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‘Honk For Jesus’ is insane

‘Honk For Jesus’ is insane/Peacock

‘Honk For Jesus’ off the chain.

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HOLLYWOOD — Headed to church which is ironic because last night yours truly descried the dark satirical mockumentary “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul” and, for the first time ever, I’m not sure what rating to give. I’m serious. Don’t know what to say. It’s not a bad movie. Hell, it’s probably decent. Just not sure that’s a good thing. Anyway, here’s my précis: As first lady of their forsaken megachurch, Trinitie Childs (Regina Hall) does the best she can to succor her gay, adulterous, avaricious husband — Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown) — in their attempt to rebuild the congregation after their parishioners effectuated a mass exodus in response to Pastor Childs enjoying homosexual copulation with a handful of young boys (à la Bishop Eddie Long). Pastor Childs settled his sexual misconduct lawsuits. But his name is forever besmirched. Can’t blame congregants for walking out. To compound matters, Pastor Childs often bragged mid-sermon about swindling churchgoers to fund his mansion, private jet and other pecuniary resources. He also expended some of that mazuma on his harem of fudge-packers; secretly buying ’em cars, apparel and all kinds of flamboyant sh*t.

Pastor Childs was such a homo, he routinely coaxed Trinitie into sticking her finger up his derrière during sex and his positional proclivity for doggystyle should’ve raised all sorts of red flags. Oh, there’s more. Pastor Childs stripped naked in front of church members. He touched an underage girl on the forehead, causing her to temporarily black out. Then, after egressing church, Pastor Childs jumped into one of his luxury sports cars and proceeded to blast profanity-laced gangsta rap music.

Speaking of profanity… Pastor Childs and Trinitie cussed out churchgoers on the regular and expletives were an integral part of their normal, everyday speech. “F*ck you!” Trinitie told a quondam parishioner who refused to recommit and/or tithe (à la Kansas City Pastor Carlton Funderburke).

Amid heightened pressure to lure back members, a desperate Trinitie stood on the street corner (alongside an effigy of a Black Jesus) holding up a gigantic sign that read: “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.” She even did it in white face to garner attention but it didn’t work. Then, as the proverbial cherry on top… Towards the film’s cessation, when asked “why don’t you just leave” your husband, a ride-or-die Trinitie retorted she’d rather “kill him” than file for divorce. Lord have mercy.

Again, not sure what score to assign.

Depending on your taste, ‘Honk For Jesus’ is either zero popcorn bags or a perfect 5 out of 5.

Written and directed by Adamma Ebo, there’s never been a church movie like this; it’s totally unprecedented.

Unfortunately, I believe everything I saw relative to rapacity and spiritual abuse within the House of God.

Makes you wonder if we should stay home for church service going forward.

Blog King’s Rating: 2 out of 5 popcorn bags

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  1. I think the pastor being so over the top atrocious brought home that climactic question Anita asked first lady: “Why don’t you just leave?” If she did she could single handedly end her own suffering, the suffering of those in the church (esp boys), and the suffering of those in the community because of the scandal at the church. But that fame and money are addictive. Love of money surely is the root of all kinds of evil.

  2. It was satirical but I didn’t see it as a comedy. When a pastor sexually abuses his young members, it’s not going to be funny. I thought that it was a profound look at megachurches, the prosperity gospel and the black church of the 21st century.

  3. You summed this movie up perfectly for me. I did not like Sterling’s character at all. I turned it off and thought to myself I should give it a chance and see ho it ends. It didn’t do any better and I was very disappointed. I have been in church for over 50 years, am a musician and have seen a lot of stuff. We are all human, but his character was way too much for me. People have fallen away from going to church and after seeing this movie it will be even worst, basically because we focus on the wrong things.

  4. It was a misfire to market this movie as a comedy. At most it has dark humor but it is definitely a drama. I think it’s masterful that they allowed us to understand things through subtext, since the characters were never going to be truly honest with themselves. The one time we got true vulnerability was with Trinitie’s mental breakdown.

  5. I was totally confused and bored with this movie. None of the characters were interesting nor was I engaged with a any of them glad I watched on Peacock and didn’t pay for this. Save your money this wasn’t good

  6. I tried to like this movie, I really did but as I am not familiar with black worship and organized religion in general, I just didn’t enjoy it. Regina Hall was the saving grace here and the fact that her husband didn’t listen to her just bothered me. The scene where he couldn’t perform in bed was sooooo telling about his true character. In the pulpit, he was all about being a carnival barker and showed no verbal acknowledgement of his supposed victims. he spoke in “preacher speak” throughout the movie, saying many words but nothing at the same time. Sterling K. Brown’s character did not seem sorry for anything. The sidewalk scenes made me cringe, making both husband and wife looking like fools. I would never give my attention to people dancing around on the roadside. I also think the road was too busy for what they were trying to achieve. I wanted to like this movie but think it was a waste of talent.

