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Convicted felon shoots his girlfriend 12 times in Utah

Shandon was shot 12 times/Viral Crimes

Convicted felon kills girlfriend. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

SALT LAKE CITY — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 32-year-old Shandon Scott who was shot dead by her gang bangin’ boyfriend, 31-year-old Terence Trent Vos, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired May 1, 2021 in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to police reports, Terence and Shandon had contretemps while driving down Interstate 80 in a Ford Fiesta. As the quarrel intensified, the tattooed thug pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Shandon 12 times at point-blank range. A crash quickly ensued. That’s when Terence jumped out and tried to purloin a spectator’s vehicle to use as a getaway car. When officers arrived, Terence took off running then tossed his gun off the overpass. Police chased him down and threw him in handcuffs. Terrence was charged with aggravated murder, aggravated robbery and illegal possession of a firearm. Another officer stayed at the scene to perform CPR on Shandon.

But it was to no avail.

The mother of two died from her injuries.

What’s sad is Terence should’ve had his albino ass behind bars. The convicted felon was paroled 21 days premature due to COVID restrictions and he has a lengthy history of abusing Shandon. Investigators said Terrence broke her leg in November 2020. But Shandon didn’t report it because she thought Terrence would “kill her” if she did. He also beat her to a bloody pulp in January 2021. When asked why he murdered Shandon, Terrence replied, “I don’t know, we started fighting. I don’t even know what it was over… I just shot her.”


Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “How come so many black women are Pookie pickers?” Another chimed in with, “STOP DATING THUGS!!!! LADIES LEAVE THESE POOKIES ALONE!!! OR YOU’LL BE IN THE GROUND!!!” A third observer added, “These women love dealing with men that have a criminal background. They think the good guy is lame, so they’d rather deal with the criminal who doesn’t have anything good going for himself. That’s how you know American women are demonic. I’m getting my passport.” 

This is just another classic case of “If I can’t have you, nobody can.”

These simps rather go to prison than remain free and find new vulva.

When will Western women learn?

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Why do these chicks like bad boys? Then get mad when they’re killed by them🤔

  2. Are we supposed to be Sad for women who choose dope boys and thugs over 9-5 men? Lol nope u get what you want.

  3. Why do you always show black on black crimes? Whites, Asian and other races commit murder as well. Seems to be targeting one race. Scott Peterson, Andrea Yates, Chris Coleman There was a white women in Boston that threw her and her 2 kids off a parking garage roof without due respect to the dead Google that.

  4. I don’t feel sorry for her. She brought this on herself by dating the type of guy she was dating. She was 32 years old with kids, she knew better.

  5. There are just certain guys I don’t even give the time of day. I really don’t see how women be choosing guys that they know ain’t shit. She didn’t deserve to die but she should have made a better choice in regards to dating this clown. Aint no way

  6. Why would a mother bring a thug around her children? When you date or marry thugs, you date or marry “death!” If Utah has the death penalty, the thug deserves it, asap! I wouldn’t expose this coward/bully/ thug to my cats! Dreg! Coward! Bully! Thug! smdh!😡🤬

  7. When they go in and out of jail, they don’t care; when they start committing crimes at an early age, they’re no longer human. Judges should also be held accountable, and we should start arresting them as well every time the thugs they let out kill someone. Ladies value yourselves, you’ll either end up incarcerated or 6 feet under wasting your time with gangsters.

  8. Why would anyone mess with a nut case knowing he was a prisoner,gang banger 🤔.

  9. Was it the bad boy image and his yellow skin that attract her? Whatever it was, You just can’t make up this level of stupid. RIP Sis 🙏🏽

  10. He is an incubus demon… I have known two in my life… They are monsters…My condolences 💐…

  11. And these are the type of men that a lot of black women choose over “nice guys and guys they consider lame or corny….

  12. I guarantee she thought all those azz whippings he put on her meant he loved her

  13. She didn’t love herself enough to let that trash go! RIP Ms. Lady❤🖤💔

  14. Black chicks love themselves some thug drug dealers and gang members.

  15. She was trying to save her babies he had threatened to kill her, her kids, and her mother if she left him. he beat her and tried to stab her after she went to the cops for help. She knew he had no care in the world and would hurt her kids because his own daughter was stabbed to death by her own mother before his release from jail. A protective order doesn’t save you from a true murderer and it’s a lot harder to leave when you know this. The cops couldn’t even keep up with him for violating his parole what hope did she have with them from protecting her or her kids from any of this.

  16. Sue all they a$$es! That is RIDICULOUS! Where is all these PAROLEES bruh?! SMH

  17. Damn she was such a beautiful queen that should have been cherished, loved and protected by that dude but the coward didn’t understand the blessing he was given taking her for granted and taking her life she deserved a king rest easy baby girl

  18. Dating a career criminal a careers gang member a physical abuser dating him wasn’t going to turn out well! Black Mafia gang member and in her mind of a black queen she thought he was a good mate for her and father figure for her kids! WTF😡😡

  19. I’ll NOT EVER understand WHY a female will WILLINGLY sit up and LET their man BEAT on em, BREAK their limbs, DOT their eyes, and BUSS their lips to only turnaround and fuck on em. Unfortunately, ALOT of broads love to get beat on and then lay up with their abusers. Like for real…imagine, gettin socked in the jaw at 7am. Slapped at 4pm. Then suckin n fuckin the same mf who put paws on you at 5pm cuz it’s sweet. LORDT!! Ain’t nooooo way, a hammer, a cast iron skillet, a knife, some scissors, a dumbbell, a bat or a screwdriver shouldn’t be used by ANY woman. I spose it’s NOT FOR ME to understand it because I would NOT EVER put up wit it. It takes a STRONG woman to ACCEPT gettin beat on continually. I can readily admit that I AM NOT that strong.

  20. People can always sit on the outside and say what a person”should do.” But I truly believe that she didn’t want to be with dude she was afraid not to. I hate to say it but this was going to happen anyway. The only thing that would have saved her was if he went to prison or someone killed him. He doesn’t care about himself so he doesn’t care about others.

  21. Let me get this straight. She has a 15 year old daughter and a 7 year old right ?? But he wasn’t the daddy of either one of them but she decided to have such trash like that around her 15 year old daughter tho. Huhhhmmmm.. luckily the daughter didn’t get Molested or something is the good part of this story. The momma played silly games with a old azz Lowlife wannabe gang member and she lost.

  22. These women love chaos and calamity if life ain’t chaotic it ain’t fun or lit. And in the end they get the biggest surprise they can expect. Multiple baby daddies, live in boyfriends and city girl behaviors. They love it all.

  23. I have no tears for this one folks. Whenever u are as old as she is and chooses to date this type of a hardened criminal then u have to expect this type of an outcome folks. Plus I didn’t hear if one of her kids was by him. Huhhhmmmm.. Again ladies, as mothers of kids yall should have their best interest first and foremost. But yall like them tattooed, gang banging, pants sagging bad boys right !!!!!

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