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Deranged baby daddy kills girlfriend outside day care

Krystal Walton shot dead/Juaneka Thomas Ennis

Mom killed outside day care. 

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INDIANAPOLIS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Orlando Mitchell was thrown behind bars after he killed his baby mama, Krystal Walton, as she dropped off her children at day care. The femicide transpired September 16th at Charity Church Child Care Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to police reports, Orlando violated the protective order Krystal, 32, filed against him and shot her dead as soon as she egressed the building. More than 40 police officers responded to the scene and the day care was evacuated. Several kids witnessed the shooting. “It is hard to express when something this close is at our front door and happens in our community with our people,” said Jeffrey Thomas, a pastor at Charity Church Ministries. “I just feel really saddened because of the effect it has on so many people. Our staff, our children, our families, the initial family. This is a heavy impact. Children have been affected by the wrecking of this particular family. It is really hard, it’s really hard.”

Three hours later, Orlando was shot by law enforcement officials when he ignored orders to drop his rifle. But he somehow survived. Now he’s charged with murder. Orlando, 33, has a history of domestic violence. In March 2021, he choked Krystal while she was 4 months gravid and told her to abort the child. Krystal’s daughter jumped on Orlando’s back and yelled, “Get off my mommy!”

However, felony charges of strangulation, confinement and intimidation were jettisoned when Orlando struck a plea deal that resulted in one day in jail and one year of probation. Ain’t that a bitch? He was charged again on September 15th for residential entry, invasion of privacy and intimidation. A day later, Orlando took Krystal’s life. The criminal justice system dropped the ball big time.

Watch the sad report.

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  1. It’s so sad, I am a surviving domestic violence victim ,there is nothing else she could’ve done, it’s the system that keeps failing us. That’s it!!

  2. I’m so emotional over these beautiful souls being murdered at the hands of those who claim to love them. Ladies we must protect ourselves because from all these stories you see the law is not protecting us. Get that order of protection & get something to protect yourself at all times. My deepest heartfelt condolences to this ladies family & most of all her babies. Ladies protect yourselves please. 🥲🥲🙏🏾🙏🏾

  3. Other people could have been hurt my God a daycare center I will keep this family in prayer

  4. I personally have been through DV and when I’ve called the shelters after getting a restraining order I was told to call back at 7am to see if they had room 🥺 the feeling of defeat was real to know I couldn’t go to my family homes or friends because I was inferior of having any drama or events at there home caused me to sleep in my car until this day I’m on the run.

    I pray for her family and babies smh 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Being single is a blessing there is no help when it comes to black domestic V trust me I been there

  6. The violence begin when she was pregnant I believe because he was jealous of the baby.

  7. It’s sad because I’m sure she wasn’t even a toxic baby mama just by looking at her pictures I can tell she was a good woman and a good person that ended up in a relationship with the wrong person she didn’t deserve to be killed like that RIP to her 💐

  8. How can you get the help when they keep putting them back out on the street

  9. I witnessed my mother get beat by my stepfather when I was 7 years old. That image is still in mind today, and I’m nearly 60 years-old. When I was 18, my boyfriend slapped me in my face and when he went to the restroom, I became a memory. I got in my car, left and would not receive any of his phone calls. When he saw me again, it was 5 years later, and that was in traffic. He was trying to get my attention, and I wasn’t interested.

    When a man shows himself to you, believe him. No real man is going to hit a woman. If he hits you once, he’s going to do it again. I don’t care how many children you have with him, or what you’ve accomplished together, when the beating starts, take action (LEAVE). You can’t blame the police for something you chose to remain in despite the warning signs.

    Ladies, you need to pray and ask God for the right relationship (MAN), and He will provide it. You must also be willing to wait. A relationship should not define you. Spend time alone, learn to love and value yourself, so when someone enters your life, you’re not willing to compromise your self worth to maintain something that isn’t worth it.

    This is very sad, and my prayers are certainly with her family 🙏 🕊

  10. Once a man put his hands on me then he apologized. I said it’s problem. Waited til he went to sleep, got my gun, placed it to his head. The cocking of the gun woke him up and he froze. I told him if u ever put ur hands on me again I’ll kill you. I meant it. He broke up with me n I never saw him again. End it the first time. Condolences to the family.

  11. I feel bad for the children, but she knew he was a psychopath when she was sleeping with him, why have children with a monster?!? She is to blame as well. Bless the children though.

