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Son kills mom while she’s putting away the groceries

Christy Martin shot dead/YouTube

Mother murdered by son. 

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NORTHWOODS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. 22-year-old Tony Martin Jr. was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his 50-year-old mom, Christy Martin. The matricide transpired at their residence Wednesday morning around 10:45 a.m. in Northwoods of St. Louis County. According to police reports, Christy and Tony had contretemps in the kitchen while putting away groceries. When she grabbed his arm to get his attention, Tony shot her in the chest. Christy was pronounced dead at the scene. Tony was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Neighbor Glenn Williams said Tony has a history of actin’ a damn fool. That’s why he chose to stay away from him. “It worried me a couple of times because he actually was outside,” Glenn recalled. “Nobody was out here, and he was shooting in the sky. And then the one guy who lives down the way said (he) pulled a gun on his grandmama. And she was telling him to move his car off the street because we have to park on the street. Then I was like, well, I’m gonna leave him alone.”

“I wouldn’t think that you would pull a gun on your mom,” Glenn continued. “You know, somebody that’s taking care of you. You’re staying at her house. So really, it shouldn’t have been an argument at all. Whatever she says should have just been the final word.”

Police officers have been to Christy’s house multiple times and they saw Tony point his gun at family members before. The recalcitrant teen is reportedly unemployed with no goals. Social media reaction was fierce. One person wrote, “Y’all spoil these kids for 20 something years. I mean spoil them kids rotten. And then when they grown ass f*ck you want to cut it off cold turkey, like he/she ain’t gone go crazy, like they ain’t gonna lose their mind. They whole world has been given to them… yes yes yes… and now you saying no no no. It’s a sad situation man. But gotta quit spoiling these kids to where they’re just rotten.”

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. Wow…seems like he wanted to take his mom life anyways… he probably wasn’t working or helping her with any bills and she probably ask him when is he going to help around the house…so sad!!!

  2. I don’t believe the guy is a gang banger or anything. You can tell he suffering from mental illness. When the mom touched him he may have became paranoid. May have been off his meds imo.

  3. Why oh why didn’t they try to take the gun from him the first time he pointed the gun at a family member?

  4. Why do they continue to put these video on here of black ppl killing each other where are the ones of white ppl 🤔

  5. I got whoopings when I was growing up my parents didnt play , that’s why these kids now days are so evil and disrespectful.

  6. These Mothers raised these Monsters now the Monster turned on his mother it’s really clear he never respected his mother. But I bet you those Inmates going to show him what time it is in Prison.

  7. This is a sad situation. I don’t understand how anyone could kill their mom

  8. Nobody should be shocked. We living in the last days it’s all in the good book 🙏🙏🙏

  9. SAD!! But wut I don’t get is the police will shoot an innocent black man or black person in the back or period, for no good reason, but they came to the house & seen this dude carrying & pointing a gun, threatening his family, but did nothing??? 🤷🤷 How’s that!!! Make it make sense?? 🤦🤦

  10. 22years old… What was he doing Everyday?? Work, school, business owner, volunteer?? What?? Yep, I thought so! Condolences to the family….🙏🏽

  11. This world is going to hell in a hand basket. Unnecessary evil for no reason. Noone has the maturity to resolve conflict with out a gun being the first go to. It’s pathetic.

  12. Black women create these monsters in their sons!!! They tolerate too much from them, and get nothing in return but heartaches. Stop hindering them and justifying their negative behaviors

  13. So sad. I can imagine her last moments… the disbelief that her son would shoot her. Mother’s are some of the most empathetic and caring people on this earth. The love we have for our children is endless. When the world shuns you out they will still see the good in you. Her son will regret his actions.

  14. What kind of monster 👿 would kill they own mother. I hope he rots in HELL! R.I.P. Christy💐

  15. She probably told him to get a job! These dudes are lazy and soulless, @ 4:23 there is NOTHING in his eyes. BW need to take note when obviously crazy behavior is being shown. I am not judging or saying she didn’t but I keep hearing about stories like this where a BM was “acting crazy” prior to a sad incident like this.

  16. So the son likely did not have a job because who would have time to play around with a gun and shooting all day?

  17. RIP TO THE LADY, but I can guaranteed this boy has disrespect his mother before he had killed her, and she let him get away with it, my children could never look at bad or speak bad, because I would have have put them out of my house the same day.


  19. How can you do this to the woman who birthed you!!!!??? I mean how can you do this to ANYBODY but Omg

  20. Shooting your mama. WTW? I lost my mom 8 yrs ago. Lord knows how much I miss her. NEVER in my life, (or in my head) have I disrespected her. He killed his mother? I can’t wrap my brain around this. Lord have Mercy.

  21. Please!!!! Don’t be your child’s friend!
    When they stop showing respect it’s time to send them packing!
    My house my rules! Don’t like my rules… get your own place job & set your own rules! Prayers to the family!
    They’ll tune him up in cell block
    C-4 💣🔥

  22. I feel sad that his mom lost her life. While so many ppl are commenting that he was “spoiled” and “entitled” the neighbor’s statements kinda hint at him being mentally unstable. I just hope that we get to a place where black parents understand that you can’t love kids into mental health. Some people really need professional services for mental imbalances.

  23. Those boys who kill women are what you would call “emotional simp beta males” . Masculine men would never handle a situation like this, they’ll just leave and be done with you. R.I.P to the mother and prayers for the family💔🙏🏾

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