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U.S. Marine veteran shoots girlfriend and her little boy

Beta male kills single mom & her son/YouTube

Marine veteran kills girlfriend & child.

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TAMPA — Here’s another reason to keep stepparents and significant others away from your children: Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 34-year-old Stephanie Willis who was shot dead by her unemployed boyfriend, 42-year-old Tyrone Johnson, because he wanted to watch football on television. Tyrone also murdered Stephanie’s 10-year-old son who was hiding underneath his bed. The double homicide transpired October 21, 2018 in Tampa, Florida. Tyrone — who used a Glock 22 .40 caliber pistol — lied to investigators, claiming he shot Stephanie in self-defense and her son was accidentally caught in the crossfire. But forensic corroboration proved otherwise. “Instead, detectives determined that Johnson and his girlfriend got into an argument over what the family would watch on TV, and during that confrontation, Johnson shot her multiple times,” the state attorney’s office wrote in a statement. “As this nightmare was unfolding, his girlfriend’s 10-year-old son tried to hide from Johnson. Terrified, he crawled under his bed to keep from being found.”

Tyrone’s son committed suicide in 2017.

That’s significant because he claims Stephanie told him, “I see why your son killed himself like a bitch because you’re a little bitch.”

As he was being interrogated by police, a lachrymose Tyrone cried us a river. But he couldn’t fool law enforcement officials or the jury. The serial woman-beater received the death penalty. During sentencing in November 2021, Tyrone wiped away his tears and begged for clemency. “I am truly remorseful and deeply sorry,” he told the court. “I am deeply sorry by all who have been hurt by this. I can’t never offer any apology enough to change any of this.”

Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, Some of these men act so tough and don’t want to do right by their women but they’re really fragile as f*ck and will END her if she wants to leave. Seems like relationships are the number one killer of women! I’m out!” Another chimed in with, “Crying? May you burn in HELL!!!!” A third observer added, “When will these hard-up, desperate women stop trying to mother these deadbeat bums and let them stand on their own two feet? She already got a son to take care of. You can’t raise a grown man too!!!” 

Tyrone once served in the United States Military.

He was homeless and taking medicine for PTSD when he met Stephanie.

“He went through some mental anguish in the Army,” Tyrone’s father explained.

Everybody wants love. We get it.

But is sacrificing the lives of our children worth a piece of ass?

After all, you can copulate without gettin’ kids involved.

Also, should there be a law against naming our children Tyrone?

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. At the end of the day. She chose to be with him. may her and her son RIP. They say it was over TV. but I can bet there is why more to the story. it always is.

  2. She should have let him watch his football game instead of argue with him. Thats what the fuck she gets.

  3. That poor baby was hiding under the bed omg the fear he must of felt RIP TO BOTH OF THEM I DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM BUT MY HEART LIKE I DID 🥺🙏🏾 and the nerve of him sitting there looking and sounding like a damn clown 😒

  4. I wish women would stop bringing trash like him home and leave it in the dumpster where it belongs. Over TV? 🤡

  5. He sitting there taking all those deep breaths that his victims won’t be able to take ever again…
    Men are weaker and don’t practice logic. Strait up animals!

  6. He crying cause he know the booty bandits in prison preparing his care package🤷🏾‍♀️ putting up the welcome home banner 💪🏾🤣🤣

  7. Worst actor in human history. If I was that cop I would have smacked the shIt out of him and told him to stop acting like a BITCH! We need shaft to come in here and set this man straight. He knew what he was doing and he’s not sorry.

  8. I agree him crying is annoying, but did anyone pay attention to the fact he use to be a Marine? I’m not making excuses for this guy because what he did was wrong. A lot of these guys are ticking time bombs when they get out (not everyone is), especially depending on what their job was while in service. This was a senseless act, but his mental stability is questionable.

  9. He clearly has ptsd and other mental illnesses single moms better start thoroughly checking out who they are dating this was ridiculous and senseless 😢😢😢RIP to mom and that innocent kid

  10. If this wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious! Apparently he has watched too many dramas, and is trying his best to win an emmy. This ninja would regularly BEAT this woman….
    if he was this effen sensitive he couldn’t do that, OR kill them. ALL this irritating stuff is to try to evoke sympathy for his OWN tail. STILL selfish after offing two people, supposedly WEAKER BEINGS (YOU SUPPOSED TO BE A MAN, FOOL) because he can’t watch the game? Has no resources, doesn’t have an income, his own place, his own TV! BUT STILL will kill because he feel he’s supposed to RUN THINGS. Make it make sense. And he CRYING AND LYING- he hunted that kid down hiding under his bed but said this pre-pubesent ATTACKED HIM!!
    I SINCERELY hope he’s punished so severe you are able to drive a Mac truck through his butt literally his whole jail experience and he suffers mentally and physically HUNDREDS of times more pain than he gave them before his life ends…
    yeah, I sed it.

