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Pookie is shot dead after punching a single mother

Carlisha’s son had her back/YouTube

Pookie learned fatal lesson. 

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CHICAGO — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. A viral video shows Jeremy Brown, 32, punching Carlisha Hood, 35, repeatedly in the countenance before her 14-year-old son pulled out a gat and smoked his ass. The sanguinary ordeal transpired June 18th at a fast food restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. Jeremy was pronounced dead at the scene. Carlisha and her son were arrested and charged with first-degree murder. But charges were dropped after police officials determined the teen acted in self-defense. “Based upon our continued review and in light of emerging evidence, today the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has moved to dismiss the charges against Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son,” the office said in a statement. “Based upon the facts, evidence, and the law we are unable to meet our burden of proof in the prosecution of these cases.”

Even though charges were dropped, Carlisha is still pissed. She filed a lawsuit against the city and the Chicago Police Department. “I’ve experienced pain in many ways that I would never have thought,” Carlisha told the Associated Press. “What happened to me was totally unnecessary. Never in a million years would I have imagined being brutally attacked, beaten and being arrested.”

Cell phone footage shows Jeremy yelling at Carlisha while they were standing in line. During the argument, Carlisha texted her son (who was waiting in the car) to grab her gun and come inside. “Get your food!” Jeremy told Carlisha. “Say one more thing and I’m gonna knock you out!” After Jeremy punched her multiple times, Carlisha ordered her son to kill him. A chalk outline ensued.

A male bystander had a chance to intervene. But he scurried towards the exit like a lil bitch.

Employees weren’t any better. They pretended everything was normal.

Social media reaction was Icy Hot.

One commenter wrote, “Why the f*ck does a 14-year-old have a gun?”

Another chimed in with, “If the charges weren’t dropped there would have been rioting.”

A third viewer added, “Oh well! He won’t punch anyone else’s mom!”

Jeremy’s family wore “Knockout King” t-shirts at his funeral.

His baby mama twerked on his man-sized cutout.

What’s my take?

Dude had no business hittin’ a woman like that.

Jeremy’s punches were so weak, he couldn’t knock her out.

Remember, even in conflict, it’s imperative to treat ’em like a lady.

Watch the shooting below and the funeral above.

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  1. I’m glad lil man saved his mom and claimed self defense….it’s hard out here for single mothers

  2. She musta said something really fcked up for him to beat her like that. That’s why nobody did anything, she probably deserved it.

  3. @HBKFuckingOwns: He couldn’t win an argument so he resorted to violence and it cost him his life.

  4. On one hand, we have a unhinged emotional male who did not keep his hand to himself. In the other corner, we have a loud mouth bonnet wearing woman which apparently loves to run her mouth, weaponized her son and possibly endangered his life which could possibly lead to years of therapy…

  5. Who cares that he punched her, he wasnt killing her she cant take a punch? But wants to argue & fight like a man, the man told her not to say another word or he’d punch her. They then shoot him in the back??!! Why when a cop shoots someone in back Yall want them ARRESTED??? Get outta here….they need to Re-charge these two Killers!!

  6. All the people in the comments (women/simps) shaming the men for not intervening can get off your high horse cause none of you would have done anything either if you were there when this was happening. These men have families and love one they wanna go home to, they are not obligated to risk there lives to save someone they don’t know. The attacker could have been armed; he could have had some of his friends there ready to help him ect. Somebody did come to her rescue it’s called her son. Jumping into a fight or an argument you have nothing to do with or don’t know what’s going on is a good way to get yourself killed, beat up, or even thrown in jail. Again 99% of people in the comments wouldn’t have done anything either. Now As far as men not risking their lives anymore to help a bunch of rude ungrateful women (in today’s society), well you ladies are getting what you ask for independence, and equal rights and you’re starting to get it.

  7. Well, now that HE can’t beat on another woman or anyone’s mother for that fact. Is proof in the pudding. Male gender STOP‼️ beating on women😢
    And, as for AKL the bystanders. Shame on you‼️
    My prayers🙏🏾 go🙌🏾 for this *son and mother. Thank you young man for coming to your mother’s defense. Protecting her‼️🙏🏾🙌🏾

  8. Nobody helped her except her son. What was he supposed to do just let his mom continue to get beat on.

  9. This is why everyone needs a gun, fools like this would be dead within 24hrs.

  10. If an adult can’t be talked too without threatening to knock someone out… they don’t belong in the free world. He was clearly unhinged. So happy the charges have been dropped against them. May their lives get better ❤️

  11. A man beating a woman, the life giver of us all ,for a reason like this is absolutely insane.
    “If you say one more word !?”

  12. This is why White men have dominion over Blk men. They behave like actual men! You think a group of white men would stand around and let a crazed degenerate beat a white woman?




  14. Sometimes, I’m ashamed of being black, and this is definitely one of those times. 🤢 It’s sad all the way around actually because none of that should’ve happened. Neither of them should’ve been arguing with one another behind some food. And because of both of their immaturity, somebody died, and a child was put into a situation he shouldn’t have. 😩

  15. He never knocked her out, and he was putting his all in those punches 🥊

  16. Funny part is momma knew her 14yr old baby had a gun. Parents in the hood strap their kids and then go around starting fights. They think their kid cant get charged as an adult. Notice she doesn’t put the brakes on even after he hits her. Shes done this before. She knew her son was gonna shoot that dude if anything happened.

  17. B*tch n*gga you dead a 14 year old erased your dumbass for good. I bet you’d never do that again even if you had a chance to.

  18. Do you know why the kid repeatedly shot that gun? Because in the hood if you let that man go, he will be there again ending the life of both. That’s how things are in this world. Besides the assailant had NO intention to stop and looks like he was under the influence of drugs.

    We must fix this world ASAP. In few years this type of violence will lead to just free for all. It’s borderline chaos.

  19. What destroys me is that no one who was working there made no attempt to descalate the situation. They could’ve at least told him to leave, I hope she sues the restaurant because they need accountability

  20. The thing that kills me is that there were men in there and she had to call her 14 year old son.

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