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Jace murder documentary revealed disturbing details

Michael killed April who wanted out/YouTube

Broke actor straight snapped. 

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LOS ANGELES — Viral Crimes released April Jace’s murder documentary and it contains chilling details. April, if you recall, was killed by her estranged husband“Shield” actor Michael Jace — in front of their children on May 19, 2014 after she sought divorcement. April was only 40. The quondam lovebirds had been married 11 years. But, because he couldn’t land an acting gig, Michael was unemployed the last 6 years of their marriage. Dayuuummm! Why didn’t she leave him earlier? Even Pookie & Ray Ray get less time than that. Nevertheless, the penurious couple filed bankruptcy in 2011 after accumulating $500,000 in debt. That’s when Michael started self-medicating with liquor while accusing April of infidelity. On the day of her quietus, April received 164 text messages from Michael imploring her to stay while she was at their kids’ baseball game. The jilted lover also threw the bible in April’s countenance, claiming they’re both devout Christians. “I am just amazed at how comfortable a woman of God just walks out of a marriage,” Michael wrote. “Stop throwing the bible at me,” April replied.

Moments later, when April returned home, Michael confronted her in the living room and they had contretemps. Then he pulled out a gun and shot April three times — once in the back and twice in the legs. The beautiful mother of three died instantly. Michael dialed 911 and told the operator he deep-sixed his wife. Then he called April’s father and asked him to come pick up the kids.

April — a financial aid advisor at Biola University — was a phenomenal sprinter. She was crowned the 2011 Track & Field World Champion in 100 Meters Relay for women over 35. That’s significant because Michael, 60, taunted her as he pulled the trigger, saying, “You like to run so much, why don’t you try running to heaven.” Damn, that’s foul — you jaundiced, broke bastard.

Should’ve gotten off your slothful ass and found a job.

After all, it’s not uncommon for laid-off actors to moonlight.

“Martin” star Carl Anthony Payne sells used cars to make ends meet.

Ditto for “Cosby Show” thespian Geoffrey Owens who bagged groceries at Trader Joe’s.

There’s no excuse.

Michael was arrested, charged and convicted of murder.

On June 10, 2016 he received 40 years in prison.

In addition to “The Shield,” Michael’s other credits include “Southland,” 2001’s “Planet of the Apes” and “Forrest Gump.”

Watch the documentary.

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  1. In other words she was great & he didn’t deserve her. Instead of getting a real job like his wife he’s worried about being cheated on… some men really are worried about the wrong thing. I hate the children couldn’t take him down.

  2. Wowwww I just watched the movie where he played Michael Jordan 🤦🏽‍♂️ this is krazy to see and I just watched that movie 2 weeks ago, kinda kreepy 😳

  3. April Jace was absolutely beautiful my prayers and condolences to her family 💔🙏💔💔

  4. @Cool On Canvas: What life. She was the only one with a job. If she left him he’d be out on the street. Now he’s not homeless.

  5. This clown should’ve gotten a real job a long time be fore he needed to file for bankruptcy. A man of inter gritty is not gonna sit around and watch his family struggle . I wish the wife left before it got to this .

  6. They both should’ve married other people or stayed single especially Killa Mike

  7. When it comes to domestic violence women are in the most danger when they decide to leave! The image and the pain that he left his sons with is unimaginable!

  8. God this God that, God didnt tell his evil manipulative ass to get a job? No?

  9. Actors be trying to play role and get away with murder like it’s a movie fuck these celebrities man fuck everybody trust nothing but God ain’t nothing nobody then done nothing mother killed kids kids killed parents youll get what I’m saying

  10. Method acting gone too far.
    Sounded like a script in a movie when he told her to run to heaven. That statement alone implies premeditation.

  11. Six years unemployed? He could’ve taken that time to get a college degree, working anywhere to bring money into the home. He was probably trifling, too – wouldn’t take care of their boys or the home while April worked. She was justified in dumping that lazy bum.

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