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Prisoner hires nephew to ‘murder’ his ex-girlfriend

Tiffany Joseph shot dead/Leah Gordone

Tiffany tortured & murdered.

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DETROIT — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Billy Ray Cromer, a 35-year-old felon who’s already serving time for torturing his gravid girlfriend, is gonna spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars after he remunerated his nephew to kill the poor woman. The murder-for-hire transpired July 5th in Detroit, Michigan. According to court docs, Billy received a visit at Wayne County Jail from 18-year-old Spencer Louis Cromer III on July 4th. That’s when the bloodthirsty uncle solicited his nephew to kill 32-year-old Tiffany Joseph. Billy’s deportment suggests if he can’t have her no one will. After rehearsing the stratagem, Hitman Spencer effectuated what he was paid to do. Police officers arrived at Tiffany’s residence the next day and saw it was burnt to a crisp due to an act of arson. Tiffany’s corpse was found inside with multiple gunshot wounds.

Medics pronounced her dead at the scene.

Because it was premeditated, Billy and Spencer were both charged with first-degree murder.

Two years ago, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Billy beat the sh*t out of Tiffany who was pregnant — causing her to lose the baby. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said the sadistic bastard choked her then “repeatedly punched her in the stomach and the head.” Billy also forced Tiffany to ingest “several unknown prescription pills.” Kym said her office has received over 30,000 domestic violence warrants in just the last 5 years and this case is “among the worst” she’s ever seen.

What’s my take?

Several readers posed this question: Why are women infatuated with bad boys?

The answer is simple.

Nice guys are boring.

It’s been that way since Genesis.

Eve fornicated with Lucifer (the snake) because Adam was mundane. Let me repeat what I just said. The first lady chose a serpent over a humdrum male who sacrificed a rib for her existence. That’s all you need to know. See, many women hate peace and loathe tranquility. Instead, they’re enamored with chaos and comfortable with pandemonium.

So give it to ’em.

Look, to use myself as an example… women have loved yours truly for years and, because y’all read my blog, you can tell I’m not the nicest guy in the world. That’s because I realize as long as God wakes me up, keeps me healthy and keeps me remunerated, I’m always gonna score with women. I don’t need my college degrees to tell me that.

It’s the beauty of being egocentric.

Every dollar I earn is for ME, not her.

When my employer deposits my bank account every 2 weeks, it’s for ME.

When Google deposits my bank account once a month, it’s for ME.

When Vegas deposits my bank account following a Kansas City Chiefs victory, it’s for ME.

Everything I do is for my benefit first, my children second.

Everyone else, f*ck ’em.

Now, I might choose to expend some of my mazuma on her.

Just depends on how a n*gga feels.

That’s why I chortle at pillocks like Pookie & Ray Ray who go batshit after losing a girlfriend. What’s the point in killing her and forfeiting your livelihood and freedom? Dude, just get another chick which is super feasible this day and age. The country is satiated with single popsies who’d sell their soul for a phallus. Now you’re in the penitentiary gettin’ sodomized with no Vaseline.

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

Anyway, Tiffany leaves behind a son from a previous relationship.

Is it time to cancel Pookie & Ray Ray?

Should the onus fall on women to make better life choices?

Watch the sad report and court appearances.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Please ladies stop dating these guys that don’t have anything too lose look for men that value you. This is heartbreaking I’m sorry for this Girl it’s so tragic! The Devil isn’t in hell that what we all fail to realize he’s right here on earth with his hordes of demons influencing people. Also just like Gods has children the Devil has his abominations! Please find God before it’s too late! Pray everyday and pay attention too your dreams. Your dreams give you warning signs of what’s too come!

  2. These men are so tired. And I am tired of them….just fall off the earth no one absolutely no woman will miss you beside your mama. And she should have you know what,,,, took a plan B😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. Dudes like him that would do all of those things needed to be just taken out. The justice system wouldn’t do right by her. If I hear someone is abusing my pregnant sibling this manner. Oh we going out on a hunt for him

  4. All they do is kill black women every 5.5 hrs to be exact, but this isn’t discussed because the only thing BM talk about is how we aren’t submissive and gentle enough. You won’t hear about any of this in a TD Jakes sermon!

  5. She stays getting pregnant and stays choosing abusive men. Black women need to do better.

  6. I hope his azz get life, BOTH of them. it wasnt enough to kill her baby but he didnt stop until she was dead, so the courts shouldnt stop until he gets 99 yrs to Life.

  7. I’m honestly disgusted on so many levels. While I ABSOLUTELY have no sympathy for the nephew, I hate that his uncle valued him and his future so little. He would send a kid to do his dirty work. No regard for life.
    Rest well Tiff 🤍🖤

  8. This world has some wicked people in it!!! Praying 🙏🏾 for the family of the young lady

  9. This is senseless and pure hate for him to beat her and killed his child that she was carrying! Then he failed to take responsibility for his action so he had his nephew kill her and set the home on fire. What a coward! She did not deserve this and I pray that justice is served and receives the punishment he deserves. She was innocent and did not deserve this….

  10. At 18 he ended his future! The uncle is garbage, why would you do something like that…Smh!

  11. I wonder why she didn’t move across town or even out the state. And not let anyone know where she lives. These woman are going to get enough for messing around with these thugs, I’m starting to convince myself, that some of these men don’t like woman.

