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Mental Health officer was murdered by jilted Pookie

Renardo killed Wynter & himself/Leah Gordone

Pookie kills girlfriend & himself.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

COLUMBIA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the documentary of 25-year-old Wynter Nicole Straw who was shot dead by her boyfriend, 27-year-old Renardo Johnson, before he blew his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired March 26th around 6 p.m. outside Wynter’s apartment in Columbia, South Carolina. According to multiple reports, Wynter broke up with Renardo — sparking contretemps. As the quarrel intensified, Renardo let his gat explode — killing Wynter instantly. Then Renardo barricaded himself inside the apartment for hours before shooting himself. The miscreant was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries. Wynter was a Mental Health Officer at the South Carolina Department of Corrections. So she should’ve known Renardo was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Wynter’s co-workers were devastated.

“This is a tragedy for all of SCDC,” Director Bryan Stirling told reporters.

“I am lifting her family and her corrections family up in prayer.”

Wynter was a mental health expert trained in dealing with dudes who are non compos mentis.

Yet, she proceeded to copulate with her killer.

Makes no sense.

Social media reaction was melancholic. One commenter wrote, “What sickens me is it’s always pretty women who know they’re pretty ’cause they focus more on TikTok videos and always being half-naked and rolling their hips and sh*t. Not saying women deserve to die. But if they focus more on self-love instead of looking good on social media they’ll be a lot happier.”

Another added, “He didn’t have a pot to piss in, let alone a window to throw it out. Wynter Straw was in love with lust and that man’s d*ck. I say ladies get ya a boring man and you will be happy! The sad part is she worked in the mental illness department.”

Wynter’s mom, Lashon Williams, said she had no idea her daughter was a victim of domestic violence.

“There was no warning signs,” she lamented.

“That’s the hard part about it.”

Wynter and Renardo shared a plethora of TikTok videos portraying themselves at the perfect couple.

But behind closed doors, it was Ike & Tina.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. These Niggas get blessed with good women and kill them 🤦🏿‍♂️

  2. I’m sorry 4 saying but this lady provoked this man into killing her

  3. Why is it the social workers and MH professionals always end up with these psychos and narcs?

  4. Looking at all them Happy couples on tik tic time bomb behind closed doors while I can’t get my man to do things on tic tic time bomb

  5. She must’ve found out something on him. Bad. For him to kill her and kill himself in the process. Smh. Truth please come out.

  6. Sometimes people get too attached with one another not realizing how everyone has a an expiration date in our lives he could have let her live and found love elsewhere eventually and she the same…there was no need for him to end their lives like that…toxic is never good get out ladies while u can domestic violence is real

  7. I bet she cut off his allowance and told him to get himself together or she gonna leave

  8. Its crazy how she was trained to help people with serious mental illnesses and she couldn’t see any wrongs in her man

  9. SMH you never know whats going on behind closed doors. NOBODY should be your couple goals! I use to hate when people said that to me when I was with my ex. I had to quickly remind them that not everything is all peaches and cream. We argued and fuss all the time about petty stuff. We had our issues like everybody else.

  10. Little does Renardo know, he’s going somewhere worse than any prison on this planet, HELL!!!!

  11. All that glitters isnt gold. You never know what goes on behind closed doors.

  12. I gotta say this people are hateful and especially when you accomplish Goals in your own Life and I be watching couples goals across social media and they be taking pictures online and doing Tik-Tok videos and stuff pretending like they happy and got great stuff going. But in reality it ain’t what it all crack up to be and we as Blk Folks has lost our way of keeping everything private when it comes to relationships,marriages and Family Problems. And I’m not saying that you can’t share it with nobody but seek professional counseling. But then if it ain’t meant to be saved then it’s best to go your separate ways and LET IT GO AND MOVE ON. because if you let your emotions take over then you pretty much is setting everything on fire and watching it all burned down to the ground. And the truth is women gotta start asking themselves questions before they make a life changing decision by submitting their lives to insecure narcissistic beta males who don’t have no control over themselves that leads to domestic abuse,gun violence,death all because of jealousy,hatred. And it’s sad to say this is that there is something sad behind a person smile they just don’t want to admit that to anyone and it is also a Big Cry for help to Jesus Christ to come make His Way through as the true answer to all of our solutions but the problem is that with our self reliance mentality is doing us a lot more Harm Than Good Real Talk.

  13. Sounded like a 🍆headed bum. Stewing because she was out succeeding him and wanted to move on

  14. A man better not to try this with me i will fight back and take him out he is a puss putting his hands on a female like he is stupid

  15. This is exactly why i never did the “couple goals” thing. Never base your relationship on what you see in others,hey let you see what they want you to see. Hiding what’s true,no relationship is perfect. Rip

  16. Y’all see all that ass she carrying?? She loves attention and was seeking it from multiple men at once. Every female that dies like this is not an Angel.

  17. 🗣️🗣️🗣️black women please stop dating these ppl. Please wake up. Start dating up and out

  18. Coward couldn’t even shoot himself in the head smh prayers to tel he family

  19. People get on social media and see these videos and think these folks live this way offline also but in all reality it’s the total opposite…we only see what’s shown to us . Everything that glitters isn’t gold. . That is why I live my life in my own lane I never followed the crowd …and if it’s not what it is I’m not going to make it seem like it is ….smh this is so sad …two young ppl playing house.

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