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Single mother fatally shot while defending her 4 kids

Malinda died protecting her kids/American Crime

Drunken Pookie kills mom of 4. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MOBILE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. “Viral Crimes” released the murder documentary of 30-year-old Malinda Robertson who was shot dead by her simpin’ baby daddy, 37-year-old Milton Farris, because she prevented him from abusing her daughter. The femicide transpired at Townhouse Square Apartments, in front of Malinda’s 4 kids, on August 7, 2023 in Mobile, Alabama. According to police reports, an inebriated Milton tried to attack the little girl — sparking a heated dispute with Malinda. As the quarrel intensified, Milton pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Malinda multiple times. The bloodied single mom staggered out the front door of her apartment and collapsed. One of the kids called 911. When officers arrived, they found Malinda sprawled out on the ground in front of her complex. She was pronounced dead at the scene. “I just want everybody to know that she did die protecting her daughter,” said Daisy Drinkard, Malinda’s sister.

“She gave her life to protect her kids.”

Milton evaded police. But he was arrested the next day at his job when he arrived to pick up his paycheck. Dummy should’ve had direct deposit. “I’m sorry. Sorry to the family. Sorry to my children,” a handcuffed Milton told reporters as he was being escorted to jail. “I did something that should’ve never have happened. I wasn’t on drugs. I was under the influence of alcohol… the gun accidentally went off. I promise it did. It was no intention of me trying to hurt her… I wish I could take it back.”

What’s sad is Milton has a lengthy criminal history of domestic violence that Malinda knew about.

But she chose to overlook his past because she was so desperate to have a man.

They were together five years.

Milton is the father of Malinda’s youngest kid.

The other three children are from previous relationships.

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, This man can’t even talk, and this is the type of men these woman pick to be around their kids. 😢”

Another chimed in with, “He’s gross! He couldn’t even sniff my fart. My condolences to her family!”

A third viewer added, “This simping, drug-addicted dummy went to work the next day to pick up his check so he could go on the run. Ladies, please pay attention to the signs. This dude looks like a crazy person. Heartbreaking for this young woman, just so sorry for her children and family.”

Malinda tried to break up with Milton.

But she feared for her safety.

He abused her daily.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. these women will not leave the pookies alone…and everyone else pays..your kids should be your life after you and God, i left after the 1st hit, he choked me with a phone cord in the 80s..the first and last time he put his hands on me !!

  2. Women raise your standard in men. I will never understand why women want men with criminal and violent history, no education and putting your children in the middle. We don’t always know their past, but now we have the ability to find out, before getting involved. Want more for yourself and your children!!

  3. You wont hear someone killed someone under the influence of Marijuana!! That alcohol is lethal. Make it make sense.

  4. Please young black brothers protect yourself from having unwanted babies. These women know black men are not marrying black women. All they want from you is a baby to fuck up your life man. (Child Support, Welfare, Section 8) this what they want.

  5. Black women stay away from black males and get prepared to defend yourself against them. Defend yourself.

  6. Literally why are you brandishing a weapon while under the influence with children in the house??!! Smh


  8. I believe he’s sorry 😢for killing her. Forgive as God has forgiven our SIN!!

  9. No she didn’t die protecting her kids. As sad as this is she didn’t seem to protect them in life. Government housing, multiple baby fathers and a live in criminal Jamarquavious… doesn’t sound Ike protection to me🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. If you can’t make a ho into a housewife, you def can’t take a con and call him hon.

  11. “I’m sorry to my churren🤦🏾‍♂️” Lord the brother speaks like slavery just ended a week ago! Damn, Milton hella slow.

  12. If she got fake hair, fake eyelashes,fake nails ,
    She is definitely fake, devil’s wear blonde hair
    Stay away from these types of demons.

