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Mother of eight killed by boyfriend in front of kids

Marquicha shot dead by boyfriend/YouTube

Mother of 8 shot dead. 

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CORDOVA, Tenn. — Byron Pipkin was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his girlfriend, 28-year-old Marquicha Thomas, then dragged her corpse into the garage and drove off. The homicide transpired last week at their residence in Cordova, Tennessee. Marquicha was a mother of eight. Family and friends came together Sunday afternoon to pay their respects. “They don’t know, when they take a loved one, they don’t know how much it really hurt to lose my only daughter,” said Marcus Brisco, Marquicha’s father. The Sheriff’s Office said Bryon shot Marquicha multiple times then fled to the Economy Inn motel with a 6-year-old girl he took hostage. A tip led to his arrest. Marcus said he envisioned his daughter’s kismet a long time ago. There were red flags everywhere. “I had told her, I said if a man is beating on you, pulling guns on you, sooner or later he gone kill you and I’m gone have to bury you, and it went just like I said,” Marcus explained. “Please get out. If he’s fighting you, pulling guns on you, get out the relationship, cause sooner or later, like I told my daughter, he is going to kill you.”

Ladies, hope you’re listening.

Bryon, 33, is charged with first-degree murder and other charges.

Rumor has it Marquicha tried to break up with his crazy ass.

Should Byron get life without parole?

Is it time for women to stop dating Pookie & Ray Ray?

Watch the sad report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. These men need to get help stop dating and focus on your mental health

  2. This is why I never tolerated domestic violence. My condolences to her family

  3. Some of these clowns just don’t know how to handle rejection even from baby moma, Nigga it’s a million to one women out here for every man and this dumb clown wanna kill this young lady🤦🏿‍♂️u lame goofballs need to get it together…..smh

  4. Look at him .. what did everyone expect?? I’ve never met a sane dread head. Last one I dated joked about k*lling ppl and when I left him he stalked me .

  5. When you become a baby momma, some women unfortunately settle for men like this. Quality men can’t see themselves helping raise another mans child. So it was a 🚩 for me to wonder why would he even accept such a financial, and stressful burden.

  6. Where is the outrage, the marches, the tearing up of the streets, the fire settings, the blm protests, National press coverage, Ben crump and the like crying out for justice? Oh yeah i almost forgot there’s no money to be made on this one.

  7. We’ve Raised i Mean Not Raised (Which is the problem) Some PUNK Azz Sensitive Black BOYS!!

  8. Young women, I’m 61 and I’m issuing you a WARNING. Please do not tell men that you are breaking up with them. Just leave. Don’t argue with them. Don’t give them advance notice. Just pick a time when they will not be present (or when they are asleep) and leave, even if you must leave all your belongings behind. If you are not living with them, move to another location, perhaps even out of state. Call a friend, family member, get a bus ticket, rent a car, etc. Do whatever you have to do to just disappear. Most people who are abusive need someone to abuse, so they will start forming other romantic relationships with other people and soon forget about you. But if you keep arguing with them, confronting them about wanting out of the relationship, etc. you will continue to stay very present in their mind and in their sight and they will most likely seek revenge in the form of violence. Learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t make those same mistakes.

  9. I keep saying this!!!!
    STOP allowing your children to play house with these BUMS!!!😲

  10. Y’all ladies better listen!! If a man is abusing you; his nexts step is taking ur life. Abuse is NEVER LOVE !

  11. This makes me cry over and over again when I was fighting for my life to get away from my ex husband who repeatedly harmed me and was so clever with the police that the police failed me laughing in my face blaming me, a lot of times we do try to leave it’s these stupid police that don’t help. So I had to reach out to DSS and I didn’t care that they took my kids that was the only way I could leave being beat at 2am every morning with a knife put to my throat being made to do horrible things. Now 6 years later I’m getting my life back together again with my kids. I am now and advocate for women and if your in a bad relationship please leave. I was 23 and manipulated by a 38 year old diagnosed sociopath. I always been head strong bc that is who my mom’s was if this man could break me down anybody can be affected with manipulation and not oblivious manipulation the higher level like how sociopaths can move and persuade people. Be safe ladies I love all yawl and I’m praying for this young ladies family dearly love. God got you wrapped in his arms I do believe so. Love yawl and be blessed and safe!

