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Simp killed cosmetologist when police officers arrive

Chanell shot dead execution-style/Viral Crimes

Cosmetologist brutally murdered. 

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SACRAMENTO — Damn, western popsies are droppin’ like flies. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 23-year-old Chanell Brown who was shot execution-style by her boyfriend, 25-year-old Earnest Easterling, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired outside their apartment around midnight on October 27, 2019 in Sacramento, California. According to police reports, Earnest crashed his car into a tree after having contretemps with Chanell. Then he brandished a gun and started beating her, blaming her for the accident. The entire ordeal was captured on video. Neighbors called 911 then rushed to Chanell’s aid. “You got the police called on me, I didn’t do sh*t,” Earnest yelled. Chanell implored spectators to return home. “Lock your door,” she told ’em. “Lock it!” Seconds later, Sheriff deputies arrived and Chanell put her hands up in an attempt to protect her boyfriend. Rather than express gratitude, Earnest shot Chanell multiple times at point-blank range.

Deputies returned a barrage of bullets, killing Earnest.

Chanell’s family knew she was a victim of domestic violence. But they couldn’t do sh*t about it. “She had distanced herself from family,” sister Kevonna Brown told reporters. “She moved away.” Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “The way I look at it, it’s always the woman’s fault for domestic violence, cause y’all start it by getting with crazy-ass men to begin with. Y’all like drama and live in a fantasy world. And the majority of the time, y’all end up dead. It is what it is. On to the next one.”

Another viewer added, “She was too pretty for him.”

Chanell was an entrepreneur with her own cosmetics line.

Earnest once served in the military but he’s been a bum ever since.

His own family gave up on him.

Chanell stayed with the simp, believing she could change him.

Watch the documentary and disturbing footage of the incident.

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  1. The caller said that a MALE was waving a gun at a FEMALE… why did the arriving officers tell HER to put HER hands up ?????? Don’t they listen ???!!!

  2. All those people out there letting the dude hit on her! He wouldve had a bat to his head!

  3. What a sick man, smdh, she even tried protecting people. Please dont let a partner isolate you from family and friends, thats a huge sign that they are NO GOOD.

  4. I bet so many nice guys threw themselves at her, but she wanted the “bad boy.”

  5. I feel like she should have ran towards the cops I know she would have survived

  6. This is Not Love At all Its Control and Abuse He Had No Control Over himself He Murdered his Girlfriend over Crashing his Vehicle??😢 Something that could have been Repaired He even Forfieted his Own Life😮

  7. He was a monster 🤷🏾‍♀️ and the deputies took out the trash. My heart bleeds for this girl, we’re the same age and I couldn’t imagine living my last moments like that 😭

  8. Every time I see one of these stories I just bow my head because this could have been me I was in an abusive relationship in my 20s and was threatened with a gun many times …. I was with him for 5 years had to put him in jail many times …. He ended up being killed himself and I just thank God because I got to live im 41 now … If you’re in an abusive relationship and read this comment get out….. Love does not come with abuse it does not hurt you and the affects of an abusive relationship stays with you forever.. Please find the strength to get out of it ..

  9. Ladies, please do not try to fix a man same with men do not try to change a woman. If you begin to threaten to leave go away don’t cause more problems and always watch your back

  10. What a sorry excuse of a man . Glad he’s gone…less trash on earth. I hope that beautiful young lady rest in peace.

  11. Who are raising these angry coward ass boys? Where are their fathers to teach them to be a man?!!! Ladies you cannot save these men and protect them. Leave these men at the first sign of violence. They show you they don’t care about you by being violent in the first place

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