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Dirty South rapper deletes pregnant ex & unborn kid

Raesha was shot 7 times/Twisted Crimes

Rapper killed pregnant ex. 

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ATLANTA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. New Orleans rapper Mad Muzik Cali — né Justin Rene Lewis — was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Raesha Heard, because he didn’t want the baby. The femicide transpired on October 11, 2023 in Decatur, Georgia — a city northeast of Atlanta. According to police reports, Raesha — a mother of two boys — told Justin she was gravid and she’s having the baby. Rather than celebrate the good news, Justin implored her to get an abortion. The Meek Mill wannabe had just performed a freestyle rap song in front of DJ Khaled and he felt child support payments would ruin his opportunity to make it big in the rap game. When Raesha made it clear she was hellbent on accouchement, Justin vowed to deep-six her instead. And, boy did he deliver.

On the day of the murder, Raesha was in her parents’ driveway — taking groceries out of her car when Justin ran up on her with a gun. The emotional beta male shot her seven times (twice in the head and five in the torso) in front of her 8-year-old son. Then he went on social media and mocked her quietus. Raesha and the unborn child were pronounced dead at the scene.

Justin was arrested a week later and charged with two counts of murder.

This wasn’t the only time Justin did Raesha harm.

There’s a long history of domestic violence.

Family members said Raesha routinely walked around with black eyes and a busted lip.

She was basically Justin’s punching bag.

“This is a person who has mistreated her for years,” said Raesha’s sister, Rhonda Heard Dickens.

“I’m just happy that Justin is captured. Because we don’t want anybody else to experience this. No other family. And to know she kind of went through an experience where she wasn’t treated well, it’s hurtful, it’s very hurtful.” 

Justin, who was accused of killing his wife — Sidni Dalcour — in 2017, ain’t the only rapper deleting expectant popsies.

In August 2023, Tampa rapper Billy Adams shot his pregnant girlfriend three days after he was acquitted of murder.

On New Year’s Day in 2022, Los Angeles rapper J $tash committed murder-suicide in front of his three kids.

Ladies… please, please, please choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary which includes footage of Justin’s performance in front of DJ Khaled.

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  1. Why would anyone date a killer who allegedly murdered a woman before you. Why????

  2. Eww he looks dusty, fruity and disgusting. Women stop being desperate just to say you have a man. RIP

  3. Why do men get these women pregnant if they don’t want a baby. Do they not know that they are in full control as to where they plant their seed, stop planting your seeds !

  4. A lot of em are so called rappers. What is it with this obsession to be a rapper ?

  5. Young men lost so busy trying to live a certain lifestyle and doesn’t even care about anyone else’s life. If a man killed someone in their past they are capable of repeating those acts again.

  6. Well if he won’t be an artist, he’l be known as 1 thing forsure.

    A murderer!

  7. They just love drug dealers and scammers aka Pookie and Ray Ray until Murphys law 😢

  8. Fellow black women please be careful. Our men don’t value us or our lives. Femicide rates in our community are sky rocketing. Even the so called nice ones will still kill you. Having a man is not the end all be all.

  9. Stop arguing with n*ggaz that aint go nothing to loose. Get another man to get him out or back yo sh*t, take your kids and leave.

  10. I’m not hating but I’m literally looking at this little skinny dude and trying to see what any of these women seen in this little cat

  11. I bet his mama gonna be in court saying “My son is a good person” 🙄

  12. It’s so sad how these young men just keep killing these young beautiful queens

  13. This man is the epitome of a coward, a weak male who should have been held accountable after the first time he shot a woman. I wish the worst upon him in lock-up. And ladies, please stop choosing these type of pathetic individuals to have relationships and children with. At the first sign of abuse or mistreatment, leave.
    Never understood this favoritism in toxic relationships.

  14. Horrible to be murdered at a home you grew up in with such happy memories turned tragic. That’s why I don’t bring a nigga no where near my home or family home. We dating we dating out. It will be so long before you invited to the homes I frequent you show yourself before then. All fakers do. These men don’t care about your kids or they own. Sad these children are traumatized behind adult bull💩

  15. Smh bless her soul and Lord help her child deal with the fact that he seen his mom get murdered

  16. He could’ve just been a deadbeat dad. Ol’Struggle face. Heck the flow of his rap is a struggle itself.

  17. I don’t trust any professional grown man freestyling in front of other grown men


  19. When the celebs be just nodding they really not listening but they on camera so they just entertain you😢

  20. She attracted exactly who she is, whatever her energy liked is what she got with. You are single until you get married with marriage certificate, other than that you’re disrespecting the universe and yourself

  21. Women be trying to hand out babies to these losers like they Pokémon cards smh. Women really need to understand the seriousness of bringing a child into this world. She was willing to bring a baby into a horrible life with a father that never wanted it and that she didn’t even really know. I’m sure he told her many times he didn’t want it, he didn’t even want her

  22. This is why I make men pay me for sex, dates, my number..
    If they can’t afford me.. ok

    But it eliminates cornballs like this one.

    This man plotted on women with cars, jobs and for what?
    Their pussy, their attention, money? Then wear they blood on social media?!?!?!?!

    #geting me a gun or pepperspray asap

  23. I don’t feel sorry for any of these women because they know what these socalled rappers are about but they run to them as though they have lost their minds or something…. They wanted a Rapper instead of a hard working good man…I guess they both got what they wanted…A thug !

  24. I really wish that young ladies and young women would be more careful with whom they allow into their lives….there are some seriously warped and unhinged individuals out here who have deep rooted issues that is often manifested by violence,there’s also those who are emotionally weak and can’t seem to be able to handle rejection or a break up with the end result in a tragedy….ladies think before you get involved with a guy,try to figure out his character and for God sakes try to avoid those that have prison records particularly involving violence especially domestic violence….

  25. One look at this guy and you can see that he’s no good. I don’t know how these women don’t see that.

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