  12. Huh. These so-called “Good Girl’s” always date the Ray Ray’s and end up dead right along with their child/children SMH 💔…. RIP Young Mother.

  13. This dude HAD to have had criminal history(felonies) when she met him. He couldn’t have been a choir member….
    Ladies, run these dudes criminal histories b4 u smile at them. That will be your notice how dangerous they are! Peace and love!

    These dudes are killers out here!


  15. Brought his nephew into the bullshyt! How low can U go. R.I.P lady. I hope they get life without parole

  16. Uncle & Nephew Look Horrible.. I Bet Tiffany Was Lovely. What In The Hell Is Wrong With These Males? They’re Gonna Get Raped In Prison. Dogs. They Need To Be Lined Up To The Electric Chair; One After The Other Electrocuted.

  17. What a couple of pussys hurting and putting hands on a pregnant women give them both the death penalty this world is getting worse as days go by Jesus we need you.

  18. There should be double homicide for the murder of her unborn child. Wow, people killing people so fast now days we can’t keep up with all the charges! My sincere condolences to her family. RIP 😇😇

  19. Please lock them up and throw away the key. This world is all going crazy. So sad I feel like I can’t even breathe anymore I’m so tired of hearing the same BS everyday these poor young kids and it’s always a pretty 😪 Young females and males. It’s so tiring everyday. God please protect our children this is making my body really sick. I really feel like somebody suck the life out of me. I never been afraid like I am now I don’t even like going outside my house. I work from home. Please God I don’t ask you for much please protect our kids

  20. Smh just pure evil. I don’t know nobody that I dislike enough that I want to see them dead. If I have a fallout with somebody I rather move on with my life it’s just not that serious.

  21. Animals! Just put them down. The elder made her pregnant and then wanted to get rid of her and HIS baby??? Absolutely disgusting

  22. The worst part of this heartless coldblooded individual is obvious. He has no love for anyone starting from his own unborn child, mother carrying his child to his own family member “HE” hired to murder them. What a despicable human being..🤬
    Also the nephew who commited the heinous act.🤬

  23. The best thing you can do if you’re in THIS situation, get them first. I’m saving my own life. Never been in this situation and don’t want to be.

  24. African-American males, God is real, and evil people go to Hell for these types of crimes.

  25. This is crazy he should be charged for the murder of that child who passed also

  26. Oh come on let him be. He’s just doing his thang. Bunch of white suprimasites. You want to jail him for murder. Look at him. He’s just mommas baby boy. Sweet n innocent. Poor guy.

  27. We uncles and nephews are literally teaming up to kill our pregnant girlfriends errry gotdamn day!!!

    LePunk Family Thug Low Life POS James

  28. To be honest, the US is a scary place to live. At anytime you can be shot and killed.

  29. TOXIC BLACKISTAN 🤷🏾‍♀️ and just think… BECKY want so badly to be part of the BLACKISTAN 🙄 well girl girl! You can have them! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤣 DUST! ESPECIALLY👉🏾👉🏽 MEN OF COLOR! …🤬 I HATE I WAS BORN INTO THIS COLOR! 🤬

  30. These are the same type “men”black women are out there protesting for, protecting, and up lifting. Black women femicide is at a all time high. It went from every 5 hours to every 4. Stop dating these men, protecting these men, giving yourself to these men ladies. Sad part the family will defend them, put money on their books and claim their innocence. Meanwhile this young lady has lost her life and her family is destroyed because of some trash bag dusty uneducated idiotic cowards. These judges are failing women across the country. The system is allowing violent criminals to go out and comment even more heinous crimes. RIP young lady

  31. They should be charged with ugliness as well. Two losers….I pray the courts destroy them!!!!!😡😡😡😡😈😈😈😈☠️☠️☠️☠️

  32. If they do murderers like they do the people they kill they set this girl on fire they need to barbecue they behind, they should make a new law whatever you do to somebody else is going to be done to you no sit more sitting in prison just gone and do it and get them out of the way. You want to play like you crazy go right ahead but just so you know the new law says you die like the person you killed The same day you go to court it’s already signed seal goodbye to your criminal life. The public is tired of criminals going in and out the door just to do more horrible things taking away their family our house takings cars killing out the kids and family members people are sick and tired of your mess, if you don’t want to change your life. LAWS in order I ain’t got time to clean up what I just said cuz I’m sick and tired of hearing about these crazy fools doing stuff and he ain’t got no business. I know it’s hard in this world but that don’t make no sense with some people do

  33. I see a lot of white supremacists are saying fly stuff about this case it’s only because he’s black and in no way am I supporting this bum but the racist back lash is pure evil none of you white supremacists have any thing bad to say about the white boys doing mass shootings this bum killed one person out of a grudge not 17 innocent kids

  34. Why do most females gravitate towards the bad boy and that go for all ethnicities and backgrounds maybe its from eve because in the garden of eden she had a verbal affair with the poster boy of evil satan the damn devil but still a person shouldn’t murder if someone wants to walk out on the abusive relationship.

  35. There is no happy ending for black women. We need to just stay single and work on being Self Sufficient.The only man you should trust is your dad and male doctors.

  36. Ruined her life, his life, and his nephew’s life. He ruined everyone’s life with this foolishness.

  37. What a couple of pussys hurting and putting hands on a pregnant women give them both the death penalty this world is getting worse as days go by Jesus we need you.

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