  11. And the bad acting award goes to this man. Acting like a toddler and a fish out of water. I couldn’t have been the detective. I would have whispered in his ear, to stfu and speak like an adult. That same energy you had when you did what you did, you should have kept that same energy at the station. I had to fast forward some of his interrogation.

  12. Tyrone…lmao. The jokes write themselves! May that beautiful sista and her innocent child rest in eternal peace.

  13. This is sad that baby was crying in scared for his dear life 😢his grown ass wasn’t thinking of that baby screaming for help just terrible throw his ass away 🚮

  14. This ninja here! All that fake ass crying, acting like a helpless little girl 🙄. You still gettin the death penalty, weak azz ninja.

  15. 1. Please stop bringing me into your home with your children.

    2. These military dudes are whacky. I’ve worked in the VA and they are messed up. You can’t help them.

    3. This veteran should have been in the care of professionals.

    Finally, may these beautiful souls rest in peace. I’m so sorry for the victims and family. I’m also disturbed by this unstable man who was walking the streets as a ticking time 💣.

  16. Jesus take the wheel.. This dude is a demon!! Sitting up there crying probably with no tears but I can’t see his face.. so I’m not sure… That was the dumbest cry I ever heard or seen in my whole life.. he deserved the death penalty… bastard!!!

  17. I bet not one damn tear fell just a bunch of whinnying and fake as hyperventilating.

  18. The real victim is that little boy. The Black Community is full with dysfunctional ass men and women. I feel that us level headed Black folks need to create a whole new community and have certain requirements for qualified individuals to be able to live there ONLY

  19. I’m not buying them fucking tears when you did something wicked like that!!! You killed the boy while he was hiding from you and scared for his life!!! The pain and fear you put on the boy and his mother outta hunt you for the rest of your life!!!! He’s weak so he’ll kill himself or someone will do him the favor!!!
    Rest In Peace 🕊🕊🕊 to the victims!

  20. Black women stop taking these hobo’s in. He wasn’t even with her 1 year.

    He doesn’t have a business, paycheck, trade, education, car or home it’s a no go. However he was able to get a gun.

    These lames are mentally too unstable to do anything productive on their own and they are definitely not going to do it for you.

    The FBI already told us we are being taken out by men like this is every 4.5 hours. It’s not a proximity crime- we are targeted 3 times more than other women.

    If that’s not enough for you they are harming 1 out of 4 of your children before they are 18.

    There are no amount of prayers, programs, love, resources or support can fix what is wrong with them.

    Limit your space space, time and energy with men who are doing the same things you are or better. The military, law enforcement, doctors and family member can not vet them and nor can you.

  21. Y’all know damn well mental health is real he’s definitely crying for them they was childhood friends been knew each other every time a mf go to war they come back fucked up in the head he definitely made a huge mistake so sorry for her and her son 🙏🏾

  22. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my sister and nephew. I’m heartbroken and my life will never be the same!!! All he had to do was leave! There is no justification for what he did!!! I pray he rots in hell!!!

  23. We’re all talking about this dude. Let’s take a real look at this situation. This man was a homeless vagrant ex vet taking medicine for PTSD and compulsive disorders. This women thought it was a good idea to bring this dude home to be a surrogate father to her child. How insane is that…it’s like the women who date prison inmates…this man was a walking time bomb. This situation was due to make the news at any time.

  24. Women stop bringing strange men (it doesn’t matter if you know them from whenever) into your house with your children. There’s so many homeless black men they pry on women with children, cuz they know that we’re going to hold it down for our kids. We’ll always keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs…

  25. Bro was in the marines for 10 years but up there acting like a PUSSY 🙀….MAN UP….you wasn’t sobbing when you took those people lives and was terrorizing that woman physically…

  26. So many bitch niggaz in the world. Woman choose these niggaz over real men.

  27. What man can come in my house and tell me what to watch the audacity 🗣🗣women it’s ok to be single until God send someone for you

  28. The 10 year old didn’t attack him so why kill him and by NO means am I saying or suggesting killing the mom is ok

  29. I don’t believe she attacked him physically. Perhaps there were words. Anyway, a gun is not necessary to defend yourself, he could have subdued her or left. Then in a spiteful and cold hearted manner hunt down and shoot a child. Clearly demonstrates it was not self defense, instead intent. He is a Murderous Monster plain and simple, he better seek the Lord.

  30. Nothing!, and I mean NOT a Got damn thing justifies what this grown man did to that women and her 10 yr old child. What kind of disgusting person can even defend this useless murdering moron? Give him the chair and take your time with it.

