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Pookie rapes college girl before choking her dead

Alexis was raped and strangled/YouTube

Clark student was strangled. 

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ATLANTA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Barron Brantley was thrown in the slammer after he murdered Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford because she turned him in for rape. Alexis’ roommate and BFF, Jordyn Jones, was incarcerated too. The femicide transpired at their off-campus apartment on November 8, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Barron was Jordyn’s boyfriend. So his lazy ass was always at the apartment. One day, while hangin’ out, Barron was left alone with Alexis. He must’ve slipped her a Mickey because the criminal justice major became groggy and blacked out. Barron proceeded to rape Alexis, 21, in the bathroom before dragging her to bed. The next day, Alexis woke up and realized something was wrong. So she paid a visit to Grady Memorial Hospital for a rape kit and, lo and behold, she was sexually assaulted.

Alexis reported the crime to police, pissing-off Jordyn in the process. A bout of fisticuffs ensued a few days later. During the fight, Barron jumped out of nowhere and strangled Alexis. Jordyn grabbed a trash bag and put it over her head until she was asphyxiated. Then the Bonnie & Clyde wannabes put Alexis’ cadaver in a plastic bin, drove it to a wooded area, and dumped it like trash.

Barron and Jordyn were eventually arrested and charged with murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and concealing a death. “Ms. Jones was an active part of the murder of Ms. Crawford, helped clean the apartment, and helped stuff Ms. Crawford into a large Rubbermaid bin used for storage or packing things,” Fulton County Deputy District Attorney Adam Abbate told the judge.

“They put the bin in a vehicle and left her body in the bin in Exchange Park. After the death or murder of Ms. Crawford, (Jones) continued to text Ms. Crawford’s phone, knowing that her and the defendant had turned the phone off, asking Ms. Crawford where she was like she was worried.”


With frenemies like Jordyn, who needs enemies.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. My son is heading off to college while begging me to allow him to share an apartment with his friend off campus. Like hell he will. Prayers and justice to this young woman’s family. Truly heartbreaking.

  2. It’s crazy how some women choose a predator over everything. Give up their entire lives over a worthless predator that would do it again. Jordan probably was jealous of Alexis after that because her nasty man wanted her. She’s disgusting and should be ashamed of herself. They both should get the whole book thrown at them cuz she’s just as bad as him. I wish she would’ve went home to her parents. Rest in Paradise beautiful Alexis 🙏🏿♥️🕊️

  3. That was not her best friend that was her ENEMY! A very jealous human being

  4. 😢so fuckin sad; Lord have mercy on this young lady’s family.. one of my biggest fears of me knowing my kids so called friends could be their killer while smiling in my face laying around our home

  5. If ever in this situation MOVE! Dont stay in the same place because these demons will do almost anything to keep u quiet, this dude sounds like a bum who needed a place to stay, im sure Jordan is a victim too that was too weak or afraid of him so she did whatever he said, seemed like such a lovely young lady, prayers for her and her family

  6. With friends like this who NEEDS enemies?!? 🫢
    “This is unbelievable!!!” 🤯 There’s no way that she was so 🍆 “SPRUNG” on her boyfriend that after he “cheated on her with her friend/roommate” and “denied it to her face” she still “continued dating him!!!” 🙄 But the “worse part” is that he was still “allowed in the apartment” after what he did to her! It’s clear to me that she’s “really low-key JEALOUS of her!!!” 😰

  7. Jordan and Baron are two pieces of shit individuals. Killed that young lady over nothing and it seemed like an extreme amount of Jealousy.

  8. She should have immediately gone home after the attack. Parents make sure your kids feel they can tell you anything. Make sure they can come home if in any trouble.

  9. Once she was assaulted, her family should of immediately move her out. That Apartment when knowing her friend didn’t break up with her boyfriend.

  10. She protected a rapist on top of all this why her mama ain’t pull up and make her babe leave Jordan DIDNT even have her back when she was assaulted I can’t believe baby girl ain’t peep that BS I WOULD HAVE BEEN OUT THAT BISH

  11. People do the most crazy, unspeakable things. A whole mess. I call jealousy and anger towards Alexis because her nasty a%% boyfriend can’t keep his hands to himself.

  12. What the hell was wrong with that cow Jordan 🤬🤬 hasn’t she ever heard of hoes before bro’s 🤬🤬

  13. This is why men centered women are SO dangerous!! Idc!! How can you not have your friends back in this situation like how????? Evil!!😮

  14. I wonder why she just didnt put school on hold and GO HOME until this mess was worked through.She had absolutely NO BUSINESS continuing yo LIVE there….

  15. This is fucked up. I’m glad I don’t have a close friendship. I’m thankful to not have a bff.

  16. There goes that “Friend ” word again! I keep saying this, but people we use that “Friend ” word to loosely! Everyone that we call ” Friend ” in fact are our Frenemies! REST WELL 😇

  17. Alexis did the right thing going to the police and hospital. I just wish she left the apt.

  18. This a damn shame. A wannabe Mrs.Loomis and Mickey Altierre. Just destroyed someone’s life for absolutely no reason at all.

  19. Alexis was living among two demonic spirts,Jordan should have been angry that her boyfriend violated her friend not constantly keep him around.,Bad company corrupts good morals…Rest Easy Alexis :

  20. Jordyn became a red flag the moment she got mad at Alexis when she said she was pressing charges against her boyfriend for violating her. This is such a sad story Rest easy Alexis

  21. Alexis was literally sleeping with the enemy In the same home, there is no way I would of entertain that ninja after what he did to my friend. When I was in college my friends and I moved off campus and got our own place. One of my roomies had a bf, one morning as I was showering preparing to go to class, I discovered my roomies bf was hiding under my bed watching me, I yelled out to my other roomies hearing me scream they both came to my rescue we all dragged him from under my bed and we all beat him up and threw him out the door. My roomie never dealt with that ninja again. Not condoning violence of any sort, but that’s how a “real friend” would do. Jordan was never Alexis friend, she was the enemy. Rip Alexisthank you for sharing

  22. This is why I have no friends and stay to myself. Don’t get it twisted, I have no issues socializing but its safer to keep people at arms length. The rage carried out in this murder didn’t magically appear, that woman was jealous of her and never liked her. Keep yourself and your female family members safe.

  23. Now he has no Girlfriend, them boys gonna love passing him around.. Bottoms up

  24. Sad that she wasn’t even safe in her own home due to her disloyal ass “friend”.

  25. i wanna thank the single, black , negro female that gave birth to this BASTARD ……………………………you should be proud mama

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