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Lesbian thug murders her girlfriend after breakin’ up

Corneisha killed in front of child/YouTube

Lesbian thug murders ex. 

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ATLANTA — The adventures of Pookeisha & Ray Ray continues. Shakyia Perkins was thrown in the slammer after she murdered her lesbian ex-girlfriend, Corneisha Butler, because she broke up with her after 6 years of copulation. The femicide transpired in Atlanta, Georgia on November 17th in front of Corneisha’s 2-year-old son. According to police reports, Corneisha — a prepossessing mom of 4 — dumped Shakyia several months ago and filed a restraining order. But the jilted lover threatened to “commit a first-degree murder” if Corneisha didn’t take her back. Lo and behold, when she didn’t get her wish, Shakyia barged into Corneisha’s home and opened fire — striking her 3 times in front of her child. Corneisha was pronounced dead at the scene. Shakyia was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, possession of a firearm, and cruelty to children.

Social media reaction was fierce. One reader wrote, “Black women love thugs, even if they’re female.” Another chimed in with, “Wow, they were together for six years but still making babies with men? This is sad.” A third person added, “Lesbians are violent.” Investigators said the quondam lovebirds have a history of domestic violence. Shakyia set Corneisha’s Mercedes-Benz on fire last year then stalked her for months. Corneisha had just purchased a brand new house and Shakyia was jealous.

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. Jesus said its going to get worse and worse. Sorry but the world is going to keep getting more wicked. REPENT EVERYONE give your life to The Lord God Jesus Christ and change your lives. If you die after you have given your life to the Lord and are living for him “Holy and Santified” you will be in the new world that the Lord has prepared for his followers. When and if you die without Jesus Christ, you are lost. So stop saying RIP, rest in heaven etc that’s a lie. You will not go to heaven if you’ve been living “Unholy” and die in your sins. Shalom!

    Hebrews 12:14 “Without holyness no man will see God”

  2. a man wouldn’t have done all that unless hes bietchmade like come on now lighting her nice car on fire cuz your weirdass can’t accept they moved on

  3. This person had no affection for her children period. Why did she let the Devil back into her and her babies life. Your children should be top priority period. Sad for the beautiful children. 😢

  4. She thought she was a guy, probably took testosterone medication and was a hormonal mess and dumped the clip in a fit of hormonal hypersexual rage.. lock that animal up for life

  5. How did she have a 2 year old son and they been together for 6 years, secondly they seemed to be pretty wealthy, maybe the stud was funding everything, either way its fucked up

  6. I’ve been single for 2 years and counting. No Seggs, no kiss no NOTHING. I’m so afraid the one I think is my love will kill me. I’m good.

  7. Not to mention She Burnt Her house down as Well As Her Car 💔 normalize leaving a relationship without anybody getting hurt this shit getting ridiculous and crazy thing is she killed this woman in front of her son

  8. I’M SORRY, NOT BASHING THE VICTIM HERE BUT . . . . if she can have 2 expensive cars in her driveway, buy a new house in the same area . . . . .
    Sell both vehicles, buy an inconspicuous one, buy/rent/lease another home FARRR AWAYYYYYY and stay off Social Media and hire her OWN SECURITY to let this troll know YOU are not gonna be her FOREVER VICTIM!!!!!!!!

  9. So wait a minute she was bisexual cause she was having kids with a man while in the relationship?

  10. That’s crazy. She tried to kill her a few times and she still let her back in her life. Sad for the kids.

  11. My daughter ex lover ( a stud)… climed through her window and fought her I told her to be very careful with that girl she wanted to be in a relationship so bad with my daughter that it was a shame my daughter kept telling her she didn’t want nothing serious from the beginning but she kept thinking that my daughter was changing when my daughter didn’t she started stalking her in this is just recently I’m gonna show her this and hopefully that she’ll take the proper measures she need to.

  12. It used to be the girls went to college and the boys went to prison now the girls are just as dumb as the boys this generation is straight up crazy !

  13. When Shakia Burned her pink Mercedes & pink Truck! That 🙄 was Definitely A Redflag! When a person shows you who they are PLZ Believe Them! You Never, Ever, get a second Chance!!!

  14. Black women are wiping each other out! Wtf 😮😢whether it’s jealousy, bullying,obsession from scorned lovers, ect it’s insanity going on out here! This woman corneisha and shanquilla Robinson , two beautiful women SMH …… 😢😢😢evil activity going on!

  15. I know these baby daddies be embarrassed when the women that they had children with turns lesbian.

  16. It always be them gay girls they be having childhood wounds no disrespect to the gay but it’s facts

  17. These young girls are weird. How do they think being abused is love? It’s sad that she didn’t put herself and her kids 1st she would still be alive. God bless her babies 😢. I hope the girlfriend gets the death penalty for this one smh.

  18. I done heard more than once that them gay relationships can be dangerous 💯but I know straight relationships can be dangerous too💯

  19. This is sad for so many reasons. Four children have lost their mother and she lost her life. I’ll never understand it because I’m heterosexual, but she’s had four children why didn’t she try to find a man who could be a good father for them. Satan is truly busy and these young people are following him to hell.

  20. We all know it is a mental issue when women try to be men. Thats like a cat trying to be a dog …. Women wake up

  21. Four children no husband not married laying up with another woman all against God and nature God don’t like ugly

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