  7. I hated it from start to finish. It was horrible. I grew up in church and I hate that this is the perception that people who may not have grown up in the church will get. It’s mockery. It’s the dark side of mega churches and while we know that some of this exists it just wasn’t good. I love Regina Hall as an actress and she actually did a great job with her portrayal but the script itself was just bland.

  8. Really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was very interesting it seemed like he was going to start back messing with men. Her mom telling her to stay and when he wanted her to go down on him her face said it all. She was struggling with staying and I could see it on her face. The acting was superb. I felt sorry for her also…I have seen it happen in person with my parents. The wardrobe was on point, I did not laugh in this movie.

  9. I thought the movie was shocking and that was the point. It was more of a dramody and not meant to be funny in a haha way but a ‘omg’ way

  10. I liked the movie. Main stars, very good acting. Kept my interest. The ending was yucky tho.

  11. I just watched it yesterday. It was definitely satire/mockumentary which I love. I love this genre in general. This film isn’t going to be for everybody because I think there are still people who don’t understand the purpose of satire/mockumentary. There was a lot going on in this film. It addressed a lot of things. I enjoyed it, but did wish there was more comedy. It was more sad to me than anything. I thought it would be more of a balance with the sad and comedy and it didn’t do that. Yet, I did like it very much. If I gave it a score it would be 7.5 outta 10.

  12. I liked it. It was comical at times. I really liked that they tackled several Taboos in The church; Cheating on your spouse, homosexuality, the spectacle of mega churches, and the struggles of being a first Lady.

    It was better than I thought it would be. Regina was acccccting. Sterling was awesome too.

  13. Excellent Movie
    It’s essentially an indie film , far reaching insight into the nature of our civilization,
    Requires some thinking to understand,
    Read Shakespeare,.

  14. This movie was great lol. The perfect mirror for the “black church” to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Not all black church though.

  15. After watching this movie honestly it was A LOT, I did feel like because it was a mockumentary about a black church it’s gonna run a lot ppl the wrong way, no lie some part was hard for me to watch because of element of religion being played with BUT if you take out your own personal feelings about church and see it what was it worth it’s a pretty decent movie….. I think we were supposed to hate Sterling K Brown’s character in contrast to Regina Hall’s character

  16. I watched about 30 minutes. And I gave it a real chance because I love Regina Hall and the guy that plays her husband is such a good actor but I feel like it was real surface like. But the more I understand it was a comedy and I didn’t laugh makes me even more disappointed. Not sure where the movie was going. It seems like it stayed stagnant to me. I mean I’m a church girl and Im here for the satire but I just couldn’t get through it. Maybe I’ll go back and finish it. Seems like the meat of the movie was taking too long to get to.

  17. My rating is a 5/10 I felt like they didn’t use sterling like they could have

  18. I see many religions in this film. I’m quite sure Sterling Brown’s character is not representing specific pastors. Unfortunately, there’s much truth in this movie. I was expecting something different but these realities are not surprising.

  19. Total rubbish, don’t waste your time watching it. Not funny, not entertaining, not worth even 1 popcorn bag

  20. As a pastors kid, I thought it was disappointing. They could’ve done so much with exploring the actual world of church politics, and all the power struggles and political maneuvering that go on in churches. I perked up at the scene of the pastor getting angry talking about the deacon board. But they never address them again.

    Instead, they just focused on the scandal, lifestyle trappings, and all the surface level stuff. Huge missed opportunity.

  21. OK I’m gonna give you the low down in the rear review of this movie here cause these people to think this movie is all worth it and shit must have been smoking weed or drunk or whatever man cause they don’t know a good movie I could take a shit in the toilet and film it for an hour and a 1/2 and 2 movie 2 hours and I’ll be a better movie than this a second we’re the nest it’s saying I’m so fucking bad RIP Regina hall’s career because aint nobody gonna want her in a movie ever again she killed her career making this fucking movie this movie is not gonna make a penny at the theater because everybody’s gonna want their damn money back is saying it’s such a piece of shit movie everybody needs to go out there and tell the theaters to remove this shit from the theater Just like they did when salad and I deadly night came out everybody was boycott the theaters because Santa Claus was a killer everybody needs to boycott this fucking movie because it’s a waste of fucking money in what it’s like 15 bucks now to see a damn show any worth your fucking money you want to throw 15 bucks away give it to me

  22. Terribleeeeeeeee film . My expectations were low to begin but after watching it nothing was funny about it. It was sad to see how Triniti dedicated her life to this man. It was almost sickening

  23. He was getting the men the way he was because he was seducing young men who looked up to him. He was tricking on his church members. The sex scene was obvious. I knew exactly what it was when she asked for it the NORMAL way

  24. It was just awful, most of those things are going on in churches today. Why would they put something like that in a movie?

  25. As a Christian, I was taken aback. It really depicts how some people who say they are called to preach, operates on their own agenda. They use God’s name to get to people, get things, money etc., and NOTHING about God! The movie can really teach someone how you can be so Easily Misled!!

  26. The statement he made, “I saved myself!” was so powerful and telling. He was narcissistic and she was his enabler. I feel like she thought and maybe was taught to stand by your man no matter what. Plus she was doing “the Christian” right thing in her mind. He took advantage of that. He showed that a lot especially in the bedroom scene. He made it about his need or pleasure and not hers.

