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Cheap husband murders family over high light bill

Marsha and her son shot dead/YouTube

Hubby kills family over light bill.

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DELAND — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Michael Williams was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his ex-wife and stepson because they ran up the electricity bill. The double murder transpired Sunday night in DeLand, Florida. Michael’s ex, Marsha Ebanks-Williams, was a life coach and host of “Marsha Talks.” She’s also a granny because her son, 28-year-old Robert Adams, has two children (ages 5 and 6) who witnessed the tragedy. Michael, 47, and Marsha, 48, don’t have any kids together. According to police reports, Michael turned off the lights then put a padlock on the electrical box to prevent Marsha and Robert from running up a high electricity bill. When Robert clipped the lock and turned the lights back on, all hell broke loose. A belligerent Michael cussed ’em out, pulled out a gun and opened fire — killing Marsha and Robert.

Michael called 911 and told the operator he acted in self-defense, claiming Marsha and Robert attacked him. But police didn’t buy it. He was arrested and charged with murder. “Michael was upset that he felt that they were leaving the lights on in the house, and he went and put a lock on the box outside the house, which Marsha and her son cut,” said Chief Deputy Brian Henderson at a press conference. “So he became upset, and that started this argument which ultimately resulted in these two people getting shot and killed.” Marsha and Michael were already divorced. But they decided to cohabitate until their house sold then split the proceeds.

Michael has a criminal history laced with charges of child abuse and domestic violence.

He also assaulted a police officer.

So it makes you wonder why Marsha married his ass in the first place.

Watch the sad report and Michael’s arrest.

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  1. This is why I keep my husband off social media and I tell ppl don’t idolize anyone’s relationship. You never know what goes on behind closed doors.

  2. Y’all keep thinking stuff on social media is REAL. Salt and Sugar look the same .

  3. Well we know she’s with Jesus now, self defense really??? These men are evil

  4. He looks evil, why do people think,they can live together in the same house while divorced?It’s a reason for the separation so why entertain it.This goes to show that everyone who talks about the Lord isn’t Godly.

  5. If y’all look and listen to him. He’s a narcissist. He’s too animated to be a preacher, and too controlling minded to be a husband.. just look at him, he’s a killer man!!!

  6. He look crazy 🤦🏾‍♀️🙏🏾💜all these women dying at the hands of men. Black women, what’s going on?! Know your worth and get to know Christ for real. He been wanting to kill her.

  7. Never ever ever under any circumstances stay living with the person that you’re divorcing… I’ll go into a shelter until that damn house is sold!!! Im so tired of yall WEAK ASS MEN!!!!

  8. He was jealous of her and that is why he ended her life. He could not stand her “shine”. He took out her son either first because he knew he would fight him or the son was murdered while defending. And now those children are traumatized for life because of this coward. This is very sad and scary! Many of these dudes are just sick and demented. How sad…

  9. After that weird ish he did..she should have changed da locks n got a restraining order against him..Ain’t noway he should have got back in that house or she should have moved.Idk single n manless is a vibe in these have loss they mind🙏🏽

  10. I wonder if she knew he liked his own kind. It’s written all over his evil face. I believe he used her as a beard.
    Sleep peacefully, Marsha and Robert 💜

  11. Alot of these males don’t really like women, he gives me play for the other team vibes. That’s why it’s so easy for them to kill us,they don’t really care for us anyways and it’s truly sad😔

  12. Wow! All these angry men filled with rage. They view these women as possessions. Once the women stop being willing slaves….they snap!

  13. This is crazy now he in jail all because he lost his temper over some lights he killed a family he once called his family a family he loved make it make sense 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Blk men then lost their dam minds. They only kill each other other blk women please I’m so tired of these brothers killing a woman over a dam bill in her house bro really

  15. Women must also be aware of “character issues” ie. envy & jealousy. We all have flaws to work on, but prolonged spirits of envy & jealousy are triggered, and very very dangerous. I see women left with little warning of attacks, when a jealous or envious partner is involved, as well have experienced, so be very very cautious, in a prolonged state.

  16. This is why you should never listen to these podcast dating & life coaches because their own life is a mess 🤦🏼‍♀️ killed because of an electric bill she needed to help herself first

  17. I’m sorry she died and that her son died but when I was single and searching for my soul partner I ran across many men who when I dated them gave off red flags! I never had second dates. I nipped it in the bud. I did not want to have to deal with any baggage or future violence or any drama from other kids or wives or women. I felt I didn’t need to. I felt I deserved better and guess what I did. I found that good man and he is a wonderful father to our sons and a wonder husband. Is he perfect ? No and neither am I. But we have mutual respect for each other and that is what makes our marriage work.

  18. So sad so sad he was that cheap about electric and so serious about electric why didn’t he get solar panels why didn’t he buy candles they have indoor solar lights wow he should have did his research and found out all kind of ways to save energy that was stupid had a unplug things around the house and he bought a little sign saying we’re not in use unplugged please you could have called off the Energy company and ask them today could he have where they cut the energy down from the company and he would have got a big discount on that he could have had it he could have had to double energy cut down slow down when everybody sleep after after 12:00 all the energy power down through the energy electric company he could have cut down on buying junk food I can go on and on and on it’s all kinds of ways to cut corners he was so concerned he could have turned around and gotten less haircuts drive when it’s when needed you should have got him a job as a Uber driver or a Lyft driver for extra money it’s all kind of things he could have done that was that was terrible just sad

  19. The Bible warned men not to marry used defiled women or women that already have a children. As they will use you than after ther children are raised and you been used they will get rid of you.

  20. If you illegally change lock and turn out lights on someone lawfully living at a premises – Then you’re looking for a fight. He was cheating why she divorced him. And he’s less than a man to put his hand on her then turns around and shoots her son for protecting his mother and then shoot her with a 5 and 6 year old are watching. Bitter, angry and evil. Callus in every way. Plus he threatened to kill them earlier and he acted on it. GUILTY IN THE FIRTS!

  21. Control freak! written all over him,his world was crumbling , probably from his over bearing ways,Soon he would lose his voice!He would be on his own,no more ability to control!He Snapped,and killed 2 beautiful people that seemed to care for him,but he lost it,for someone that believed so strongly in God,he seems to have forgotten to ask for strength and calmness during this rocky part of life,and decided to play God,now he’s going you know where!!!

  22. I blame the mom for having a 28 year old hobo-sexual son still around the crib.

  23. Robert’s poor kids having had witnessed that and losing their dad and their grandmother. Hope he gets life, no parole.

  24. Its always the ones that preach the word of “God”….Smh
    All this over an electric bill…😢

  25. Marsha probably thought she and her son Robert could have a civilized roommate deal with that resentful lowdown A•hole. He hoarded his little BS hard feelings like saved money – then justified his killing over a BS bill. Pathetic excuse of a ‘man’.
    P e a c e ~ OUT

  26. I have a relative whose Ex husband asked if could move in with her mind you he doesn’t provide for their child and she said he needs to offer assistance for their child and he told her he would k!ll her if she ever tried to put him on child support. She still let him move in. 😒

  27. Funky ass Florida 🙄 on a serious note this shit is just wild I rather that man just left and never come back but to kill two people 🙄

  28. That creature wanted to instigate a fight. How were the victim and her son & grandkids supposed to live in the home without electricity??? And he’s lying about them attacking him. Why was he armed already???

  29. He was obviously looking for a reason to harm her & her son. He was more than likely jealous of them both.

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