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Diddy probed for sex crime

Diddy & Cuba are disgusting/YouTube

Diddy’s homes were raided. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BEVERLY HILLS — In a shocking development, the Department of Homeland Security raided homes belonging to “Bad Boy” honcho Sean “Diddy” Combs on Monday amid reports of a sex trafficking probe. They must’ve thought he had a bunch of young, naked boys hogtied in the basement. Diddy’s Beverly Hills mansion as well as properties in Los Angeles and Miami were thoroughly rummaged by armed agents. They used boats, helicopters, and squad cars to get the job done. Diddy was at the airport. But his sons, Justin and King, were handcuffed and detained. When asked what the hell is going on, Homeland Security Investigations said they “executed law enforcement actions as part of an ongoing investigation.” It’s been a controversial few months for Diddy. If you recall, the 54-year-old producer settled a lawsuit in November after his quondam girlfriend — Casandra “Cassie” Ventura — said she was raped and subjected to years of abuse by Diddy.

His lawyer even had the audacity to claim he’s innocent in spite of the resolution.

“A decision to settle a lawsuit, especially in 2023, is in no way an admission of wrongdoing,” attorney Ben Brafman told CNN.

“Mr. Combs’ decision to settle the lawsuit does not in any way undermine his flat-out denial of the claims. He is happy they got to a mutual settlement and wishes Ms. Ventura the best.”

A few weeks later, Diddy was hit with two more lawsuits alleging sexual assault. And, last month, a former male employee — Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones — sued him for sexual harassment. Lil Rod is also suing Cuba Gooding Jr. who, while on Diddy’s yacht in the Virgin Islands, “began touching, groping, and fondling Mr. Jones’ legs, his upper inner thighs near his groin, the small of his back near his buttocks, and his shoulders.” Not to mention, Diddy throws gay sex soirées every 5 minutes.

The dude is a sex addict.

Even though he appears to be a lecherous sumbitch, Diddy denies the allegations. “I have sat silently and watched people try to assassinate my character, destroy my reputation and my legacy,” Diddy bemoaned. “Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday. Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth.”

Prince Harry — the Duke of Sussex — and pop songstress Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez were also named in Lil Rod’s 73-page, $30 million lawsuit.

Fans are calling Diddy the Jeff Epstein of hip-hop.

Do you want him behind bars?

Will Diddy be happier around a bunch of horny men in prison?

Watch the raid, court observations and more.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. TMZ called it about a year ago to say Diddy was under investigation during the Cassie mess. Diddy should have been on a plane to Bali when that story broke even after TMZ did a limited walk back of the story.

  2. If the Feds come… they not coming to play…They have something, something BIG…!!

  3. Put him and Trump in the same cell….a fantastic present for the decent people in society…

  4. This is all to take our minds off our real problems. They knew this was happening, no one said shit and Epstein, JFK, Weinstein, Diddy, UFOs all this starts right before voting time so no one follows the real world problems. Just some crap to get Americans attention somewhere else.

  5. Allegations aside. Why do they need to go to a civilian home with tactical team? Makes no sense.

  6. Meanwhile Hunter Biden does as he pleases while feds going into battle at a mega mansion.

  7. Men dressed in full military outfits and gear raiding civilians homes. Sounds very legal. Very good look.

  8. Diddy said ” Can’t Nobody hold me down ” Its not looking good for him

  9. A black thug and his thug family is being held to account. Maybe they’ll get a cell next to R. Kelly.

  10. Here we go again but it’s our fault as Black Americans when we make money instead of building our community we go off and try even more to please white peoples now they finished with you this is out it always turns out when we learn

  11. The notorious big is rolling on his grave, if biggie was alive he would quit bad boy records, today Big would be about 51-52 years old. Nearly 30 years since his death

  12. Looks like Diddy fled to a secret private unknown Island somewhere just like Epstein 😅

  13. This is why I fuks wit AMERICAN LAWS! No one is above the law in the USA!!!!! Diddy is a menace in the entertainment industry, and he needs to be stopped.

  14. R. Kelly couldn’t beat the charges, I Don’t think P. Diddy will be able to beat the charges either!!

  15. It’s crazy because you have plenty of people in the industry like Diddy that has gotten away with stuff like this for years and they will continue to get away with it as long as they have the money to keep paying people off. What I don’t understand is they were so quick to take R. Kelly down over some allegations that were over 20 years old and VHS tapes that could have been altered multiple times but they continue to keep using him as an example for all of Hollywood instead of them doing their own time in jail. Crazy that everyone just picks and chooses who they wanna point the finger at

  16. Now i understand how these select people became famous. The price they paid is one i wouldn’t ever consider. I have never idolized any of them, and this is one of those times that im glad i never did. But accountability comes for us all, even the rich and famous, eventually.

  17. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole Diddy saga starts with Biggie and Pac’s death. Hopefully it will all come full circle.

  18. Gates are breaking, ask yourselves WHY NOW? the bible has the answer man if only they were paying attention.

  19. All these satanic cults hidden acts are coming to light and its beautiful

  20. This dude has been protected far too long. Funny how it’s pretty common knowledge what he does, but only now is it starting to crash around him. Funny how the liberals are great at targeting opposition for unbelievable decades old baseless allegations, but don’t care a bit about the worse allegations when you pay them off in support! Disgusting people! No wonder why their world is starting to collapse around them.

  21. These demons are also very close to your Politicians & higher up Officials who I believe are child trafficker’s & abuser’s ritual sacrifices

  22. Little Rod or whatever his name is seems suspect to me. He was down with all of it and now wants to get it on the money. Boy bye!

  23. as Mr. KATT Williams stated on club shayshay.
    “2024 will be a year of reckoning. all things that were in the dark will now come out in the light.”
    just like that!!text-green-game-overface-green-smiling

  24. Its funny how Americans are trying to get rid of successful black people by all means

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