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Fidel murder documentary reveals sanguinary details

Fidel Lopez lost his mind/YouTube

Fidel Lopez straight snapped.

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SUNRISE — The Law & Crime Network released the Fidel Lopez documentary and it’s disturbing as hell. Fidel murdered his girlfriend — Maria Nemeth — on September 20, 2015 after she called out her ex-husband’s name twice during copulation. The femicide transpired inside their Colonnade apartment in Sunrise, Florida. After taking Maria’s life, an inebriated Fidel called 911. When police arrived, they found him crying next to Maria’s disemboweled corpse. Investigators later discovered body tissue in the closet and the walls and floor were splotched with blood. The walls were also bashed in and the sliding door was shattered — indicating clear signs of a struggle. After guzzling half a bottle of Tequila, Fidel did the unfathomable. The sadistic Cuban used a broken beer bottle to lacerate Maria’s abdomen, then stuck his arm up her vulva and ripped her intestines out. It was arguably the most sanguinary crime scene ever.

During interrogation, Fidel told detectives: “She called me the name of the other f*cking guy. And she said it twice, and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him. At that point, I get mad. I get really, really mad. If I was sober, maybe I would have just left the apartment. But I was drunk.” Fidel pleaded guilty to murder to elude the death penalty. He was sentenced to life without parole.

“Mr. Lopez was very remorseful and as evidenced by what he did today,” defense attorney Gabe Ermine told reporters. “He took full responsibility, accepts full responsibility, and decided to accept the plea, which is life.”

Fidel also spoke.

He thanked the judge and apologized to Maria’s family.

“I am happy to fulfill this conviction,” he said.

“I know that what I did has to be paid and I agree. I will pay for the life I took. To Maria’s family, I ask forgiveness.”

Moral of the story: Don’t scream anybody’s name during sex.

Just shut up and enjoy the orgasm.

Watch the documentary, police interrogation and conviction.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Death penalty is not good enough for this scum bag. Tit for tat is all I’m saying. He did the most demonic evil thing imaginable, the same should happen to him

  2. The whole thing is terrifying, that poor, poor woman, the man is a monster how on earth, do you fit your arm, into a vagina, if you were helping a horse to give birth to a foal, the bloody scene, speaks volumes, of what this monster did.

  3. Clearly this Neanderthal does not belong to the Human Species !!! Barbaric Savage at best !!!

  4. First of all I don’t recognize alcohol to be legal even though it is,second, when people drink the demons are all over that person and control them. U drink u meet the devil.

  5. This is normal to people who come from other countries there’s no humanity.He is just worried about the amount of jail time he is about to get.Hope he rots!!!🤮

  6. I known a lot of alcoholics in my life. Alcohol affects people in various ways and brings out the worst parts in many people. I know men who are peaceful and wise sober, but turn into rage filled violent monsters willing to fight everyone when alcohol touches their lips. Fidel Lopez was most likely one of those people.

  7. This evil pathological liar will pay for his sick sadistic murder of the poor defenseless girl who will get his one day just wait and see? Pick on someone your own size you sick bastaed. Sad story RIP Maria 😢

  8. True “justice” would be letting Maria’s father to have 30 minutes of uninterrupted uhhh. . . . . . “visitation” with the guy.
    In a soundproof room, without recording devices, and Fidel handcuffed to a chair while Maria’s father is allowed to uhhhh. . . Let’s just say. . . . . . . “air his grievances”
    Mano ‘e Mano
    Just sayin.

  9. He shouldn’t have been offered a plea deal… This should have been a death penalty case open & shut…

  10. This beautiful young lady tortured like this. Why????…Lord have mercy!…🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  11. I feel physically ill viewing this case and my insides are actually aching from watching this, I can only imagine the pain she felt💔

  12. not condoning his actions but thats fucked up when a woman hollers another nigga’s name during sex

  13. Wow, what does a beautiful girl like that see in a dopey, uneducated, illiterate, violent arsehole like this? A donkey cock?

