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Freckled redbone killed by Pookie ’cause she left him

Caryn leaves behind four children/Twisted Crimes

Pookie deleted his baby mama. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

FEDERALSBURG — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Quandre Winder, 26, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama, 27-year-old Caryn Faye Brown, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired on September 4, 2023 in Federalsburg, Maryland. According to police reports, Caryn — a victim of domestic violence — told Quandre she was sick and tired of being his punching bag and she wanted out of their 4-year relationship. Feeling jilted, Quandre showed up unannounced at Caryn’s apartment. He didn’t give a damn about no restraining order. The simp kicked in the door, pulled out a gun, and opened fire — striking Caryn at point-blank range. When cops arrived, they found babygirl sprawled out in the grass outside her complex. Caryn was pronounced dead at the scene. Quandre was arrested and charged with murder.

“She didn’t want to have any further contact with him, and he made it quite clear that was not what he was willing to accept,” Federalsburg Police Chief Michael McDermott told reporters. “I don’t believe that she felt like it would result in this.” Huh? Not sure why. After all, Quandre pummeled Caryn on a daily basis. The freckled redbone shared pictures of her countenance on social media to show off her black eyes and busted lip. Police were called to Caryn’s residence multiple times for domestic incidents.

Quandre even told her if he couldn’t have her, no one can.

Caryn’s kismet was inevitable.

Social media reaction as fierce.

One commenter wrote, “These gals always end up with Pookie & Ray-Ray then get took out the game. SAD!!!!”

Another chimed in with, “Thug luv goes wrong… again.”

A third person added, “These kind of men are fighting their own demons of questionable sexuality. These men are cowards and not even brave enough to come out and live their truth. It’s not mental illness. It’s cowardice behavior. He’s going to feel at home in prison and probably intentionally committed the act to put him there permanently. Just disgusting. Period.”

Caryn, a single mother of four, worked at Dairy Queen.

Quandre is a wannabe rapper known for throwin’ up gang signs on social media.

In Caryn’s defense, he pretended to be the perfect gentleman at first.

She even broke up with her abusive boyfriend to be with him.

But Quandre tricked her.

He was disguised as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Quandre showed Caryn no respect.

He called her his “high yellow bitch.”

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. He didn’t disguise anything U see wat he is about in pics. And I’m sure speech also.

  2. Ladies get it together all of these nice guys out here and yall choose the idiots no sympathy here 🙄🤯👀🤦🏽🤫💯

  3. Ladies, pray and ask for guidance from The Most High before allowing a person to enter your life. Ask Him to reveal the person’s true intentions and remove them if it’s not of Him. Demons are real and you can easily be deceived with kind words and a smile.

  4. She was a beautiful young woman. 😢 🙏🏾 Why can’t these men let go and let live? 🥺 You don’t get to beat on people or abuse anybody and expect for them to still want anything to do with you! As a woman who’s been in abusive relationships it not easy to get out of these relationships, but it’s necessary. ❤

  5. Stop having sex and reproducing with Satan people. You reap what you sow in life. God 🙏 is the answer.

  6. Look at bruh, no way u thought he was a nice, charming, sweet man with a bandana on and the middle finger up. I swear do yall think we dumb

  7. Very sad. He killed the mother of his own. Smh just evil. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 for her family

  8. Move in silence! Keep all your damn business off mf Facebook! Social media PERIOD!!!

  9. You ever saw Dolly Parton husband? I’ll ask again. You ever saw Dolly Parton husband? No! That’s why they are still married. He’s a truck driver. She feels no need to show the world her Boo Thang. They have been married almost 6 decades and she took a break from her career to take care of him over his health. When you see Couples on Social Media, its FAKE!!!!!!! Cheating, Beatings, Stealing, Manipulation, Show Boating, trying to compete with the Joneses.

  10. It’s always the ones that are too pretty for the guy she can’t get away from.. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. @Mike Myrick: These women be having low self esteem . She went from one abusive man to another.

  12. Yes, it’s okay to be single! This poor woman/mother, LEFT HIM! She did absolutely everything right, only to still end up dead and her children without their mother. Makes me disgusted!

  13. She was a very very beautiful woman, and for some reason, I don’t get why beautiful women like herself, pick the ugliest, most ghetto and thuggish dudes ever, to give their hearts to… May God bless her family and kids, I pray that they can grow up with sharp minds to be able to prosper and not fall victim to not having both parents in their lives, and make something out of themselves…👌🏾🙏🏾❤️

  14. What do they see in these awful men? I guess she has a type, Lord have mercy 🙏🏽

  15. And she made sure to leave us another lil pookie we gonna have to worry about

  16. I guess she naturally had dark circles around her eyes. I thought they were black eyes😢😢

  17. From his name to his demeanor in pictures who can’t see that he is a thug!!?? The only person that cant see that is someone who doesnt want to see it! She loved him and this is a classic case of love being blind. May she rest in peace. I pray these posts help women in some way and help them see things before its too late. 😢

  18. Can you image what the next generation will be like? All of these children growing up with deceased mothers and the father is in jail for unaliving their mom…or he himself is d3ad. Its sad to see all of these DV cases, but how are we preparing ourselves for these motherless babies out here that will be taking over in society the near future?

  19. I blame both families! I grew up in the dirty projects and parents need to teach their children to be better human beings. Mothers need to teach their daughter’s to have better standards and stop going for the bad boy. Have respect for yourself! Have self-worth!
    Don’t have children with anyone that you aren’t married to. Fathers need to teach their sons to show the same respect they want shown to their mothers!

  20. Thank God I’m an older woman and can see right through Bull shit… A lot of young women should practice discernment seriously , self love is lacking a lot of these men don’t have the mental/emotional capacity to have healthy meaningful relationships. Ladies time to choose who we love ,sleep with and raise a family with. There are good men out here you just have to be wise. May she RIP 💔🌹 💔🌹

  21. It seems like almost every relationship that’s boasted upon on Social Media has dark lives behind the phone and the women end up brutally murdered She was a mother to his children and he still didn’t care. Crazy. She should have been left for her kids Now they are without her We all think we have enough love to change a monster

  22. You can see how he spoke about her. Calling her his “high yellow” bitch and saying he got her from the ghetto. She wasn’t a person to him, she was a light skin toy to flex on and when she didn’t want to be with him anymore, he got angry that his percieved trophy piece was gone

  23. 🌈 🌹….. in the beginning of a relationship is always roses and rainbows then the truth comes out. This man was a monster. 🙏 R.I.P 💐 🕊.

  24. I just want yo know how these dudes be getting a chance with these beautiful girls….uggghhhhh


  26. This dude look crazy, and highly unattractive.

    I don’t see what half of these young ladies saw in any of these dudes that took their lives.

    I swear young ladies should seek the “Russell Wilson types” early in life instead of the “Future” types.

    These thugs don’t love themselves so how in the hell can they properly “Love You”?

    Some of these guys don’t even look like they brush their teeth or bathe often, but they swear they are so hard.

    Please leave the dudes in the gutter where you found them….

    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing !

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