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Ex-hubby murders ex-wife, himself after big argument

Allison Marie killed by husband/Leah Gordone

Jilted lover kills ex-wife. 

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SAN ANTONIO — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. The city of San Antonio, Texas is in mourning after 42-year-old Ronald Cole Jr. murdered his ex-wife, 41-year-old Allison Marie, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired September 17th. According to police reports, Ronald and Allison had contretemps when he showed up at her residence unannounced despite the fact they haven’t been intimate in years. As the argument intensified, Ronald pulled out a gun and opened fire — killing Allison. Her body was found in the backyard riddled with gunshot wounds. Allison’s daughter witnessed the shooting. Realizing he screwed up, Robert rushed home and barricaded himself. After a 2-hour standoff, a SWAT team sent a robot camera into his garage and it showed he had already shot and killed himself.

Investigators later learned Ronald had a history of domestic violence against Allison. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “These motherf*ckers are cowards! I swear! Just ridiculous!” Another added, “She had left him and he couldn’t take it. These men be so miserable. It’s really best to relocate after you deal with an abuser. They be so mad when you leave them alone.”

Allison leaves behind two children.

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. He never spared a thought as to what this would do to their children. So very selfish. If I can’t have you no one will. Not even the kids. SMH.

  2. It’s like when a woman moves on or just evolve here comes a hater boyfriend/husband trying to remind you that you can’t go

  3. WHEN A MAN SHOW YOU WHO THEY’RE THE FIRST TIME LEAVE…IF YOU INSIST ON DEALING WITH HIM OR STAY WITH HIM HE WILL KILL YOU… if a man love you he will not hurt you he will not disrespect you he will not put his hands on you the end!!!!!!!

  4. When some of these men feel like they have NOTHING ELSE to lose, ESPECIALLY when they’re losing the woman, money, possibly a house, these people CAN’T see any light at the end of the tunnel, so they just go
    “all the way out” with the KILLING!

  5. The mindset of the new black man…” If I can’t have you nobody can ” SMGDH

  6. @Robyn Humphrey: She left the nigga years ago. Did you read the article?

  7. Always, the children are the long term innocent victims. 😢
    Praying for strength and healing for them.

  8. He was a coward and hell is his place of rest. R.I.P my beautiful sister🧡❤💛

  9. I feel nothing for nobody in this.
    Everyone is driving everyone insane..and paying the price.
    Look after your own, people.
    Perk up- OR ELSE.

  10. All these coward a** men today 🙄 😒 what is going on I just don’t understand now we have another 2 children motherless. RIP BEAUTIFUL my condolences to her loved ones ❤🙏

  11. So sorry for the kids. Now they are orphans. I pray to God to help the children

  12. Murder is now an every day thing, it’s normalized…thanks to over a year of deadly riots, city burning, murder, and letting criminals do whatever TF they want and have no accountability, just putting them back onto our streets. All of a sudden murder is everywhere. Must be something in the water.

  13. immature men kill because they can’t stand rejection or ending a toxic marriage. now two kids are left orphans. selfish acts. poor lady RIP

  14. Women are physically and emotionally attracted to dangerous unpredictable men. Straight facts. So when you try to tell them to leave them they can’t for this very reason.

    “A wicked woman is given as a portion to a wicked man: but a godly woman is given to him that feareth the Lord.”

    Proverbs 28:9
    “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.”

  16. Why was she in the backyard…and not the kitchen ? Maybe she’d still be alive..hmmm

  17. Ladies, if you are involved with someone abusive, move out-of-state. Don’t keep sitting in the same location of your abuser. If possible, ask for a job transfer if your employer has offices in another state. Take your children with you or arrange for them to stay with trusted family or friends temporarily until you get a place out-of-state. Abusers will seethe and target you if are nearby. Usually, if you move far away, the abuser will go on to another relationship because they want someone to abuse. Don’t let that “someone” be you. GET OUT of town. Leave the state completely.

  18. These cowards kill thier women & mother of their children without a blink of the eye. But will
    Stutter in the face of ws 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  19. I teach my sons ” You either learn to control your emotions, or you will be controlled by your emotions ” ……we have a generation of mostly weak minded emotional men who have not been embedded with conflict resolution, and handling emotions so these things have become normal

  20. Look at all these black women getting killed. And this is 100% over jealousy. These men are jealous because these women don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore. They put up with enough.

  21. This is EXACTLY why I’ll remain single for the rest of my days!!

  22. This I will never understand. I love my wife dearly but if she wanted to get a divorce, I wouldn’t think of anything other than, I’m sorry, I’m going to miss you, I love you and I would leave. I would stay in touch and if she changed her mind I would be more than happy to come back and if she didn’t, I would move on with my life but she would still hold a place in my heart. I don’t understand this guys way of thinking at all….

  23. It is such a sad situation all the way around. The loss of life, the children living with this forever, the new home owner now moving into a murder/suicide home. This lady had a right to a life without him but he couldn’t see it that way. Prayers for both families and the two sweet children left behind.

  24. truth!! I literally went into hiding; starting at a DV shelter, P.O BOX for mail, new phone number & job! u have to pull a real disappearing act and DON’T LOOK BACK!! Divorce them all mutual friends and his family and ur won if they are “kool” or close to the perpetrator!!

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