  12. This is so sad!!! I had a friend kilt by her child’s father because she wouldn’t get back with him…. Brings back those memories 😢Then to hear her daughter say she was the best mom ever….. 😢 I pray for her children❤️

  13. I swear a majority of these men are only good for one thing and that is sex, if we are going to have interaction with them we need to approach them with that thinking and keep it in mind if we can’t accept that failure is in the near future then we should not interact with them at all

  14. Tragic. This judicial system has yet failed another woman in DV case. Women please get trained and certified and protect yourselves!!! Prayers and Condolences to her family. 🙏

  15. A protective order does nothing, you got to move far away, preferably another state. These abusers/killers don’t give a d*mn about a restraining order.

  16. Stop having sex outside marriage.
    Stop getting married before getting to know people.
    Have your own,before marriage.
    No shacking up!
    No sex before marriage.

  17. I just don’t get it with these men wth that’s why I don’t wanna date or be in a relationship women shouldn’t be scared of no man they should feel protected man this is so sad on top of that the system is not helping these women man see I keep my friend on my side it goes with me everywhere!

  18. Restraining orders are useless. If you need a restraining order, then you need to disappear any way you can.

  19. What failed her was that piece of paper
    So…. If she came to y’all for protection against someone how was she pose to use that when she saw him? In order to get the piece of paper the abuser have has to had hit her which is an assault y’all should of locked him up then smmfh they wait exactly until something like this happen now I guess y’all did y’all job by arresting him smh nd not b4 this happen
    Cuz I’m sure this is what she was tryna avoid smmfh dh’s rip to that mother nd god bless thieve kids

  20. The courts and lawyers who got that dude out of jail should be ashamed of themselves

  21. Women, rise up and demand classes for carrying a weapon to protect yourself and your family. There are plenty of cases to bolster your claim for this as there seems to be an epidemic of killings of mothers by ex partners.

  22. Why was she in a relationship with a street dude??? Smh. I always blame the justice system

  23. The System could care less about Black Women who are in a domestic situation smh

  24. They aren’t doing anything that is why these idiots keep killing women. Protect yourselves ladies. Many of these idiots are very dangerous. Execution…the electric chair is the answer. Rid the world of these dangerous monsters. Why house and feed them for years? The should not have been born. I am sorry that this beautiful queen is gone and her children are motherless. Condolences to her family and friends.

  25. When will these woman, start to understand that if you have a problem with your child father, then Please move from the area.Get your family and run.America has 50 states , you can find another job.Dont use your phone anymore.Change your phone. Please don’t contact this man anymore. Now you are gone leaving 2 children without a mother.

  26. It’s two sides to every story, just saying, I got a baby mama so I understand

  27. Lately I’ve been going through someone harassing me at my job, calling from different numbers and private too. Was told to report it and get restraining order but what good would it do if things like this happen and there’s no help until someone is dead. At the time I was pregnant so I had to protect both me and my baby (pregnancy failed recently) so now I’m out of work and haven’t really heard from the person but soon have to return to work and I’m not old enough (21 years to carry handgun) which is what I need for my protection because it’s them or me.

  28. You shoot her Infront of her kids….🤔…it shows the weakness of that race,and the Brain Malfunction…Put him in a Jail cell for life with the same weapon that he killed that girl food.just him and the Gun…he will make his own decision.. Bastard

  29. I moved to a new city to get away from DV after I filed a PO.💯..I LEFT✌🏽..few years later I tried to date again..the RED FLAGS WAS THERE😡…I DECIDED TO STAY SINGLE..BEEN SINGLE 4 YEARS…NOTHING WRONG WITH BEIJG SINGLE ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS THAT NEED YOU💯

  30. How do police manage to do a kill shot to innocent people but this guy didn’t get a kill shot?!!

  31. Move your things into a moving pod. Change jobs. Change scenary. Change daycares. Move out of the city.
    I did this and my ex couldnt find me. All he did was send angry msgs which expressed his anger for not knowing where I was.
    I know this seems extreme BUT It’s been over 7 years and I’m still here.

  32. How is it that you hate your kids mother that much that you take her life, like she was a dog!! R.I.P sweetie!!

  33. How despicable of that male monster. RIP young lady. Condolences to her family

  34. So sad but I am glad he didn’t open fire on other parents, teachers, students. R.I P💀☠️👀.

  35. What a coward poor little babies hope he definitely rotts in hell, prayers 🙏 up for this family mostly the children

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