  12. I am so tired of these brain-damaged fruit-bowls running wild in society, committing heinous acts against innocent, defenseless people. One of the major problems is, some people just don’t have no Spiritual base, no awareness of God. You rarely heard about acts like this 30 years ago, and moving backwards. Very rarely. People got to get that Spiritual awareness back, or we are all so doomed.

  13. 8 kids and didn’t listen to her own father that loved her but listened to this bum that killed her, smh! Make this make sense.

  14. why does she have 8 kids? i’m sure she couldn’t afford to take care of them

  15. I’m starting to see an age group trend with the domestic killings…Them late 80’s babies/90’s kids….these men are missing an important component. And in all actuality, I do believe they are the products of the “crack era” I have a little brother in his early 30’s and he was born addicted…I’m seeing that they seem to have a lot of violence and issues. Just an observation; IMHO 🤷🏽‍♀️👀

  16. Her Tiktok is just sad…she knew he’s a thug with fellonies and still stuck beside him… SMH

  17. As a father it ain’t no way he didn’t confront that man and he knew he was beating on his daughter.

  18. She had 8 kids..EIGHT
    how do you have time to date with 8 kids…sheesh

  19. Wow 28 with 8 kids…im 30 with none…she cared more about having a piece of man than she wanted to be alive for her children. Everyone knows a woman like this. She chases men and ends up pregnant in the process. Only person i feel sorry for is the kids and the young ladies loving family that tried to warn her.

  20. That’s black women for drama love some thugs love to fight and get beat on

  21. The story didn’t go over my head AT ALL!!! It’s tragic and I’m sorry it happened. But 28 with 8 kids???? Is that a typo????

  22. A shame, the 6 year old was probably his child. I’ll never understand why it’s easier for some people to kill and throw their life away, than it is to just leave and move on ? It just doesn’t make sense. My condolences to her children and family 🙏🏾💔

  23. Women just be so desperate for a relationship so sometimes. It don’t make no sense. 28…8 kids, not married, dating a loser. Now she gone. We as women have got to do better and stop wanting attention and love from men so badly.

  24. Lord did he even think about those 8 Children that’s going to be left without a Mother and I’m sure at least a Few of the Babies are his own Biological Children so they Will Be Without a Mother And Father😭
    God Please Bless Those Children Because Their The once That lose The Most😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  25. 8 CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why why why in Gods name would you shoot a WOMAN with 8 kids!! Evil in the flesh!!!! May her soul RIP..

  26. Mother of 8 and she 28 damn😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫💌🙏🎉

  27. i always tell my sister. warning comes before destruction. stop confusing violence for love!!

  28. Damn she was 28 years old,with 8 kids…
    Smh she started early her mom was triflin for not getting her on birthcontrol after her first baby.all them damn kids,her mom is gonna have to care for.its gone be a strain on her

  29. These jails destroy these young guys minds and then they come out and take it out on women 💯 lots of them are being raped in jail beaten to a bleedy pole turning on one and another it’s so sad 🙏 and some of the guards in there just turn a blind eye 😏.black sister it’s ok to be alone until u find the real right one.

  30. To all yall ladies stay away from these emotional ass men 🙄🤦🏼‍♂🤷🏼‍♂ nigga a whole clown🙄 RIP BABY GIRL🙏

  31. He father looks & sounds a bit like Master P. They could be related. Sad

  32. What a shame how disrespectful people in these comments are!!! Even when someone is dead people say the most appalling disrespectful things but Satan got a place for y’all 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  34. This is VERY sad💔…the REAL Tragedy is the kids left behind without a Mom💯…The next Tragedy is that these SINGLE Moms keep entertaining these BUMS and BREEDING with them😡💯..who have NO REGARD FOR THEIR OWN LIVES let alone others …these last Tragedy is that SHE WAS 28 WITH 8 KIDS!!!!!!!💯😡….I was in a DV relationship…my family couldn’t save me so don’t blame her Dad…I had to have enough and RAN TO A DIFFERENT STATE 💯

  35. What the fk is going one in the world?!?! We are literally robbing and/or killing each other all day everyday.

  36. Sometimes just getting INTO a relationship with the wrong man can be deadly,not starting a long relationship but just MEETING a maniac and not immediately sensing that this is a disturbed person and never having contact or even exchanging numbers! Even turning the wrong guy down can be dangerous, ladies have to go back in time to giving out phoney phone numbers!

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