  14. Latino men are very passionate and I believe it was an accumulation of all the things he said. The fact that she was thinking of leaving, her calling him her ex lover’s name and the fact that she asked him to use the bottle (if that part was even true) If it was his ego was just being shattered. That paired with the fact that they had drank way more than they ever had before, things could have went from 0 to 100 physically and he wasn’t prepared for that side of her. So things did get way out of hand. I don’t think she was conscious maybe at first but def not towards the end. And when she came to she was already on the brink of death. He must have thought she was dead when he went to smoke but when he found her in the bathroom he was surprised, his anger had calmed, and he tried to save her but it was too late. Judging by his lack of remorse he’s only sad his life is over but he thinks SHE is the reason this happened to her. He even repeats that he was angry saying “why did you make me do this” So sad that this had to happen to lovely Maria. She deserved so much better than that scumbag manchild who can’t even come to terms with his own anger.

  15. I became physically ill while watching this video. Nauseated, vomited, and chills. Who could do these horrific acts to another human?! Much less an individual they claimed to have an emotional relationship with? What a despicable, loathsome, evil, and demonic individual. There. Is. No. Excuse.

  16. So…what I gathered from this is that he was already pissed off as the night began because she was talking about moving to Peru. Then at some point they kinda made up and started messing around, when she accidentally called him the name of her ex. That’s when he flipped out and started breaking shit, and I’m guessing she was scared and ran to hide in the closet. When he found her, that’s when he started torturing her with all the items and pulled her guts out. When his arm started getting tired and he was done doing that to her, that’s when he noticed all the blood and he got distracted with all that mess and she made one last dash to save herself and crawled off to the bathroom while he was looking at all the intestines and blood. He went outside to smoke so that he could have a couple minutes to think to himself what he was gonna do with her now….and when he was done smoking, he was able to break the bathroom door and get in there. This timeline of events makes sense as to why no one heard any screaming from her. RIP to this beautiful girl. Men like this fucken suck ass. Abusive piece of shit. Poor Maria, she had no idea that he would be her demise.

  17. I’m not a huge advocate for death penalty, but in this case… tax payers should not be paying for this POS to live in prison.

  18. This is why i stay single. 🎭

    There’s a very thin line between love and hate.. ❤😊💔😡

  19. OMG! I would rather be killed by sharks than have my guts ripped out through my reproductive organs with bare hands.

  20. And thats why I dont like alcohol people turn into a demon and dont have control bet if there was no alcohol there there woulda been no fight

  21. There are demons amongst us all. As long as we have Jesus we are protected. Lopez was into the satanic which opened him up to all the evilness. This world is indeed the Devil’s playground. RIP Maria ❤

  22. Alcohol has a spirit that possesses people and makes them enraged angry psychotic violent they can’t even remember what they do when their drunk

  23. This is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard of and watched. This guy is a demon for sure. A lost soul from the devil’s dungeon.

  24. Forgive him?….hummm, Jeffrey Dahmer comes to mind right now…

  25. I don’t think they had sex at all. I think the liquor got the best of him and he couldn’t get it up.
    I think they got into some sort of argument, he probably brought up her ex’s name. probably asking her if she thought her ex was better than him.
    He turned evil at the thought that another man may be better than him in bed and started trashing the place. There were holes in the drywall, where he had punched, the sliding glass door to the porch/balcony was broken and glass was shattered everywhere. She most likely got scared and ran into the closet to hide from him. He found her and tore the door off of that closet. He then proceeded to do the unthinkable.
    I do not believe she called out her exes name, I do not believe she asked for these things to be done to her. He’s a depraved evil savage. Who tried to justify his actions by placing blame on the poor girl.
    There should never have been a plea deal. Life in prison w/o parole or appeal is too good for this demon. He deserves to be on Death Row. Doing hard labor, until the day his life is taken slowly and mercilessly.
    May he be haunted by what he did all the days of his life.
    No Mercy

  26. I left an abuser I knew for a decade because he assaulted me with his hand, the pain I felt from that brought me to tears. I absolutely cannot fathom the horror she went through by somebody she trusted and loved. Some men hate women and will act on sadistic tendencies at a drop of a hat.

  27. If she said she cheated on him, or, pregnant from another guy, or leaving him,….these kind of ignorant Mexicans will kill gruesomely in anger. He pulled her guts out …” Through your p.o.o.s.y.”…..!👿……

  28. That name PERIOD “FIDEL” is evil DO NOT HOOK UP WITH ANYONE with that name I’m telling you for real

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