:30 p.m. He was in the front passenger’s seat and she was the driver. The 9-second video shows ’em arguing as Kevin put bullets into his gun with intent to shoot. India thought he was joking. “You think I’m playin’, huh?” Kevin told her. “These big four-five hollow tips gonna eat you up.” Seconds later, Kevin shot India in the torso — killing her instantly. Then he moved her body to the passenger’s seat, got behind the wheel and sped off. Kevin called his mom, 44-year-old Nikita Dixon, and she helped him conceal the weapon. Kevin was arrested moments later and charged with first-degree murder.

He’s facing 35 years in prison.

Nikita was also arrested. She was originally charged with being an accessory to the crime and tampering with evidence. But, after negotiating a plea bargain with prosecutors, her felonies were reduced to misdemeanors. Nikita received no jail time and no probation. Ain’t that a bitch? She was simply ordered to pay $1,500 in court-appointed attorney fees and $825 in other costs.

India posted several messages on social media, complaining about Kevin being fainéant. He spent more time on his PlayStation 4 than looking for a damn job. “Somebody come get this game system out my house,” she wrote. “Kev been on it since yesterday and STILL on it.” Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Malignant narcissist… his mother created this monster.” Another chimed in with, “I bet she was financially supporting him and paying all the bills while he was using her.”

A third viewer added, “Sad that women like this love them Pookie & Ray Ray dudes.”

Check out the documentary and watch India film her own murder.

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  1. Yeah. My man is threatening me with a gun and im going to sit still willingly in the car… ahh NO. Eye gouge. Start kicking bullets out of his then run. Something. Anything . but to just sit is incomprehensible to me. So sad.

  2. He was really a child who threw a tantrum because he could not get his way. Now he’s going to be somebody’s girlfriend behind bars!! May India Rest in Peace❤❤❤

  3. I remember i got into it with my sons dad, he went to go grab a knife, before he could make it make to me I had picked my son up and darted out the house barefoot in what i had on loungin around the house on the phone with them peoples. I wish she would have ran to the neighbors or something. Taunting him didnt make it any better. Ladies don’t put it past your man that he wont hurt you. I am no longer with him going on 3 years now and haven’t looked back. Rest in paradise India. 🕊️

  4. Why sit there and record instead of just getting out and run! Maybe that would have saved her. Lastly for everyone..stop posting your business on social media. It’s been many cases a woman has been killed bc she goes online and decides to bash the guy. If a dude is that bad just leave because you are creating bad karma. When you post things belittle someone or taking shots at your significant other it will create rage within that person and they snap. R.I.P

  5. If you are arguing with someone and they pull out a gun, please leave IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  6. You really can’t give these men the benefit of the doubt. If he threatens you he will hurt you, if he hurts you he will kill you.

  7. This guy needs to die by the firing squad! What a waste of life that should have never been born!

  8. She had so much time to get out of the car and run. It was broad daylight. It looks like they were on a busy street. Idk why she gonna watch somebody load bullets into a magazine, watch them load the mag into the gun and load a round into the chamber while threatening her. Like she had nothing but time to get away

  9. I guess the judge looked at him and said “you think I’m playing huh?”. Black women, if you are stuck on only dating Black men, make sure he’s an educated, hard working square. These loser mud creatures are so not worth it.

  10. Fckn idiot, he did that mess just because she wouldn’t act afraid and start begging for her life. That dummy killed someone and threw away his own life to prove a point.

  11. In her last moments, she made sure she would get justice. She filmed her killer so that it’ll be known who it was. I just knew she was scared and it’s a shame these cowards are filled with so much evil. Ladies please be careful. Rest peacefully baby girl.

  12. There’s NO WAY I am going to to be filming some maniac handling a gun and threatening to kill me! She should’ve listened to her father, and steered clear of that dirtbag.

  13. So he is threatening to kill her but like a stereotype, instead of seeking safety she pushed her chest out 🤦

  14. NAH FUCK THAT She should’ve been giving him that same energy & she would’ve still been alive

  15. Was it worth it???? Was it worth killing her to go to prison for most or the rest of your life with other psychos and criminals and killers etc????

  16. Damm smh but also to be putting ur bizness on fb and already saying u cant wait for anothernlove smh

  17. Some of these comments are crazy she should do this she should do that, no he had no reason whatsoever to shoot a woman, all she did was try to love trash like it was treasure, rest in peace

  18. What a bastard. Telling you man I got two girls, you ladies with sons need to teach your boys better. Because these boys nowadays are insecure to the point where they’re willing to take somebody else’s life instead of walking away. You’ve got to teach these boys better. Cuz if you raise them right this kind of shit doesn’t happen

  19. I don’t understand why these young women take these threats as a joke. I heard her say okay with no fear in her voice. She should’ve ran for her life so she could’ve had a fighiting chance.

  20. Don’t feel bad for this girl, stuff like this happens, when they don’t take men serious. No disrespect intended. But that boy Kevin, clearly wasn’t playing. Usually real men would never joke like that, if they really care about a woman. Again don’t feel bad for her. She had a chance to live. She didn’t use it.

  21. @Kendrick Palmore: Dam dude, show some respect. The man had a gun. What’s she supposed to do? If she try to run he’ll just track her down and shoot.

  22. @KingOfWakanda: shit it’s better than just sitting there recording him and not do shit about it 😑

  23. This may seem unsympathetic but the truth is these girls pick these type of thugs or violent guys over any nice guys

  24. She shouldn’t have hit him in the Snapchat video she hit dude right in face Bitch shud have kept hands too herself

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