    He never stopped his abuse. That was seen in his advancement towards of the crew member. There is so much that can be said about this film.

  27. I couldn’t understand the point of the movie: was it about the church’s persecution of homosexuality, was it about human fallibility, was it about spirituality of faith, was it about the struggles of marriages, was it about something else? It seemed like the movie had a lot to say without forming a coherent point

  28. I thought Honk for Jesus Save Your Soul was a very good dramedy. I thought there were many truths being told throughout and the acting was STELLAR. Regina Hall DESERVES far more award recognition. She is a NATURAL! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. I loved this movie. It did exactly what it was supposed to…you laughed at first, then you were shocked as you learned more about what had happened and then you were upset and sad towards the end. Sterling K. Brown knocked it out of the park. As crazy as his character was, he was still able to show different sides of himself. If you hated his character then he did his job.. Regina Hall needs all kinds of awards for her performance. Her last two scenes of the movies were just awesome. I can see how folks wouldn’t like it, but I truly enjoyed it and plan on watching it several times because it just has so many layers to pull back.

  30. Monkeypaw productions? Did ya’ll miss that? When Jordan P. Backs it there’s gonna be messages within. Homosexuality, The white face i.e. black face, Mega Millions in the church, Folk running to toss cash at these catz, scandals, infidelity, Using God as a tool to gain wealth, so much more I can add. The best part “Black Jesus” wept in the beginning, and in the end at his people. Deep!!

  31. 4 days ago
    The church is officially done smh a church movie rated R smh 🤦

  32. I think they tried not to go so far that they got sued. This was definitely the Eddie Long story mid 2000s.

  33. This movie is too real and I’m loving it.
    I was raised in church and this hit home. I feel like it’s based loosely on Eddie long

  34. Regina Hall gave an absolutely genuine surreal performance. She deserves an Academy Award nomination.

  35. Started the move expecting a comedy, got something way different. Hits the nail on the head about the problems in many black churches (probably even the white and other churches too). Being in my late 30s, I can’t think of anyone my age who attend church like many of us did as children. Many aren’t raising their children in the church. We remember the scandals, hypocrisy, financial abuse, etc. and we want no part of it. However, I do think that the model of the church with the husband and wife co-pastors is a step forward.

  36. The over all theme I felt was about hypocrisy in the church and explotation of religion for monetary gain. But also I picked up on so much more…
    To me, I felt everything was going wrong for this couple because their heart was not truly in it for the Lord, for the furthering of the kingdom. Their words may say so, but their actions suggest otherwise. Why is he unfulfilled in the bedroom? Seeking satisfaction else where? Because he is not truly submitting to Christ and welcoming Him into his marriage. He is not loving his wife unconditionally and as Christ loves the church. He makes so many comments that bring her down. She is not respecting her husband as the head of their family, she desires to have the same status as him. Christ is not truly in the middle of their marriage.
    They are trying to build their church back up for all the wrong reasons. They are driven by their ego and are constantly thinking that it is all up to them and that THEY can make their church grow again.
    Sorry to break it to you, but that is up to God.
    And the irony of the other church opening their new location the weekend before Easter was brilliant. That couple even mentions how they “prayed to the Lord” about letting the Childs have Easter weekend and felt it was the right thing to do. Hah, God is always a step ahead.
    There was moments I was really hoping that we would get true redemption for our main characters. They had moments where you could tell their soul was thristing for God. But ultimately it seemed their sinful nature stayed in the spotlight.
    So much else I picked up… not sure my interpretation is completely what they intended… but I found it to be very thought provoking and convicting.
    We need to be praying for our church’s and our pastors. Praying for our congregations… that we all have our heart in the right place and our eyes truly set on God. That we walk closely with Him, constantly seek Him and what He intends for our lives. That we keep Him in all we do so that we may further the kingdom.
    God Bless. 💜

  37. They love mocking God, Jesus, and the church. I could never understand why folks love making movies about the church. In the end we will see who will be laughing on judgement day. Make movies on everything else, but don’t involve my God in your foolishness. This is hyprocrisy. No CAP

  38. Love love love Regina Hall..but I could only watch the movie for a few minutes, it’s bad

  39. Regina Hall is one of the finest, funniest and sexiest actresses out there. But this movie sucked sooooo bad. Not funny at all.

  40. This is blasphemy. we are in end times. This is plain wrong.. EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT TO THE LORD WHEN WE ALL DIE. REPENT!!!

  41. There were too many moving parts and not enough layers. We’ve got mimes, documentation, exploited victims, a fake marriage, a narcissist…or two (who knows) and then these weird “followers” (what’s their story?). Everything was a mile wide and an inch deep. Then it was cringy. Whether you’re apart of the christian community, gay community, religious community or just enjoy satire– it was just lost in my opinion. I felt confused and dirty at the end lol!

  42. As a black ex-Christian, this movie was made for those of us who left the church and are tired of justifying why we left

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