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Hillary Clinton talks WAP

Hillary big fan of Megan’s WAP/YouTube

Clintons & Megan talk WAP.

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NEW YORK — A viral video shows quondam First Lady Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton confabulating WAP and ‘Thot Sh*t’ with rapper Megan Thee Stallion as the trio tried their hand at landscape painting. Many are calling it the cringiest interview ever. The poolside chinwag took place on the second episode of Hillary’s “Gutsy” docuseries — an AppleTV+ show in which she and Chelsea are sedentary with feminists from all walks of life to elucidate their challenges and triumphs. Claiming to be a hip-hop enthusiast, Hillary — who carries hot sauce in her purse for fried chicken — said she first discovered Megan through her empowering WAP (Wet Ass P*ssy) collaboration with Cardi B. She’s been a fan ever since. “Chelsea follows rap music. She has ever since she was a little girl,” Hillary explained to Megan. “But I kind of came to awareness of you with the Cardi B ‘WAP.’” Megan said they made the song to get back at male rappers for spewing sexually explicit lyrics.

“I’ve always wanted to do a song with Cardi. As soon as she sent it to me, I think I sent it back to her the next day,” Megan said. “The men always seem very confident talking about their sexuality and how they’re going to have sex with you. So I was like, ‘Well, I can do that and it’s going to sound fire coming from a woman.’” Chelsea agreed, saying it’s “great to see women be so fierce.”

“Fearless” host Jason Whitlock referred to Hillary, Chelsea and Megan as “lesbians.”

He also called their conversation “racist.”

If you recall, President Joe Biden interviewed Cardi during the election to clarify needs in the black community.

Should rappers represent the urban core?

Are coochies empowering?

Watch Hillary’s clip and Whitlock’s critique.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Just terrible🤦‍♀️ it is surreal that this is happening, it just absolutely weakens our image to the world and our society as a whole

  2. Maybe Hilary Clinton should have Megan come and perform WAP at her grand daughters birthday party since she is so bold and empowering.

  3. Even more disturbing and gut wrenching is using the term “WAP” while showing Hillary’s picture. I’m going to be sick. 🤮

  4. Man blacks has really lost our fucking mindssssssss!!!!!!! and we don’t even see it!!!!!

  5. If you go up to a woman and start talking about “wet ass pussy” they would think you were a sex offender. This is not empowering.

  6. As a woman, I think it’s distasteful and just NASTY to talk about our vaginas and what it does. Let that be between you and your husband. The world don’t need to know about what goes on in the bedroom, or for chicks like Meg, in the public club bathroom stalls. It’s gross.

  7. Maybe you should stop using your sexuality to sell records. All I see Meghan do is twerk. That’s really empowering in the black community. Whack female rappers need sex to sell music. Female rappers are like the WNBA who cares. I heard wap once and didn’t like it, definitely not empowering. Neither are fake asses. Rappers aren’t role models, I told my kids it’s just entertainment.

  8. Imagine having a daughter and telling her you can one day sit down with dignitaries and powerful people if you go to school and be a respectable human being only to see a ignorant rapper leap frog all of that. How do you raise children in this screwed up world? 🤡

  9. Hearing Hilary say WAP is cringier than CRINGE….almost makes me want to throw up….🤢

  10. If Hillary had focused more on her own WAP… maybe slick Willy wouldn’t have been deepthroating interns in the Oval office…

  11. Hillary hasn’t had a WAP since her freshman year in law school. Unless the W stands for “wrinkled”. 😺

  12. Black Women being used as useful idiots has become the democrats favorite past time lol

  13. LOL the irony cause if hillary had the wap then bill wouldnt have been fuckin around with all them other women. Hillary must got the dap.

