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Pookie shoots baby mama, grandmother and her uncle

Lasonya was shot 11 times/Viral Crimes

Pookie tried to kill everybody. 

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CHICAGO — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the documentary of 24-year-old Lasonya Agee who was shot 11 times by her baby daddy, 27-year-old Larry Sistrunk, because she broke up with him. The sanguinary ordeal transpired on February 21, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. According to multiple reports, Lasonya told Larry she was done — igniting a bout of contretemps. As the quarrel intensified, Larry pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Lasonya 11 times. Then he shot her grandmother and her uncle 8 times. Lasonya’s 3-year-old son witnessed the incident. Realizing he screwed up, Larry went on Facebook Live and cried like a lil bitch. “I threw everything away. Ain’t no coming back from this sh*t,” he ranted. “On my soul, bro. I’m hurt. I’m hurt like a mothaf*cka. I can’t believe I just did it. I don’t know what pushed me to snap like that. I love that woman dearly, bro. I love that lady dearly, bro. It’s over for me.”

The good news is — after being expedited to the hospital — Lasonya, her granny, and uncle all survived. It’s a miracle. “I just thank God I am here,” Lasonya told reporters. “I believe he was trying to kill (everyone) and leave no witnesses.” After getting shot, Lasonya’s son did everything he could to keep her alive. “He was trying to help me,” she recalled. “He said ‘come on mom.’”

Larry eluded police for a while.

But he was eventually arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder.

To call Lasonya’s life a living hell would be a vast understatement.

Larry abused her daily, intentionally wrecked both of her cars, then got her fired from the post office.

Ladies, choose better.

Beta males and simps are polluting the dating pool.

Many of ’em are sexually confused and don’t like women.

Y’all gone f*ck around and catch AIDS.

Watch Larry cry us a river.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. These bitches think that toxic, borderline abusive phase in the relationship is cute until they realize it’s not a phase, it’s an intro.

  2. She was too pretty for dude that’s probably why dude was psycho he was obsessed with her he knew he wouldn’t be able to score another female on her level

  3. I’m so glad all victims survived. I wish them full recovery and healing.

  4. He’s definitely one of the weakest men on earth!🙄thank god everyone survived 🙏🏾

  5. I worked in a DV shelter for years and what I will never understand is why victims are reluctant to come into shelter to keep themselves and their family safe. I helped transitions numerous women out of state with their children without incident

  6. This BM is IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED…OMG what in the heck did she see in this clown 🤡 Hes SCREAMS IGNORANT and Stupid and Insecure..Nothing but 💯TWATboi

  7. These brothas have become sensitive very very sensitive…very sad😢😢😢😢

  8. Where do yall get these names…its damn near lasagna. Anyway r.i.p young lady

  9. Not trying to victim blame but I had to end the friendship with a girl years ago that kept going back to her abuse of boyfriend. I would let her hide out at my house But when she told him where I lived I had to end the friendship with her because she would literally tell him where we were so that he could just talk to her as she put it and got upset because i told her not to tell him where i live smh and of course he started showing up at my house looking for her. The situation always ends with innocent people getting hurt as well. No one thinks about that.

  10. Bro, please tell me this dude’s top front teeth ain’t missing!!!!!

  11. funny asf ppl always saying “y didn’t they LEAVE?”…. because look at what happened when u leave one of these psychos?

  12. Sad shit.. I have too many women to be stressed over one, so its sad to see niggas this caught up with these chicks, when theres so many out here, u trippin off of 1??

  13. 🤦🏿‍♂️I just don’t understand some of these guys out here that will give up “Everything” because that can’t have 1 person 🤯 Whatttttt? My man a super goofy

  14. im glad they all survived … now let him cry all the days of what is left of his life.. his rants on Facebook tells of a narcissist

  15. I think women like her continue to pick the wrong men. How many good productive men you think she turned down?

  16. He knew he was never going to find another chick like that! He ugly AF and insecurity got the best of him

  17. To all the men out there who have brains, Please use them and stay away from toxic women.😂😂😂😂

  18. He’s a malignant narcissistic demon. He tried to kill someone and has the nerve to say they’re going to assassinate his charcter, and on top of that has been abusing his childs mother in addition to firing on her while their son was in the car??? Do the world a favor and take this ninja off the face of the earth.

  19. Cant just take the girl side…he could of been a good man at first and this woman might of put him in a mind state to make him do such a thing…how do you know if she wasnt playing with his mind money and time..a real man that loves you and cares of you in a way that if you do something stupid you might die…woman dont play with a real caring man heart…your playing with your life..

  20. I don’t understand after shooting her 11 times. He had the audacity to say he loves her. Wow! No thank you to that kind of love. HE IS NUTS!!!

  21. “They gon assassinate my character”
    … nigga, kinda like how you assassinated your baby mama?? 🤔
    2 words: Take Accountability

  22. He’s Not a MAN,, BITCH AZZZ NIGGA!! Jail,,, I pray somebody get his AZZZ in there.

  23. I am very sure she seen signs he was abusive and crazy before she had a child by him. Sorry ! I met guys that I just seen how angry they got off small things and I cut them off. And I do background checks . A man never put his hands on me because I see the red flags and I dip out. I have kids so I don’t play them type of games. But I’m so glad she’s ok and everyone else that was harmed

  24. This dude is hot garbage. Big loser big cream puff. You dont hurt your woman and shoot her family this dude has no idea what love is. He even shot up the car with his kid in it. Garbage 🗑

  25. Y’all dis nigga goin to hell talkin bout on his soul. Ruined his life cuz he wouldnt let a woman go wow

  26. Well… If you choose the right type of men and quit creating these pookies the black community would be better off . Get a real man.

  27. What the fuck he was shooting with a bb gun or something???
    But thank God they’re all ok

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