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Certified Nursing Assistant murdered on 28th birthday

Jastiy and two others shot dead/Viral Crimes

CNA killed on 28th birthday.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

KANSAS CITY — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Residents of Kansas City, Missouri are in mourning after certified nursing assistant Jasity Strong was shot dead while celebrating her 28th birthday. The femicide transpired on June 25, 2023 around 4:30 a.m. outside the “Perfect Touch Auto Shop” in the vicinity of 57th & Prospect. The garage is known for hosting after-hour parties. According to police reports, Jasity was socializing with a coterie of friends when a dispute broke out. A shooting ensued. Nine people were hit, and three ’em died. Jasity, 29-year-old Camden Brown, and 22-year-old Nikko Manning were mortally wounded. Keivon Greene, 26, was arrested and charged with three counts of murder. “I shouldn’t have to be scared for my children to go out and have fun,” Tamika Jenkins, Jasity’s mom, told reporters. “I’m heartbroken. My heart is shattered. Losing a child that you gave birth to, your first child, your first love, that’s the worst pain you can go through.”

Shop owner Nate Gadson is related Camden and Nikko, and he considered Jasity a close friend of the family.

“It’s not fair,” he bemoaned.

“They were here to celebrate their born day, which ended up being their death day.”

Jackson County prosecutors said Keivon posted bond two days before the shooting on felony charges of resisting arrest and drug possession. Had he remained in jail, the three victims would still be alive. Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “You couldn’t pay me to party on Prospect.” Another chimed in with, “What type of auto shop hosts after-parties?”

A third viewer added, “The fact that she said she will smack a bitch and send her to the Lord and goes to the Lord the same day tells me that everyone needs to watch their tongue. Words are powerful.”

Scuttlebutt has it Jasity lost her life after a dude accidentally grabbed her ass during a hug.

Witnesses also said a man was dancing outside in his underwear.

Jasity, who moonlighted as a cosmetologist, leaves behind two kids.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Black women need to start having more self respect, stop fukkin wit Pookie n Ray Ray, and stop being so damn ghetto

  2. Im not putting myself in any type of environment or hang in any areas that will jeopardize my life, my son deserves more than that. Young moms, we can’t do both. Sit down and be a mother in the house… this is happening to frequently

  3. Who goes to a party on prospect, at 4 in the morning, if you know what’s good for you

  4. Hard to comment on this without seeming judgemental. The Bible, if you believe in it, says “narrow is the way”. Meaning, very few of us are going to make it in to Heaven. Most will end up in Hell. Repent now! Condolences to the young lady’s family.

  5. Keep your ass at home. Problem solved maybe you’ll live to see tomorrow

  6. Twerking on a moving car in traffic? No morals, no standards, no decorum….

  7. i live in KC, born & raised, my city full of violence unfortunately. One of many shootings victims & it’s always cowards doing the deed. This was devastating to more than many when happened! I didn’t know her but may she rest in peace ❤

  8. A lack of REAL manhood….that’s What’s lacking in our communities…we enjoy each other PHYSICALLY and SEXUALLY, but MENTALLY and SPIRITUALITY, we are lacking heavily in that area….our MENTAL AND SPIRIT is being dominated by EMOTIONS, Which is mainly a FEMINATE trait that unfortunately, our young man are exposed to 90% of the time

  9. We have to watch what we say, nothing wrong with having a nice time sometimes, but those words may come back..GOD is real young people ❤

  10. A lot of women r so ratchet. That shit is not sexy👎dancing all over the car wtf

  11. Boys be hoes cause fools can’t fight and the dude that got mad a true biiiihhh

  12. Stay away from them hole 🕳️ in the wall clubs..stay away from street clubs go to nice bars 🍻 that’s it ..stay away from ghetto activities.and the judge need to be held accountable

  13. babygirl twerked on a moving car…… damn thats a fukked up to be remembered


  15. It’s Soo Sad Our People Killing Each Other Over These Stank Ass Hoes That’ll Fuck On Any And Everything Leave These Witches Alone

  16. How is your first love your kid? I thought your first love is who you’re makin babies with?

  17. Black People Suck ..
    We Continue to Kill Each Other…
    Damm Shame

  18. He ended one relationship…. just to start one with some well connected Prison Lifer just waits for fresh Butt. Some muscled convict who thinks you’d look good in his bunk and holding his belt.😅

  19. WE have to understand that our environment and the people we hang around play a part in our demise. I feel sorry for her kids.

  20. Weak minded ninja, pretty sure you aint the first or last one she fukked ,you worried about a hug ..#nodaddy…weakass😢😢😢 condolences to these families

  21. These comments are weird af. I don’t care what she said, how she looked, how she danced or anything!!! Let put the blame where it belongs -on the shooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not one comment said he should not have done what he did – Took a life. People love to blame Black Women for little dumb sh1t. BM take accountability 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  22. This is beyond sad. I’m 64 and I just attended a Jr. high school/high school/neighborhood reunion and all of us are still alive. At least 100 people were there. I’ve known these people since I was 12. No one has been shot. We didn’t grow up with gun violence. We are the ‘Black Is Beautiful’ generation. Like Marvin Gaye said ‘What’s Going On?’ Peace and Blessings to this family.

  23. Be cognizant of where you go and of company you keep and the company your company keeps.

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