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News reporter murdered by sugar daddy’s jealous child

Tangela killed by sugar daddy’s son/Leah Gordone

Beauty queen killed while cheatin.’

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HULL, Texas — When swirling and infidelity go wrong simultaneously. YouTube’s Black Girl Unlost released the murder documentary of married news reporter Tangela Stephens who was shot dead by her sugar daddy’s jealous son. Yep, babygirl lived a double life. The femicide transpired February 20, 2023 in Hull, Texas. Tangela, 37, was copulating with sugar daddy Martin Toth and, to keep their dalliance a secret, he let her stay in a one bedroom apartment behind his house. Martin’s corpulent son, Aurelio Toth, became jaundiced and asked his father to kick Tangela to the curb. When Martin said “no,” the two had contretemps. Moments later, Aurelio grabbed a shotgun and followed Martin to the apartment where he opened fire — striking Tangela once. Paramedics arrived and performed CPR. But it was to no avail. Tangela died from her injuries.

“We learned that Ms. Stephens had been allowed to stay overnight at Mr. Toth’s property,” Captain David Meyers told reporters. “She was sleeping in a one-bedroom apartment behind Mr. Toth’s house. The son was mad that she was there and got into an argument with his dad. At some point in the argument, the son, carrying a shotgun, followed his dad to the apartment where he shot Ms. Stephens one time, killing her.”

Aurelio was arrested and charged with murder.

“Aurelio Toth basically admitted to fatally shooting her,” Meyers said.

Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “Damn sis, it wasn’t worth it.”

Another chimed in with, “Sounds like the kid killed her for being a gold digger.”

A third observer added, “Most likely, the son of her sugar daddy was a racist and he was mad that his father was sponsoring a black woman.” 

Tangela married an African dude almost 2 years ago.

She was obviously f*ckin’ that old man to get paid.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. There is no excuse what happened to this beautiful woman, but is this the same woman that was cheating on her husband while they was planning their second marriage

  2. RIP Tangela. As for this jealous, evil ‘baby’ adult lock him away for life.

  3. That over weight troubled Son was angry because she was black, Period.

  4. Ok now, we as black women MUST! be more careful. VERY CAREFUL, in fact! We see the way the world (including black men) feels about us. We see that we’re on the bottom of the todem pole. So we must get into the habit of being comfortable with being by ourselves (no friends, no relationships, and no toxic family members). We see the world 🌎 has absolutely no problem with unliving us in a heartbeat and victim blame us without even thinking about it. I trust no one, I don’t give a fuck the race, sex, or age.

  5. SMH her husband had an arranged marriage with her. She had a bf and the husband didn’t know. This is from what I was told by someone that knew her. She was out of touch with reality and not being truthful to any of the men.

  6. Wow I thought her speaking like that was her signature style or maybe a joke
    Anyway DANG, RIP💫🕊️💫

  7. Maybe the Son was Jealous/Angry
    Because the Father stopped taking care of his Grown Ass 🤔🤔

  8. Son was mad cause she was cutting in on 🍞🍞he was scamming from his elderly dad🤬🤬… please stop trying to take advantage of the good, we are in the day and age that’s not ending up to good💀💀🚔🚓

  9. @QueenAH444: How was she taking advantage of him.if he was her sugar daddy?🤷🏽‍♀️ he was old and lonely. And she provided company. Ain’t that the arrangement. Y’all just mad that some people got it. And some people dont

  10. I think the son was upset because he assumed he was going to be working for his dad but he hired her. As their relationship grew closer he saw his inheritance going out the window. I don’t know what that dad said to him, but it was enough to make him kill his rival.🤔

  11. I hate to say this, but she seems challenged. I doubt she is a real journalist. Maybe, it’s something she pretended to be. So sad.

  12. The son looks like something is wrong with him
    Besides being spoiled AF and yeah a murderer!

  13. Do not let grown adult males live with you. They become unhinged when they don’t have the means to take care of themselves. Son, nephew, cousin, just don’t let them in!

  14. @bkchic: I agree. They also have nothing to lose. No home, no job. It’s tragic!

  15. Something is going on, it’s a large number of black women are being deleted, but why?

  16. First thing popped in my head is the apartment behind the house she was staying in was for the friends son and he wasn’t keen on giving it to a black woman.

  17. Black Women…..

    You need to stay away from men. They are NOT kind, loving nor Christian.

    Focus on the return of Jesus’ who is Christ our Messiah. He is soon to send his angels to gather together his elect saints into his barn for protection from the terrible Great Tribulation period.

    I hope Jesus’ has mercy on her soul.🕊

    Beautiful girl.

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