  14. I still don’t understand how this stallion girl became famous when she’s just the untalented version of Nicki Minaj. And the bad part is that I thought Nicki wasn’t very talented either but next to the stallion she’s extremely talented 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. This is embarrassing an degrading to all women. Killary always panders to the black community. She’s went to the bottom of the barrel to find women to interview. The black community fall for it everytime 😞

  16. There are so many good black female role models but they choose women like this to represent black woman. Is this the type of role models they expect young black girls to be like. So insulting

  17. Really?
    Using Hillary and WAP in the same sentence?
    Crime against humanity.

  18. That’s all part of the plan, remove the father, then send the mother to work so your children turn to tv, sports and gangs, then u have a direct line without ever having to actually go there

  19. The sad truth is Hillary is right, black people have already proven how easily swayed they are in elections. They bought in to the fake Trump racist rhetoric and voted for Biden and the rest of the dems “or they ain’t black.” Hopefully they open their eyes this next election because not having money due to inflation and gas prices might make the difference.

  20. It’s mind boggling that Megan calls herself a stallion. A stallion is a male horse and that would makes sense why torey lanez acted the way he did with her. I believe he got a handful of something he didn’t know was there and acted out that’s my opinion

  21. Next Hillary and Chelsea will twerk in Megan’s next music video that is how low they will go.

  22. These Devils are pushing whoredom on our people. “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a Sodomite of the sons of Israel.” Deuteronomy 23:17 (KJV). The Clinton’s have always had great disdain for our people! Bill Clinton’s two bills destroy our people more than any other modern-day presidents: 1) The CRIME BILL (3 strikes, then a slave for life) – led to mass incarceration of “black” people, and 2) The Adoption and Safe Family Act (ASFA) – which led to mass increase of false claims of abuse by school and trafficking, rape, and murders of children in the foster care system as a form of genocide against “black” people. The “REAL” people of the Book!

  23. I could only stomach 20 seconds of the pandering…this entire episode is cringe…

  24. So is Megan thee stallion a dude or just ignorant because the last time I checked a stallion is a male horse

  25. Malcom X said, black people are THE ONLY group of people who look to celebrities to speak on social issues…he said this almost 60 years ago. Still happening…😔

  26. These WW now planting this feminist seed in BW heads on a bigger level now to destroy BM & Chelsea Clinton talking bout “ it’s great to see women be so fierce” & Hilary Clinton talking about “i came to awareness of you with Cardi B WAP” like these ppl are jokes & our BW are lost & these WW are smiling in our BW faces but really laughing behind they backs because if WW loved so much what BW preach like Meg WW would be acting the same way BW acting but WW know that shit BW are preaching don’t work but get a thrill out of BW destroying themselves, families, BM & WW are enjoying seeing every moment of it. BW really need to be lead they are making a fool out themselves to the world & they don’t even see the agenda causing more harm to them and they mentality

  27. They encourage black women to be single mothers, feminists, etc to their detriment.

  28. The Delusional Hypocritical behavior continues unabated. Goofys like Cynthia G., Lizzo, and Meg the Stallion are the Flag Bearers for Stupidity.
    They mirror the Pookie Characters they despise…..The Non leading BM they complain about. They are so smart… these Modern Empowered BW….that they never see the Forest for the trees.
    They can’t see that every complaint they have for BM….They Mirror it…..smh
    Yet you wonder why there’s White Supremacy…at this point it’s easy to deny us things….We are too busy, as BM and BW, denying and destroying…..working against each other because of a pathological need to win and or be right….but we’ll never win
    …because we’ll never do Right

  29. If WAP was empowering prostitutes would be laid up at the Ritz-Carlton instead of bent over in an alley on the street

  30. No one sees this as racist af?!. No one cares that democrats interview people like cardi b and shit because this is what they think the leaders of the black community are?!?! And black people…. you’re not gonna say shit?!

    …. wtf is wrong with you?!

  31. damn u can smell moth balls and stank 😺 🐱 😸 through the phone

  32. Hillary didn’t think WAP was empowering when her husband was getting it in the Oval Office

  33. I don’t blame Megan for anything,she’s a product of her environment. Hillary is the real demon. Remember folks, this is the woman who laughed at the death of Gaddafi, a man who wanted to unite Africans and have economic independence from the west.

  34. She’s helping Biden push this bullshit narrative because her opinion, no matter how ignorant, has weight. The democrats have become desperate and will do anything to stop republicans republicans from taking power. Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden studied politics under the same KKK leader, Robert C Byrd.

  35. This is the type of woman black people celebrate then wonder why their community is in shambles. Pathetic.

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