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Fatherless children ‘brawl’ inside a Missouri Walmart

Two dozen miscreants duke it out/YouTube

Big brawl ravages Walmart. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

FERGUSON — A viral video shows a horde of ghetto zombies beating the sh*t outta each other at Walmart as customers stood in line and watched. The free-for-all went down in Ferguson, Missouri — home of the late Mike Brown. Security guards reportedly fled the scene, claiming $10 an hour ain’t worth it. Cell phone footage shows two miscreants gettin’ stomped near self-checkout as a corpulent black chick swung a metal pole to safeguard her mother. “Get the f*ck up off my mama, bitch!” she yelled. Social media reaction was cutthroat. One viewer wrote, “Peaceful protesters.” Another chimed in with, “Why is it always black people who do this? I ain’t racist but there ain’t one white person in the video. Also, why ain’t the cops doing anything?” A third observer added, “Walmart ran out of chicken sandwiches.” Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall told reporters he’s never seen anything like it. “We’ve never had an incident that involved 20 individuals in a brawl like that in a department store,” he said. “I don’t see really the purpose of it.”

Watch the melee.

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  1. This is why white people get worried when blacks start shopping in our area. Not because we are racist, but we see what you do in an area you call home, what might you do to an area you dont live in or care about?

  2. This is why you go to walmart between 7 and 9 am….before mufukas like this wake up and start acting a fool…then you have to go to Target….

  3. There’s still a great deal of repressed emotion from the Michael Brown murder. Even a single micro aggression could start a riot!

  4. The exact reason why I moved my family far away from this area after Mike Brown riots. I took a loss with my home since property value plummeted. Safety for us was most important. Shameful, senseless, and sad.

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