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Teen kills preggo girlfriend, claiming the kid wasn’t his

De’Shayla killed while 20 weeks pregnant/Twisted Crimes

Teen deletes two females. 

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ORLANDO — Mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe? Lorenzo Michael Larry, 17, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his gravid girlfriend, 16-year-old De’Shayla Sanaa Ferguson, because he wasn’t sure he was the father. The femicide transpired outside De’Shayla’s residence on October 24, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. According to police reports, Lorenzo and De’Shayla had contretemps after he questioned the paternity of their unborn child. As the quarrel intensified, Lorenzo slapped De’Shayla in the countenance before pulling out a gun and opening fire — striking her in the head. A neighbor heard the gunshot and rushed outside to see what was going on. That’s when Lorenzo’s sister told her, “Lorenzo just shot his baby mama!” When officers arrived, they found De’Shayla sprawled out on the ground next to a vehicle.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Larry was arrested and charged with murder.

What’s sad is he should’ve already been behind bars.

In December 2021, Larry smoked 23-year-old Jemile Pittman. Her cadaver was found inside a car with a gunshot wound to the head. “He admitted to shooting Jemile but claimed it was self-defense, although he fled the scene, disposed of a gun and fled to another state,” Orange County Sheriff John Mina told reporters. “So in those cases where the suspect claims self-defense, we work closely with our state attorney’s office. We give them our investigative report for them to review so they can make a determination on that case. That was done back in July, and the state attorney’s office has not made a determination in that case as of yet.”

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “How was he still on the streets after killing the first female? This is crazy.”

Another person added, “They were both kids and allowed to sleep around by wacko parents.”

De’Shayla, who was 20 weeks preggo, celebrated her birthday four days prior.

Lorenzo told investigators he tried to scare her with the gun, and it accidentally went off.

Watch him try to explain what happened.

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  1. I wouldn’t want to see my mom on social media shaking that ass and I wouldn’t want to be her homegirl doing it with her. The moms these days r def off and the fathers are missing. Everyone needs to be accountable..

  2. I was 20 in college and was not even allowed to date!
    my parents were very old fASHIONED
    BUT U ARE 16….and u what?
    like motha like dotta/……its in the bible. u wanna make that child be like U when u were young. why? if a 16 year old can have a boyfriend………….what kinda motha are U?

  3. Another BLACK teen pregnant, with no means to house, feed or educate a child.

  4. Yeah and I accidentally went into a bank with a gun and ordered the teller for all the money.

  5. I guess you will find out if a man really love you just tell him you are pregnant.

  6. WHY is this case not in mainstream media?! Black victims just don’t get media attention no matter how much they should.

  7. This is MF ridiculous, how are these dudes throwing their life away on stupid shit. He was 17 nothing is that serious to take a life at 17 (outside extreme circumstances)

  8. The “justice” system is partly responsible for the death of De’Shayla Ferguson
    He was arrested several times between the murders had they done their jobs and at least charged him with unlawful possession of a firearm by prohibited persons sentenced him appropriately the young girl would not have been pregnant (by him) or dead
    His mother and whomever else he told he was not right in the head and begged for help and the doctors in the facility he was admitted to when he was younger are on the hook for all of this mess to
    They left an unmedicated/untreated/unsupervised mentally disturbed maniac to roam the streets
    He said he was not right mentally and no one listened

  9. These Youngins going to realize one day that it’s not a game and they will be spending the rest of their natural born lives behind bars..

  10. Talking about he a juvenile…..Boi you going with the grown folks…️

  11. The bible says wait until after marriage. Satan has legal grounds to attack when we break God’s hedge of protection. Stop having sex with these demon possessed people.

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