  13. Pookie strikes again! Damn pookie is taking you black women out everyday. Oh well. My passport arrives soon 😂. Pookie can have you hoes

  14. its sad, all these comments blaming her for her own death, really, hell until you end up in a situation where you are terrified to leave you cant speak on her choices, its no ones place to judge this young women choices but God, May God bless her kids and family my condolences…

  15. If bw don’t take convicted felons, that leaves 80% of bm. Let them be!

  16. I think it’s just too obvious if he had a gun in his hand whether he said he was holding it or cleaning it or whatever then he was definitely threatening her with it because he was holding a gun while drinking during an argument. Of course he was threatening her with it if it went off by accident he still played it out in his head before it happened. He’s not even crying acting like he sorry or even had any love for her. He’s just in defense mode…
    all he’s worried about is the charge not what he did.

  17. This the stupidest nigga I ever seen. I know it’s slim pickins for women but dam…… she couldve did better than this.

  18. Women habitually choose the wrong men, every narrative in all of these stories is that these women are kind-hearted and overlooked these dudes past. When are women going to be held accountable for choosing the worst men available? 9 out of 10 of these stories are the same! Women choose the worst men and not only that, have the nerve to have kids with these dudes. Smdh

  19. When y’all WOMEN gonna learn that you can’t change no man! You see the red flags way before! I pray to GOD that those babies get therapy. 💐 😢🙏🏾

  20. Why in the world is she having all them kids out of wedlock make it make sense.

  21. I feel Sorry for her children who at Such an early AGE had to endure having this CRIMINAL AROUND and Close to them simply because their mother couldn’t be DIGNIFIED ENOUGH to Stay Single without S*x. We all know that Good “Men” don’t Exist Anymore; So it’s Best to Stay Single; then to settle for whatever Scum Crawls on this Earth.

  22. I’m so glad people in the comments section is seeing the dysfunction and calling it out. This dude had a history of Domestic violence and she invited this demon into her life

  23. What did she think would happen? She willingly chose to participate in her own demise knowing his background! Stop making excuses for the decisions of fully grown adult women!

  24. There was no other outcome for her with this pathetic loser. He could barely even form a coherent sentence. He was a career criminal. He was abusive. “I’m sorry to my churrun,” he claims after the fact. He absolutely meant to do what he did. He wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, he was under the influence of Satan. One of the sisters said she died protecting her children, but the only way she could have REALLY protected her children, was by not getting involved with that POS in the first place.

  25. Ladies if you want to live a long life.. DONT DATE, MARRY OR HAVE CHILDREN WITH BLACK FATHERLESS MEN!!!

  26. The hypocrisy of these women continues to shine. Deliberately put themselves in danger and then surprised when things go south.

  27. He pointed that gun straight at her face and pulled the trigger right in front of her 4 children! Her sisters said she died protecting her daughter! So that means he was in that home doing something to her daughter! And got mad at the mom for going off on him about it and killed her! I hope her daughter don’t blame herself for this 😢

  28. At what point is it going to be enough? BW are literally choosing from the pool of available BM degenerates. The victims are willingly disregarding the violent pasts of these demons and instead thinking they’re going to get the ‘good’ BM. All of these femicide stories are sounding the same, BW choosing what they perceived to be ‘black love’ over their own personal safety and their children.

  29. where yall are phucking up at is where youre teaching your daughters that just because he did it to another woman doesnt mean hes going to do it to her. and youre essentially sending your daughters to the slaughter houses teaching them that bullschit.

  30. She was a criminal herself. Arrested for stealing and lying about her son being abducted and wasting the cops time with an amber alert. She was trash.

  31. Trust he been thinking of taking Melinda out. He’s only sorry out of guilt!

  32. If You can Google, Where to get Vlrgin Hair, Ugh boots, Loius Vaton , Nike jumpsuits. YOU can google DOMESTIC VIOLENCE……..I helped and harbored a GF a week ago even called The HOTLINE for EMERGENGY SHELTER, helped her get THE G.. out of The house her ABUSER was THREATENING to OFF her with, what did she do GO BACK and POINT SEVEN FINGERS at ME, ALMOST got me in a NUCLEAR WAR, LOVED her KIDS!? I might have been INFATUATED with a FOOLISH Man but around MY CHILDREN was H… NO-GOODNIGHT and GOODLUCK.

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