  31. What did she see in this loser..smh. Wait this loser is asking for mercy but showed no mercy to his victims? Death sentence when you know someone is guilty 100% should occur swiftly not no 10-20 years on death roll.

  32. That demon didn’t breakdown. He’s acting for sympathy. Fuck’em. He’s an possessed Psycho. 👺Premeditated murder is what he did to this beautiful soul. I hope the system castrate his ass & put his evil ass in gen pop.💯💯

  33. Killing that woman over something soooo stupid is just sad but then walking out the room to go find a traumatized 10 year old child that ran from the very room he just witnessed you killing his Mother, and then killing him as he hid under his bed … terrified from what he for one just saw an two because he heard you coming for him after… is just devastating!! I don’t believe she said those fucked up thing about his Son an what his Som had done to himself. I believed he used that to try justifying what he had done. Her Son running to her defense in any situation is what any an every little boy that is attached to his Mother would do. Boys love their Moms beyond measure.. just like little girls with their Dads. He would never want to see his Mom hurting, sad, angry, or upset because some man is yelling at her over what to watch on TV. I don’t believe she attacked him, and he sat on the floor sooo defenseless while she continued on with verbal an emotional abuse, and during that a small 10 year old boy walked up an joined in on the verbal abuse an made you so scared an emotional, defenseless, a small 10 year old boy made that man feel “attacked” 🤨 FOH! That baby ain’t did a damn thing to him an he knows that. Maybe he did ask if he hit his Mom … or maybe he came in checking on his Mother asking was she ok. Trying to make her an that baby out to be some mean & aggressive Villains an he was just some weak little damsel in distress just goes to show how sick that man is…. The fact he called the Police saying he killed two people that attacked him shows how sick he is…. Him killing that Mama infront her baby then searching for her baby killing him too… shows how sick he is… & then how he went into that interrogation room ACTING … ACTING like he was just so hurt by his actions, all those fake tears, fake panic attacks, fake remorse, fake love, just all that fake ass emotional acting stunt he tried pulling to make his self seem like he was sorry for what he had done goes to further show … shows how SICK HE IS!!! He deserves exactly what he was sentenced to for what he did!!! Nobody had to die, if he felt so attacked he could’ve just left. He stayed an killed them cause he wanted to do that all along! Sad to say this but after killing the Mom he could’ve just left the home an called the Police then. Killing that baby made no difference because he was still going to prison for the rest of his pitiful ass life. He was still gonna be a suspect an they were gonna find an charge him regardless after investigating anyway. He killed that baby for absolute nothing… to keep him quiet or to prevent him from telling anything? Couldn’t be because he told on himself. That baby still had a whole entire life ahead of him. He had a bright future he already was planning at only 10 years of age, and looked forward to doing all those things with his Mommy, Daddy, & sisters by his side 😢 So sad that all was snatched away from him over something that should’ve never been an issue to begin with. I hope that man’s unaliving goes wrong some how an he was to lay there an suffer drifting out slowly an painfully…. He don’t even deserve anything quick an painless… what he did was absolutely WRONG!!!

    If I was the family instead of having two funerals I would’ve had just one with the two of them being buried together in one casket hugging each other. So they could hold on to each other forever. 😣

    Continue to sleep peacefully together in eternity ❣️ Mommy & her BabyBoy will be together forever now. 🕊️♥️👩‍👦

  34. Lord! Mistake number one never let a man move in! Never! So sad. Condolences 😢

  35. Ladies please stop trying to build a man Sometimes I look back over my life and see how much time I wasted but also I know I am BLESSED 🙌🏾But for God !
    Condolences to these beautiful people family ❣️

  36. If anyone tells you, shows you, or acts like you’re their ONLY reason to live or exist, please shut it down, cut it off, and run for the sake of your own life! They have NOTHING to gain or lose by killing YOU! They really mean it, BELIEVE IT! 🚩🎭 MALE OR FEMALE, INVOLVED IN TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS! It’s just a matter of time until the opportunity presents itself, please don’t wait for it to happen to you! Protect yourself! GHOST YOUR ENEMIES!!!

  37. I believe the story about him changing the T.V and it went south from there! I also believe that she probably was talking smack during an argument that’s what people do. They both probably were hurting in different ways. He’s probably feeling less than because he’s laying up on her all day and his son took his on life! She probably was tired of working like a dog just to come home to a man laying up on her… He didn’t have any criminal record his whole life! I believe he snapped… I don’t know what it’s like to loose a child … I don’t have any… I feel bad for that baby! Wow. he definitely deserves life In prison. No matter what a person says to you! That DOES NOT give you the right to become violent

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